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Tech Killing Fields - Can Recruiters Survive? | Smashfly Cries Wolf | HiQ crowdfunds

Chad enlists Tim Sackett – from The Tim Sackett Project at – to fill in while Joel sits on the beach, sipping margarita’s while wearing a speedo. (Try and get that picture out of your brainpan


In this episode Chad and Tim venture into the Recruiter killing fields of AI (Artificial Intelligence for you non-believers). Can recruiters survive in an environment where they must compete with machine learning and technology that can perform tasks in mere seconds that takes recruiters days? Will recruiters evolve? If so, what will they become?

SnapChat gets into the wearables business. What in the Hell is SnapChat doing selling those Spectacles out of a vending machine? Will anyone actually buy them? If so, are they stylish enough and do they make Tim’s butt look big?

Tim brings his canary in the “recruiting coal mine” theory to the pod for further discussion. Has the tech bubble started to burst? Is TA blowing VC budgets and doing a course correction? Or is AI starting to make an actual impact on recruiting gigs? Too soon man! TOO SOON!?

We also learn that everyone loves their ATS and hates their CRM. Wait a minute, they LOVE their ATS?? No that’s just Smashfly crying wolf. Although, do ATSs take a bum wrap from Talent Acquisition’s inability to leverage technology? What is TA doing with marketing platforms in the first


Last but not least HiQ declares CrowdJustice!? A crowdfunding initiative to help defend against the eventual onslaught of LinkedIn and Microsoft legal dollars. Is the public internet really public? Will David be able to hold off two Goliath’s?

All of these topics, questions, ranting, rumbling, and more on this week’s The Chad and Cheese Podcast – HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast.

Don’t forget to visit:, and They are the reason for The Chad and Cheese season.

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