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Chad Throws Shade at ZipRecruiter, Crowded Brings Back the Dead, Women Workers vs. Google

As we hit the midpoint of September, the news stories are flowing fast, so the boys cover a lot of ground this week. First, Chad goes off on ZipRecruiter, Mayweather-style, dissing their loose definition of “integration,” among other things. Women also get some primetime this week as Google heads to court in a class action suit alleging Big G discriminates by paying females less than men for the same jobs, and Pinterest touts 200 million active monthly users, which puts it into LinkedIn and Twitter territory.

Walmart shows a lot of love to Facebook by targeting job candidates on the platform, targeting users in little ol’ Seymour, Indiana. Employers who aren’t paying attention are doing it wrong. Then, the guys look at news from the week, highlighting a recent product release by Crowded that aims to help employers revive the dead in their resume databases. And CareerBuilder is hoping to help companies condense their various technology resources and databases, and manage them in one platform.

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