Paradox Unicorns while Randstad Face Plants

Turns out, recording this podcast was the only thing standing between Chad & Cheese and a bottomless bottle of Blanton's to ring in the New Year ... so hold the small talk and get to the point. This show is tight, discussing everything from Paradox' latest unicorn-birthing round of investment, fundraising by Monster - wait, who? - and, well, we had to end the year on some TikTok chatter, didn't we? Happy 2022, ya' filthy animals! As always, a special "cheers" to sponsors Sovren, JobAdx and Jobvite.

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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids lock the doors. You're listening to HR is most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark buckle up boys and girls.

Joel (20s):

Oh yeah. It's our final show of 2021. And you're the only thing standing between us and a bottomless bottle of Blantons. So we'll make this quick. Hi kids this is your favorite average white dudes, and you are listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your co-host Joel "crypto punk" Cheeseman.

Chad (39s):

This is Chad "empire state of mind" Sowash.

Joel (43s):

And on this week's show Paradox hits unicorn status, Monster raises some cash. Wait, what? And TikTok as if we'd end the year talking about anything else is on this week show, let's do this. New York state of mind, Chad you're in the big Apple or at least around it apparently.

Chad (1m 2s):

Yeah, I can't get can't get that song out of my head, man. No, it there's nothing. Okay. There might be some things better, but there's very little better than being in New York City at Christmas time. I mean, it is lit up. It is gorgeous and it's not to thank Omicron or anything, but there's hardly anybody in the city now. Usually there, I mean, it's just packed, right? You just can't fucking get around not this time. So, I mean, you could go places, you could see things, some of the shows were shut down, but we did get a chance to go see Wicked, which is awesome. So yeah, we had had a great time in the empire state of mind in New York City.

Joel (1m 43s):

So you're like Will Smith in I Am Legend. You're just roaming New York with nobody, nobody in the streets, shooting lions and dodging deers and shit. That's awesome.

Chad (1m 52s):

Yeah. That's the way to live, man.

Joel (1m 54s):

Well, obviously you got better shit to do than this show. So let's get to some shout outs. Shall we?

Chad (1m 60s):

Of course, first shout out, goes to a couple of podcasts that included us. You are, you and me in their end of year wrap up. And the first one is Symphony Talent. They did a wrap up and they included our show, which was recorded live in Detroit. Yeah, there you go. And then Christopher, over at the Oven Ready HR podcast, which I think is your favorite name for a podcast.

Joel (2m 29s):

Sure. What's in the oven is what I want to know. Cause I'm not the father. I'm not the father.

Chad (2m 35s):

Wrap up that bun baby. Yeah. He included our interview on that one. So we, we did our wrap-ups, which we got some good responses from, but the wrap-ups are good this year.

Joel (2m 47s):

Nice. So are you, are you on Substack Chad?

Chad (2m 51s):


Joel (2m 51s):

So you know what Medium is? It's like a blogging platform. So Substack is the new, the new Medium and everyone's on it. So a couple of our friends and some mystery guests have just joined Substack recently. James Ellis, you know him as the employment branding, dude, he has a new Substack called employer brand headlines. That sounds exciting. And Toby Dayton, the guy I call Sasquatch, cause he's rarely seen, has a Substack he's it used to be the CEO of Jobdig. You remember that? That's an old time one and now LinkUp is where he's doing his business. See over there an heir to the target throne is the rumor.

Joel (3m 30s):

And he's got a Substack called Diggings on the Job Market. So if you're on Substack or you just like reading some content about the employment industry, checkout, Toby Dayton and James Ellis's new Substacks. There's nothing on Toby's yet. So we, we may not see anything ever. It may just be Sasquatch, Sasquatchesque and never have any content, but I don't know.

Chad (3m 52s):

I can't believe James Ellis hasn't like, you know, hit us with a 27 different emails on his new Substack that just,

Joel (3m 58s):

Yeah, he's never going to charge for it. That's what he says. I'm never going to take money for this.

Chad (4m 3s):

Who is taking money though, is this way global where they are crowdfunding. And that crowdfund over at we funder is up to close to a million dollars right now. So it's interesting that in a time when money is flowing, so fucking freely that Angela and the team over there, I guarantee you, they have VC, you know, PE coming at them that they choose to do this. So it's really interesting, you know, they're doing business their way. Apparently they don't want to any of those VC firms involved.

Joel (4m 37s):

Yeah, not to, you know, spoil the prediction shows. But I think, I think you'll see a lot more of this into next year. And we saw a little pieces of this with this way, global as well as our friends at candidate ID who raised money through crowdfunding as well. So that's, it's an interesting trend. And I think, I think we'll see more of that, but yeah, definitely shout out to them. Nearly as famous as this way global Paris Hilton is getting a shout out for me. She's in the Metaverse Chad, she's in the Metaverse she's lunching.

Chad (5m 7s):

Another sign of it going to hell.

Joel (5m 10s):

She's launching Paris World. No place would I rather be? No word or not if the sex tape is part of Paris World, but she's getting in the Metaverse and today I think I read about Trump's wife, Melania getting some sort of Metaverse thing with her eyes and it's, I don't know it's going crazy. And again, with our prediction shows, I'm sure in FTS, crypto, whatever's going to make it into that episode, but a shout out to Paris Hilton for getting into the Metaverse and launching Paris World. Yeah.

Chad (5m 38s):

So going from talking about a couple of whack females to Susan Arnold, who has been elected as Walt Disney's first female Chairman of the Board. For the last eight years, Ms. Arnold was executive at Carlyle Group, Procter and Gamble and McDonald's so yeah, talking about those whack shout outs, this is a legit shout out, Susan Arnold, Walt Disney. That's a big fucking name. First female chairman. Awesome. Shout out to her!

Joel (6m 9s):

That's a big one. Well, I've got a cat Canada, shout out This is news from Canada. Didn't quite make it into the main show, but it's a shout-out Canada based human resource technology company alongside, has taken over Moncton, New Brunswick based Career Beacon. New Brunswick is where my wife hails from. So I had to throw that in there also a fellow Canadian Canada based job board, the acquisition, some was not made public, but most of the employees get to stay on with the company. So shout out to Alongside and Career Beacon and Career Beacon has been around for a really long time. I mean, a really long time, like almost as long as we've been in the industry.

Joel (6m 52s):

So congrats to them and shout out to them.

Chad (6m 57s):

How Canadian can you get? No, you can all stay.

Joel (7m 3s):

What do layoffs in Canada sound like? Sorry.

Chad (7m 4s):

Sorry, sorry.

Joel (7m 4s):

Sorry. You had a real good job. Sorry. Got to let you go. Sorry. Here's some Molsen on the way out.

Chad (7m 12s):

Shout out to Door Dash who is asking its employees, all the way up to the it CEO to again, make a delivery at least once a month, but not everyone is a happy Dasher. Apparently a disgruntled Door Dash engineer recently posted a lengthy message on a social media platform. Blind anonymously, go figure. About the monthly deliveries, not being a part of their job description. They signed up to join Door Dash. Dude, put down world of fucking Warcraft,, air up your bike tires and make a goddamn delivery one a month. Come on.

Joel (7m 50s):

I think that'd be fun. It'd be fun to do that once a month.

Chad (7m 55s):

I would love that. Yeah.

Joel (7m 56s):

Good. All right, let's talk about some free shit. You remember last week we talked about a beer winner, Michael Mullady beer from sponsored by Pillar.

Chad (8m 8s):