Mystery Acquisition

Ever been stood up on a date? Yeah, we know the feeling after being stood up by our TOP STORY this week, although we're making lemons into lemonade and point you toward an acquisition. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

Plus Shakespeare, Wonder Woman, and free flights to Hawaii means this episode has it all. Another active week in recruiting saw more start-up investment, more shots at Dice, more competition for Indeed, and much more.

Enjoy this Shaka-filled edition, sponsored by Jobvite, JobAdx, and Sovren. Mahalo!


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

Oh, Thanksgiving surge? In my pants. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast, boys and girls, I'm your cohost, Joel "all I want for Christmas is some Airbnb shares" Cheeseman

Chad (38s):

And I'm Chad "I just want to use a fucking Airbnb" Sowash

Joel (42s):

This week show Indeed, watch it's back and Hawaii wants you and Oh, how I want Hawaii. I need a lay, a Pina Colada and some sunscreen stat!

JOBVITE (55s):

"Jobvite has changed our recruiting practice by making us more nimble. We're able to hire faster, but that means that things like where it would take us weeks to get approval from hiring managers or the next level up, that's now minutes;" "It's one of the best cutting edge tools out there available for talent acquisition today;" "I would absolutely recommend Jobvite to my peers. It allows you to get in front of talent that other tools won't do."

Chad (1m 24s):

2020 is off the fucking rails. Okay. We've got AI machine guns, killing people. I mean, did you see the space X lauch yesterday?

Joel (1m 36s):

Oh yeah. Would you call that a lot? Well, it was a launch not a landing.

Chad (1m 40s):

It was not a landing. That was my point. It was a launch. It was cool as hell. I, you never knew what was happening because it was a different type of landing. It just wasn't one of those straight down landings that had kind of like a glide in and then it swung over so that it could land and...

Joel (1m 57s):

Did the Jersey curve there at the end, just kind of couldn't straighte out.

Chad (2m 1s):

I didn't quite do that. And the, but that was one hell of an explosion though. I have to say!

Joel (2m 7s):

It was, it was! Pass the eggnog. I say, dammit, Christmas is Christmas is coming. Have you guys bought a tree? Like what's, what's the Sowash house household looked like as empty nesters?

Chad (2m 20s):

Yeah, well again, it's just Julie and myself and that being said happy 29th birthday to the executive director of Disability Solutions, podcast co-host of Crazy and the King and my lovely wife, Julie Sowash. We just run around doing whatever we want. It's not really Christmasy around here because we're not that big into decorations in the first place. And since the kids aren't around, I mean, we're not doing it for ourselves, so.

Joel (2m 47s):

So our house looks like the Griswold starter kit. It's kind of a, we have three trees currently up, lights on the house, inflatables in the front yard. The sidewalk is lined with candy canes and some sort of like peppermint swirl little decorations. So it's, we went all out this year and we put it up right after actually, well, we started before Thanksgiving, because we thought, fuck it, 2020, let's get in the spirit. We did it Burger King style and we launched Christmas all early this year. So it's all good. All we need is snow. Dammit. Snow would really complete the picture, but I'm not sure we're going to get that in the Midwest this year, at least in our neck of the woods.

Chad (3m 30s):

Yeah. Well, you're doing enough for both of our homes, so I appreciate that.

Joel (3m 34s):

Oh, sure. Yeah, for sure. For sure. I think we're keeping it up until February 14th. Valentine's Day we'll take everything down, everything down. So are you, are you, do you have a buyer for those Airbnb shares? And did you buy some DoorDash, DoorDash shared yesterday? What are you, what are you thoughts on that?

Chad (3m 52s):

First off the door, I'm not going to buy into Door Dash. I think Door Dash is artificially inflated because of what's going on now. It's COVID right. We're going to go back to somewhat of a normal later. And then, you know, everything's going to flush out. Airbnb on the other hand, is something entirely different in their, in their pre IPO. Some of the information came out that 90% of the traffic that goes to Airbnb, the app or the website is totally organic. It's direct, which means they're not spending money on Facebook. They're not spending money on Google and they don't need those other pieces. They are a lifestyle platform.

Chad (4m 33s):

We talk about lifestyle platforms all the time. They have become a lifestyle platform. So I believe them easily. You put some cash into them over Door Dash.

Joel (4m 44s):

Yeah. I, I totally agree. I mean, air, Door Dash competition. Well-funded competition. I mean, one of these companies went public because of the virus and one of them went public despite the virus and Airbnb long-term, we were not an investment show. Don't everybody buy a bunch of these things and blame us when they go down. But DoorDash to me is it's just an opportunist in terms of the, the virus. Now they are talking about, there'll be able to deliver, you know, pharmaceuticals from Walgreens and there'll be sort of the last mile for, for things. So, yeah. So we'll see what happens, but, but Airbnb, I mean, they're globally known.

