Twitter Tells Job Posting Bots to Get Off Its Lawn! Is Indeed on thin ice?

It's December, Santa's Little Helpers, and the boys from HR's most dangerous podcast are taking on a wide range of topics this week, including:

  • Twitter is sick of your job posting bots and finally doing something about it.

  • Meetup gets acquired by WeWork, which could revive this old school recruiting fav from 10 years ago.

  • All-things-automation continues with janitorial bots at this major retailer, driverless busses (oh, how we would've loved a driverless bus at 15-years-old), and a real AI expert tells us what's really AI and what isn't AI.

  • The ice under Indeed's feet is starting to crack ... the boys go into what they're hearing from trusted contacts....

and more, baby!

It's 40 minutes you won't want back. Throw in a fat man and some reindeer, and you've got Christmas early this year. Speaking of Christmas, don't forget to show our sponsors some love: Sovren, America's Job Exchange, Ratedly and Nexxt. are just what your stocking wants this year.


Intro: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brush opinions, and lots of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel : Welcome to December my little Santa's helpers. This is Chad and Cheese, the dudes behind HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman

Chad : I'm Chad Sowash and I'm totally creeped out about how you just said little Santa's helpers.

Joel : And F you. On this week's show twitter is telling bots to get off their lawn, Walmart is being overrun with janitorial robots, and the seeds of Indeed's demise are starting to sprout. It's not really AI unless it knows your favorite tune. We'll be right's back.

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Joel : Word up.

Chad : Word.

Joel : How was Thanksgiving?

Chad : It was amazing. It was a good time.

Joel : Yeah?

Chad : How about ... Well, I mean we did a Thanksgiving and after-Thanksgiving show if you didn't listen to it....

Joel : Well, I was high on tryptophan ... you know that ... during the show.

Chad : Yeah.

Joel : Yeah, and I've been out of town for a while. Let's get to the shout out shall we?

Chad : Yeah.

Joel : I know we're kind of stressed for time, so let's get on with the show.

Joel : Shout out to Caleb Pask. A loyal listener down in Dallas at AT&T.

Chad : AT&T crew.

Joel : Caleb, thanks for listening.

Chad : We did a show yesterday ... actually, a couple of days ago. We just dropped it yesterday ... with HiQ, so if anybody hasn't listened to that one, I want to give a shout out to

Mark Weidick.

Chad : We talked about updates of their David and Goliath court battle, negative industry impact, possibly, not just with us, but just global innovation. And then scraping bots and how to identify good actors from bad actors. It's a really pod. You should check it out.

Joel : Did you say a shart out?

Chad : Shart out.

Joel : Or shout out?

Chad : Well, it depends. It depends on your diet, so if it was...

Joel : It's not that kind of show. It's not that kind of show. I got to shout out to ZWD on Twitter, they dig us there. They want more turkeys in our show. They want more snark and embarrassing their companies and less Indeed, Google, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Chad : Yeah. Brent Healy gave us a little love on the hashtag Chad Cheese, thanking us for the monster history lesson and reminding us all that earning are historical not predictive. It's pretty simple, you have to know history or you're going to be doomed to repeat it. Good stuff Brent, thanks.

Joel : Brent is a loyal listener, we appreciate it Brent. And you like Jon Zila at Recruitics, you got a shout out for him?

Chad : Yeah. John and I this week had pretty much a snark/gif battle via email and I think he got the best of me. But there was the battle, the war rages on John, keep listening and look for more gifs coming in your email.

Joel : Little insider note, Chad and I typically have conversations that are just gifs.

Chad : Full conversations.

Joel : Yeah, we consider ourselves masters in the art of gifs. Shout out for me to Recruitcon, conference out in San Francisco that I spoke at on Wednesday, met some great people, some people from Wholefoods, groupon, our friends at Ellena from ... It will come back to me, I'll bring it back.

Chad : The tryptophan is killing you.

Joel : Well, I'm nervous, it's our first show.

Chad : And a shout out to Jacob Sten Madsen for giving the Chad and Cheese podcast love in the recruiting evolution Facebook group, really appreciate it, thanks for all the love guys.

Joel : You bet. And he's European, so it could be Yacob Steinmatsen or something, so yeah, love him, he loves the show.

Chad : You're so horrible.

Joel : Well, let's get into it. News out of Twitter this week from yours truly on, you can read about all my stuff there. Twitter is sick of the bots that are automatically Tweeting stuff, following people, DMing people ... You know what I'm talking about, like you follow someone and gets nuts, and so they're sick of it and they're slowly killing it, so that affects jobs.

Chad : There are like 48 million accounts that are bot created accounts on Twitter, that's ridiculous. Not to mention-

Joel : 15% of Twitter is bots.

