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ROADSHOW: Live from Jobg8 Job Board Summit in New Orleans

The boys headed down the The Big Easy this week for a live podcast at the Jobg8 Job Board Summit. As usual, they weren’t so “easy” with the commentary on CareerBuilder, who is valued at $500 million, instead of the $1 billion-plus price tag originally touted.

They also didn’t hold back their criticism of Beyond, who just changed their name to Nexxt. (Pretty sure some Nexxt employees in the front row were throwing peanuts at us when we weren’t looking.)

And, of course, what show would be complete without commentary on all-things-Google? This time, however, there was feedback from job boards owners on early results on traffic. It’s back to the future, as the show veered toward how Indeed had a similar strategy 10 years ago.

Enjoy, and, as always, support our sponsors. This thing crashes and burns without them: America’s Job Exchange,, er, Nexxt? and Wonscore by

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