Joel (5m 25s):

You talked about the 90% traffic. I mean, we talk about brand awareness a lot too on the show and these guys have really solidified a solid brand. If people haven't heard our Douglas Adkin series, they should, I'm guessing Douglas is drinking a really expensive wine on a beach somewhere in Italy, because he's a rich man after today. So yeah, I think, and then he looked at the work, you know, the work environment in terms of, you know, what we talk about on the show, look, people are going to want to go to offices, but not like big ass headquarters, like before younger people I think are going to want to be, have flexible workspaces.

Joel (6m 6s):

And Airbnb is sort of really primed to take all this commercial real estate that's empty and turn it into some sort of fun Airbnb workplace, whatever, where you just sign in, pay by the hour or pay by whatever. And I think that's a whole opportunity for them and the experiences as well. I mean, they launched that quite a while ago and it's a huge business. And I think that's only going to get bigger as people get the fuck out of the house and want to do some shit.

Chad (6m 32s):

Yeah. If WeWork doesn't die because of this, they haven't died yet. Right. I think they will see a huge explosion. There will be cheaper office space available. People will want to have quote unquote "offices", just not headquarter type offices. Yeah. I think there's going to be a different appeal to how we do work. I hope, I hope we don't go back to the 1950s. Get your ass in the chair at 8:00 am, right?

Joel (7m 3s):

Yeah. I think they'll have like corporate credits and companies will give employees Airbnb credits for core commercial. I don't know, time at time and offices and whatever, wherever they want to go, whatever they want to do. So I think it's, it's a huge opportunity.

Chad (7m 17s):


Joel (7m 18s):

Speaking of macro economic issues, I, I, I'm curious about the movie industry AT&T Warner Media, HBO Max, this week, or recently talked about, they're releasing all their movies in conjunction with, in this, you know, in the movie theaters. Yeah. It's a gangster move. It's the ultimate sort of subscription movie theaters sort of suck for the most part. And you going to more movies than anyone. I know. What's, what's your take on the whole future of movie theaters at home movies? Like what I assume you like that you can watch Wonder Woman 1984 in your house, or you're going to be the first one in line at the theater when the vaccine goes around?

Chad (8m 2s):

Fuck that I'm not going to, it's so much more expensive to go to the theater in the first place and not to mention, I think Disney plus hopefully has shown us what movies look like in the future. When Mulan came out, now that wasn't a big name, but yet you have to be a Disney plus subscriber to have access to all of their awesome content. But on the new movies like Mulan, you had to pay 30 bucks. 30 bucks is cheap. Man. You can have a, you can have a private screening in your house with all your friends and family. Think of being able to do that with Star Wars or that, or, or what's coming out the new Marvel movies that are coming out right?

Chad (8m 44s):

Black Widow. I think that is something that will help them drive more cash to their bottom line. And it it's obviously siphoning it out of the, the movie theaters now and an entirely different piece is HBO Max. HBO Max is doing this because most people who have HBO aren't streaming HBO Max, which I don't understand. So they're doing this as a free kind of tug to say, Hey, look, download the app. You have it for free. You're already a subscriber so they can boost their subscription. What they haven't said yet is if they do boost that subscription, will they do what Disney plus did on all those other movies?

Chad (9m 28s):

Will they say yes, here we go. You have access to them because you're HBO Max user, but it's going to be $30, 50, 15, who knows how much more it'll cost. But I think that's the future of what we're looking at and going to a big screen. I think those days are still there, but they're not going to be there for long.

Joel (9m 49s):

So Wonder Woman is as I understand it, not an additional fee like Mulan was.

Chad (9m 55s):

No it's not.

Joel (9m 56s):

So do you think that's the future where?

Chad (9m 58s):


Joel (9m 58s):

We're gonna go? No.

Chad (10m 1s):

The reason they did Wonder Woman like this, it's a huge box office hit. They're going to pull all those people who are not using HBO max today into that app. Now, hopefully they'll get smart and actually get it on Roku and the fire stick because they don't have it there yet. Dumb asses. But if they do that, they'll be able to pull their subscriber base on and then they can start doing Disney plus shit.

Joel (10m 31s):

Yeah. So what happens to the traditional movie theater?

Chad (10m 34s):

What happened to the drive-in movie theaters?

Joel (10m 37s):

They died. There was one, there was one per town in the Midwest where there was still land available.

Chad (10m 44s):

There was, there was. Not any more kids.

Joel (10m 47s):

Part of me thinks like the IMAX experience could still work, like to still have a screen as big as, you know, a billboard and 3d and surround sound like that people will still do that. And the other part of me, like the dining and movie thing and drinking, right?