Google Sticks It To Indeed (Again) and Anonymity is Under Fire at Glassdoor (Again)

It's the holiday season, but the recruitment news rages on. The boys cover a variety of topics this week, including:

  • Google for Jobs unveils four new features, and one is particularly brutal for Indeed.

  • Glassdoor goes to court and is ordered to reveal the identities of some of its users (their TOS told you it could happen!).

  • Popular native app Blind is coming to the Web, and here's why it matters.

  • Two new startups land on the scene and promise more AI matching goodness. Legit or more smoke and mirrors?

All that and more from your two favorite industry knuckleheads. Enjoy responsibly.

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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Happy, happy, happy day good people. Welcome to Chad and Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheeseman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash, the ruggedly handsome one.

Joel: Very ruggedly handsome.

Joel: On this week's show, Indeed takes it in the you-know-what, compliments of Google. Lawyers take it in the you-know-what, compliments of our robot overlords, and higher intelligences takes it in the you-know-what-thanks to this ridiculous podcast. I can already smell the Thanksgiving turkey. Stay tuned pilgrims.

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Joel: Dude, I had a call with Sovren last week and it's just ridiculous.

Chad: What's ridiculous?

Joel: Their technology is ridiculous and their list...

Chad: Dude, they like, run the whole world

Joel: They do! Their list of clients and vendors and everybody that uses them is just insane, and so many people don't even know who the hell they are. Interestingly, Trovix, if you remember, Monster bought ten years ago

Chad: Six sense search technology, yeah

Joel: It was largely built on Sovren stuff.

Chad: You've gotta be shitting me. Really?

Joel: It was a little bit of a history lesson for me as well.

Joel: Well, welcome to the show. Everybody. Let's get to shout-outs, I guess.

Chad: Yeah, hit it. Just so everybody knows, this is obviously the boot-to-ass episode.

Joel: Boot to ass. (Laughs) I'm glad you repeated that boot. I'm sure a lot of people thought it was something else. Shout-out to David Phoebus.

Chad: My man!

Joel: David "Phoebus Cates", who gave us some lovely commentary on LinkedIn, was it?

Chad: Yeah, man. Thanks for keeping The Chad and Cheese Show out there!

Joel: Yeah, that was great. David, we love you. Ed Zetusky.

Chad: There he is.

Joel: Zetusky? I don't know how I butchered that, but Ed gave us some love on Twitter, I think?

Chad: Yeah, he did. He used the Chad and Cheese hashtag, by the way.

Joel: Do we know Ed's company?

Chad: I don't think we do. Ed, throw us out that company if it's important to you and you want the Chad and Cheese Podcast to talk about it. Let us know about it.

Joel: So, we asked for feedback at #ChadCheese from our listeners. They don't give us feedback.

Chad: I think they're afraid.

Joel: We tell them to not give us feedback, thinking that we'll use reverse psychology and they still don't give us feedback, so let's try this. Leave us a question, feedback, comment, something at #ChadCheese, and we will mention your company on the air, assuming it's tied to your profile, or put it in the comments, something. So, we'll give you a little mini commercial if you engage with us on Twitter. Maybe that'll work.

Chad: And, if you like the LinkedIn because most people are reaching out to us via LinkedIn, at least from my side, go ahead and do that, but yeah, definitely hit that hashtag if you're tweeting.

Joel: Yeah, we're eventually going to get some incentive to get you to do it. One more shout-out from me. Jeff Hyman has the Strong Suit site/blog. He interviewed me a couple weeks ago about employer branding stuff. I kind of had my Ratedly hat on for that, but Jeff, thanks for the interview. It's a great one. If you want to check it out, go to Strong Suit, suit is S-U-I-T, .com to check that out.

Chad: Is that a podcast?

Joel: You can also go to We put it there, too. It is a podcast. Yes, so...

Chad: So, you cheated on me?

Joel: So, I knew what I was doing, obviously.

Chad: (Baby crying) Oh. I know. That's what happens. So, from my side, there's some pretty cool news. The Chad and Cheese podcast has combined strategic employment metrics. Yeah, we don't have any employment metrics, but we're working with Next, a wonderful gang over at Next, to launch our very first infographic. Is that cool, or what?

Joel: I can't even spell infographic. Is it two words or one? Is it hyphenated?

Chad: It's one. I just go ahead and smash that stuff together. It's what I'm used to. So, okay, so here's a quick tease. We're going to be talking about Turkey Day stuff. And actually, Next asked the question. So, if you had an option to skip Turkey Day, and actually, say it was work, would you do it?

Joel: I'm sorry. I'm confused. Would you skip Thanksgiving to go to work?

Chad: Well, would you use work as an excuse, I guess, is the big piece. Would you use an excuse like work to get out of Thanksgiving?

Joel: Why would anyone want to get out of Thanksgiving? Because they hate their family? They hate turkey or tofurkey? Vegetarian?

Chad: Yeah. Probably the former. I would say, yeah, sitting around with the family, eating turkey, taking naps. I enjoy[crosstalk 00:06:26]

Joel: Aren't you guys a tofurkey household?

Chad: Yeah, no. I mean, we're ... no.

Joel: So, you skip the vegetarianism on Thanksgiving?

Chad: Oh, yeah, there are certain days that we do that. I mean, I'd say probably 95% of the time we're vegan/vegetarian, but you know, on those days.

Joel: (Bell sound) I'm ringing the bell on all that stuff. Let's get to the show.

Chad: One last thing. I appreciate that. So also, the Chad and Cheese webinar that went on. Actually, I think Joel calls it the best webinar of all time. Go to A replay is available. It's called "The Future of Text Recruiting". Go check it out. Pretty cool stuff.

Joel: It was a great webinar. Very interactive and engaging.

Chad: Best of all time.

Joel: That's right. Alright. Big news. Google, which we never talk about, Google for jobs unveiled four enhancements to their search solution, I guess we'll call it.