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HiQ Has Win Against LinkedIn | Elevated Careers Finally Finds a Match | LinkedIn Loves Pipelines

Lots going on this week. Dog days of summer be damned. EHarmony’s Elevated Careers found a buyer in this company and a little crow has to be eaten. Is it a match made in matching heaven? We’ll see. HiQ gets a ‘W’ against the big, bad LinkedIn, but this fight isn’t over by a long shot.

GoodTime gets some love from Chad, but there’s not total agreement on its future and how bright it is. Is it a feature or a product? Speaking of features, LinkedIn continues to roll out some nice improvements to its service. This time, they’re helping companies build some pipelines. Lastly, the boys analyze Facebook’s latest advertising option that should seriously appeal to brick-and-mortar employers, as well as recruiters who love poaching.

As always, say ‘Hi” to our sponsors Sovren, America’s Job Exchange and Wonscore. They make it all happen.

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