Chad : I mean, you think of ... Obviously we've got all this controversy with the election and what not, but still on a day to day basis, the trolling, all the shit that happens on Twitter right now is just is totally bogus and they've got to do something about it. And it looks like they are.

Joel : They are. I mean, they've been getting their ass kicked by Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat ... God, I'm really struggling today. Snapchat, yeah. And the political landscape of the world of fake news and people affecting elections, Twitter is doing something about it. And this impacts companies, CareerArc comes to mind, but there are a ton. Go do a search on Twitter for #jobs, and see the number of sites that are just blasting jobs, sometimes jobs five to ten times a day. The same job or the same tweet. Those services are going away, so if you as an employer rely on Twitter to sort of blast your jobs and your getting results from that, it's going to be limited because Twitter is shutting it down.

Chad : I think they're going to shut down RSS feeds. I mean, it's pretty simple to hook an RSS feed into Hootsuite or something like that and let that run its course. Are they're looking to shut down like the Hootsuite's of the world and RSS feeds?

Joel : We're not quite sure or at least I'm not quite sure. I think that the sort of examples where you post a job and you click a little button that says, hey, I want to tweet this job out on my account, it doesn't look like they're going to crack down on that. What they're cracking down on is sort of the mass automation, the mass auto following, mass auto DMing, the things that are going on that we all know what it is and Twitter knows what it is, it's just time to cut it out.

Joel : I think certainly retweeting the same thing multiple times is going to get squashed by them, but if you just post a job and you tweet it once, I don't think you have anything to worry about even if it's automated through Hootsuite or your ATS or whatever. And even on Linkedin, if you post something ... A post on Linkedin you can push a post to Twitter, I don't think that would be affected at all. It's sort of that mass easily decipherable automation is going on that they're going to start shutting down.

Chad : Yeah, I think we'll probably reach out to our friend at CareerArc and find out, they're probably pretty neck deep in this right now, so they might be able to give us some good intel on it.

Joel : Yeah, I'm sure that they're very aware. I received an email because I'm a marketing person, and I get a lot of people that are doing this for marketing purposes and companies that do this. And got a notice that basically they were trying to do all they can or all they could to sort of continually black hat Twitter, and Twitter was getting really good at shutting them down and not letting them do stuff. If this is happening to the best of the best, the black hats if you will, the CareerArcs are going to have a lot of trouble sort of getting by with what they've being down in the past I would imagine.

Chad : Ouch, ouch.

Joel : New acquisition. WeWork acquired Meetup, which sounds like a weird sort of We work meet up.

Chad : $30 million, man.

Joel : 30 million, that's kind of loose change for Meetup, a company that's being around for a long time. That's kind of surprising. I mean, granted 30 million is a lot of money but WeWork has been around since like '03 '04. They were a huge impact on election in '04, if you remember correctly.

Chad : Right, talking about MeetuP, right? Meetup has ... It being like the different indivisible groups, and those types of groups use Meetup to be able to coordinate. You're right, the platform I would have though would have gone more than $30 million especially from a company like WeWork, who is worth like over 10 billion.

Joel : Yeah. They must have a ton of records, data contacts, but I probably did use Meetup at some point 10 plus years ago for marketing groups, SEO groups, things like that. But I haven't checked it forever. So, either Facebook killed it or social media killed it, but it has lost a lot of its luster. Hopefully, WeWork can bring it back because I think Meetup, at for a long time was an underrated recruiting tool and I knew a lot of recruiters who would go to groups and meetups where people they wanted to recruit were going and actually have a lot of success with that. Hopefully, WeWork can revive Meetup and become a real recruiting strategy again.

Chad : Yeah. For our listeners, Meetup, and let's separate this two real quick. Meetup is a social networking platform or service that allowed organizations to really pull together this online meetings offline. So, you could meet up somewhere and this groups could meetup and obviously do whatever they do, whether they're talking about an innovation, whatever it is, and it was good as Joel said for recruiters to be able to really target those types of groups and go after IT professionals or something of that nature. So that's really cool, and that was Meetup.

Chad : WeWork is entirely different. Really cool from the standpoint of redefining work pace where you use this platform to find workspace in an area. So if I'm in Austin this week or this month let's say, I go to Austin WeWork and I could find an office there that was more of like a collaborative type of office, and it's really cool. Obviously you have to pay for it. But it really is redefining virtual versus semi-virtual, and now it's kind of rework or WeWork [crosstalk 00:11:52] scenario. Rework WeWork.

Joel : Meetup is getting reworked by WeWork, how about that for a headline. I like it.

Chad : Jesus! That's a good line.

Joel : All right, man. Let's take a quick break and hear from a sponsor and talk a little bit about automation because we never talk about that.