Thankful Turkeys

It ain’t cool being a jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving, but it's definitely cool listening to the Thanksgiving Day episode of The Chad & Cheese Podcast. Again this year, the boys are talkin’ turkey with the queen of chatbots, the one, the only, Quincy Valencia from Hourly. The crew goes through six 'Thankfuls' and three 'Turkeys'. Yummy! Pass the green bean casserole and turn it up to 11.


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sfx (1s):

' Okay. Pretend it's Thanksgiving. And this bread is a turkey. Oh my God. It's so juicy.

INTRO (14s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (37s):

Yeah, it ain't cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving. Welcome to the Turkey Day episode of the Chad and Cheese podcast on your cohost. Joel "sweet potato pie" Cheeseman.

Chad (49s):

And I'm Chad "moist Tofurky" Sowash.

Joel (53s):

And on this episode, we're talking turkey with the queen of chatbots, the one, the only Quincy Valencia, everybody. Quincy, welcome back to the podcast. It's your second Thanksgiving day show.

Quincy (1m 8s):

Well thanks!

Chad (1m 9s):


Joel (1m 9s):

Have you had your mental health checked out?

Quincy (1m 11s):

I'm starting to feel like it's just tradition.

Joel (1m 14s):

How many episodes is that of ours that you're up to now?

Quincy (1m 19s):

I don't know. A bunch.

Chad (1m 21s):

Probably five. Probably closer to five.

Joel (1m 21s):

This is close to SNL. You need to get a gold jacket here at some point.

Quincy (1m 27s):

I'll be waiting.

Joel (1m 27s):

You and Tim Sackett can get gold Chad and Cheese jackets.

Chad (1m 29s):

I don't think we have the budget for that. I don't think we have the budget for that, but for all the listeners out there!

Joel (1m 37s):

Get a sponsor!

Chad (1m 38s):

For all the listeners that are out there who don't know who Quincy is first and foremost, get out of the goddamn fetal position and actually understand what's going on around you. Second. She's the VP of product innovation over at AMS and currently ranked numbered one in the Chad and Cheese football league. Quincy, thanks for, thanks for coming.

Joel (2m 3s):

Whose last in our league Chad?

Chad (2m 5s):

Quincy went from worst to first and I went from first to worst.

Joel (2m 9s):

I don't think Quincy's ever been in the cellar. I think she's always been fighting from like the middle to the top.

Chad (2m 16s):


Quincy (2m 17s):

True story.

Chad (2m 18s):

So last year at this time you were locked up in a cabin in the woods. Unabomber style, your words.

Quincy (2m 24s):

That's right.

Chad (2m 26s):

Now you've taken that to a whole new level. So where do you call home nowadays, Quincy?

Quincy (2m 38s):

The booming metropolis of Brookings, South Dakota. I'm sure you know it.

Chad (2m 40s):

South Dakota!And you actually had you, they shut down the schools today because of snow

Quincy (2m 49s):

and oh, okay. Okay.

Joel (2m 50s):

And she's mad about it as if she lives in Miami or something and didn't expect this.

Chad (2m 56s):

She went to school in Miami. She knows what that feels like.

Quincy (3m 0s):

I did.

Joel (3m 1s):

Do they still have a football team?

Chad (3m 3s):


Quincy (3m 3s):

They do by God. Do you still have a fantasy football team? I can redirect like a pro here.

Chad (3m 11s):

Fantasy versus reality.

Joel (3m 12s):

I can take you on in fantasy.

Chad (3m 14s):

Okay. Okay. Okay. On this very show last year we talked about how 2020 was such a fucking shit show, but I believe, and you let me know your thoughts that 2021 outmatched 2020 in the shit show. What do you think?

Quincy (3m 29s):

I don't know man? I, 2021 has been interesting. I don't know if shit shows the right word? I don't know if it's been?

Joel (3m 34s):


Quincy (3m 34s):

It's been booming for a lot of people. A lot of companies say it was their best year ever. So it's hard to say. I think we're going to get into some of that today when we talk about the good, the bad and the ugly,

Joel (3m 45s):

There's an industry perspective and there's a world at large perspective. Chad, Chad may have been coming at that from the world at large. Whereas Quincy is buried in the industry 24/7.

Quincy (3m 56s):

I didn't know there was a world outside of the industry, which tells you about my 2021.

Joel (4m 2s):

Yeah. That's what living in the Dakotas will do to you.

Quincy (4m 7s):

All right, enough Dakota hate now, you're one listener from South Dakota is not going to listen to you anymore.

Joel (4m 13s):

That one listener in international falls is really enjoying the show.

Chad (4m 17s):

You might've heard of that. I believe on January 6th, everyone knew that 2020 was just an opening act for the real shit show. Not to mention all the anti-vaxxers Kyrie, Aaron Rogers, making a stand, doing their own research. So yeah, I think 2021, we might come out of it in Q4, but it really, it kicked 2020 in the nuts.

Quincy (4m 41s):


Chad (4m 42s):

So that makes it, let's talk about what's going on with Hourly because last year, 2020, you launched Hourly in a fucking pandemic, but yet it looks like probably one of the smartest moves ever because of timing and look at the market today and hourly employees.

Quincy (4m 56s):

I mean, who knew we didn't intend to launch it a pandemic, but we didn't intend for there to be a pandemic, but here we were. And it was an interesting time to launch a software product, to help with the hiring of hourly workers, but to your point, it did turn out to be really good. It turned out to be a year where companies started to really see the value that these people who've driven our economy have provided to their business, to the economy at large, and everyone was kind of left, scratching their head, going, wait, what do we do? And we've really been able to get in there and help companies support that hiring that they need to do in a time that's been so incredibly frustrating and difficult. So

Joel (5m 35s):

Very nice. And your, lone commercial here, here, Quincy, where can they find out more about Hourly if our listeners want to dig into that company?

Quincy (5m 43s):

Yeah, they can go to, and click on digital and they'll see the Hourly product, just the first product to come of many and AMS's new digital division. So more to come there as well.

Chad (5m 55s):

Ooo. Are you dropping knowledge on this today? What's going on?

Quincy (5m 58s):

Might be. Stay tuned that's all I have to say for that.

Joel (6m 1s):

Wasn't there an Hourly domain at one point? Did you get just chunk that?

Quincy (6m 8s):

Well, no, we didn't buy it. And that's why you said that. Didn't you? You said that intentionally to get in my face.

Joel (6m 13s):

Yeah I'm sorry.

Quincy (6m 13s):

I feel so welcome and loved here.

Joel (6m 15s):

All right. Can we talk a little turkey? Should we get into the show now?

Quincy (6m 18s):

Let's do it. I'm in.

Joel (6m 20s):

All right, here we go our Thanksgiving show works like this. Everybody, each of us will give two things that we're thankful for in the industry because we like to keep it on the positive tip and then one turkey from each of us from 2021. That's how the game is played. Are you ready to be thankful and talk turkey everybody?

Chad (6m 45s):

Let's do it.

Joel (6m 45s):

Quincy as our guest, you go first. What were you thankful for back in 2021?

Quincy (6m 48s):

Thankful for a lot actually. But the first thing I'm going to say I was thankful for is this thing we all know as the great resignation, which seems an odd thing to be thankful for. But for me it indicates that people are finally realizing the value they provide to their companies and to t