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Cha-ching! Just when you thought more money couldn't come into workforce tech, something else knocks your socks off.

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It's another Jobvite, Sovren, and JobAdx powered podcast.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

Oh yeah. Do not violate COVID curfew rules in the Philippines, everybody. What's up boys and girls? You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your cohost Joel "my infrastructure needs rebuilding" Cheeseman.

Chad (35s):

And I'm Chad" I did not eat the hot chicken" Sowash.

Joel (39s):

On this week show Phenom makes it rain. Uber is in a world of pain and Atlanta's loss is Denver's gain. And the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.

Sovren (52s):

You already know that Sovren makes the world's best resume CV parser, but did you know that Sovren also makes the world's best AI matching engine? Only Sovren's AI matching engine goes beyond the buzzwords. With Sovren you control how the engine thinks with every match the Sovren engine tells you what matched and exactly how each matching document was scored. And if you don't agree with the way it's scored the matches, you can simply move some sliders to tell it, to score the matches your way. No other engine on earth gives you that combination of insight and control. With Sovren, matching isn't some frustrating "black box, trust us, it's magic, one shot deal" like all the others. No, with Sovren, matching is completely understandable, completely controllable, and actually kind of fun. Sovren ~ software so human you'll want to take it to dinner.

Joel (1m 51s):

And speaking of dinner.

Chad (1m 52s):


Joel (1m 53s):

Stay away from the extra hot chicken. I tell ya, by the way, I'm going to need to violate some Filipino curfew laws. If I'm going to work off what I ate in Nashville this week.

Chad (2m 3s):

Shout out to Joel's anus.

Joel (2m 6s):

And you thought it was hot going in. Yeah, we went to took the kids, just me and the kids. And did Nashville. Did a Johnny Cash museum, the zoo and you and the big kids. Me and the big kids. Yeah, not the little guy. He stayed home with mom and we went to Prince's Nashville Hot Chicken. And Prince's is the OG the original, the story is he pissed off, his wife once and she made super hot chicken. And he's like, this is the best chicken I've ever had. And thus Nashville Hot Chicken was born.

Chad (2m 40s):

I don't do that. That's not happening. But I did have actually, coincidentally, we didn't plan this. Julie and I, we, I mean, we're pretty much vaccinated up. So we were like, fuck this, we're getting out of the house and took a long weekend, had a condo in Nashville, just a walk away from downtown. To say right downtown and just had a blast, enjoyed ourselves, just being able to get out of the house. I'm so ready to live my vaccinated life.

Joel (3m 14s):

Yeah. Nash-Vegas is such a great like staycation destination for Hoosiers. It's like a three, four hour drive. You feel like you're in, you know, different, different country there on the South. People are nice. Although the food isn't so nice. We actually funny story. I, we went up to the counter at Prince's and I said, yeah, give me, give me the extra hot. And she goes, have you ever been here before? I said, no, I haven't. And she said, well, our extra hot is everybody else's triple X. You might want to start with medium. And I said, I think I can do hot. So she brought out some hot and I could handle it. I thought I could anyway, I did, I did finish it, but it was rather warm.

Joel (3m 55s):

But it was, it was a funny encounter. Like, have you ever been here before?

Chad (3m 59s):

You ain't from around here, are you boy? Yeah.

Joel (4m 3s):

You sound like a Yankee.

Chad (4m 4s):

Yes. And I'm not ready for that chicken. Shout out to a old friend. I haven't talked to him in a while. Seth Fight, who was a Group VP of talent over at Charter Communications, not a small organization. Hoping to actually get set on, to talk about Spectrum's new minimum wage, which we talked about a couple of weeks ago, not too much in some of the new Covid business practices and procedures. And those types of things.

Joel (4m 32s):

Speaking of large organizations, shout out to Amazon and the union vote that is happening as we speak, we should know early next week, whether or not Amazon will be unionizing or not.

Chad (4m 43s):

Go union.

Joel (4m 45s):

Where's your money? Where's your money? You're betting on the union?

Chad (4m 48s):

I am, I am going with my heart and what we should be doing and going with collective, you know, so. Yes, yes. That's what I'm, that's what I'm going for.

Joel (4m 57s):

I think only half that could vote, actually did vote. So it's going to be hard. Read that what you will.

Chad (5m 4s):

That's going to be hard, a big shout out to Alexandra Burger or an AMS. Jessica Benjamin from App Cast and friend of the show, a Lynn Bailey from Intel. Thanks for listening and engaging with all of these stupid discussions. Lady, ladies, ladies, we appreciate it.

Joel (5m 24s):

Nice! Shout out to millennials. Yeah. You'll you'll never hear me say that.

Chad (5m 28s):


Joel (5m 29s):

So a new new survey by Prudential this week says that one third of millennials intend to seek a new job when the pandemic ends, so say goodbye to a third of your millennials everybody. They're going elsewhere,

Chad (5m 42s):

But then you barely get that internal mobility plan fucking locked in, that's all I got to say.

Joel (5m 47s):

How is that retention strategy work in now because the kids are leaving?

Chad (5m 52s):

You ain't kidding. Okay. So, so some insider baseball here, LinkedIn and Indeed had subtle changes to their apply. Okay?

Joel (6m 3s):


Chad (6m 3s):

And really what this means is they changed their apply button. LinkedIn's apply, button no longer says easy apply, it just says apply now. So why the change? Well, because of all the garbage content that doesn't allow anyone to easily apply. So instead of LinkedIn making the move for better content and a better experience, what do they do? Let's just go ahead and change the button. Yeah. Let's let's not clean up the garbage heap. Let's just change the button.Fucking idiots.

Joel (6m 35s):

All right. So let me get this straight. The innovation at LinkedIn is defined as going from easy apply to LinkedIn apply.

Chad (6m 42s):

No, it's just apply now.

Joel (6m 44s):

Oh, okay.

Chad (6m 45s):

Just apply now on. On the other hand, Indeed, jazzed up they're easy to apply button on the two pain posting to read Apply with Indeed. So instead of just saying, Easy Apply, they're continuing to jam the brand into user's mind every step of the way. I, again, I'm not a huge fan of Indeed's experience overall. I mean, from a branding standpoint. Yeah. Slap that, slap that logo on everything you got.

Joel (7m 17s):

And, and speaking of jamming the brand, my last shout out goes to Indeed as well, who you remember bought Shift out of the UK back in 2019. Well shift is now drum roll, please. Indeed Flex. How sexy is that?

Chad (7m 34s):

Who didn't see that coming? We didn't see that coming. Yeah. Okay. So nobody's suprised here.

Joel (7m 42s):

It's a branded house.

Chad (7m 44s):

Nobody's surprised here kids. So I've got a couple of podcasts recommendations, and then we can just rip off the topics. First and foremost, our friend, you might remember him from My Career Fit, Gordon Collier. You remember him? He has a new podcast c