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HR is the New PR | Ladders Gets Its TMZ On | Is VCV the Future of Recruiting? | Werk Does It

Another big week. The boys cover a grassroots campaign by HiQ to fight-off LinkedIn. Are you in? Indeed has gone shopping, acquiring Interviewed and taking the company into ATS territory. Can Indeed build a platform to take on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook? They sure are giving it their best shot.

HR is progressively becoming a mainstay in every company’s PR efforts. As PR gets more and more competitive, marketing teams are turning to the warm-and-fuzzies of HR to cut through the clutter. We discuss. Then, we look at a 500 Startups company, VCV, who automates the sourcing and much of the recruiting at employers. Is this the future of hiring? Definitely maybe.

TheLadders is knee-deep in TMZ territory with their current content marketing strategy, publishing 5-12 stories daily to generate traffic. There are opposing viewpoints on this tactic and it gets a tad heated. Lastly, we look at a company called Werk that hopes to bring flexibility to the workplace. However, that’s not what the boys find interesting. You’ll have to listen to find out what got them chatting it up.

As always, visit our sponsor America’s Job Exchange, Sovren and Wonscore by Wonderlic. They make it all happen, people.

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