Tale of Two Strategies: Google's Inclusion & Indeed's Exclusion

The holidays are over, and business is business. The boys are back at it this week, pulling no punches ... just like you like it. Believe it or not, in addition to talking Google, Indeed and others, Monster (remember them?) get mad airtime. Here's a breakdown.

- Monster's new ad strategy

- Albert the Frog (don't ask, just listen)

- Indeed lays the smackdown

- TextRecruit partners

- There's a new addition to the "steaming hot pile of garbage"

And must more, as always. Listen now, and visit our valued sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Ratedly and newly pimped Catch 22 Consulting.


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Joel: The holidays are over, and business is business. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese Podcast. Consider yourself warned, recruiters. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's podcast a hibernating monster starts to wake up from its multi-year slumber. Indeed still hates job boards, unless they're advertising, of course, but they're starting to really make it official. Recruiters go under the microscope thanks to a new startup. It's another weekend edition, which means we may or may not be sober at the moment. Stay tuned. We'll be right back after a quick word from our sponsor.

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Joel: Back in the swing of things, Chad. The holidays are over.

Chad: Yeah, believe it or not. It's about damn time, man.

Joel: Yeah, I'm about over family, but as I say that I've got family coming today, and for the rest of next week because I'm moving.

Chad: You lucky man.

Joel: Not too far away, but I am moving, so the family wants to come and help and see the new house and stuff. Yeah, I have a few more weeks of family, but it's all good.

Chad: Yeah, guys. They're moving because I know where they live now, and I currently don't know where their new house is, so, yeah, they're just trying to relocate..

Joel: I'm trying to escape Chad, basically. The less Chad knows, the better, so we're running from him. Do we have any shout-outs today? I'm a little bit amiss. I know we had a few.

Chad: We've got tons of shout-outs. First off, I'd like to start a shout-out to all the people in the Northeast that got pummeled by this goddamn bi-polar vortex thing. At first, I thought, "Hey, it's the Northeast. They get this shit all the time, big deal," but then I saw there was flooding, and I'm like, "Okay, that's a party foul, Mother Nature." It's way too freaking cold, crazy winds, snow, ice, and they also got flooding? Too much, man, that was way too much.

Joel: I'm going to call a New England Patriots conspiracy on that one, I think.

Chad: Make everybody feel bad for them. Hopefully, everybody's doing well and you're not iced-in all over the place because that shit looked nasty.

Joel: Well, if you are just listen to our current podcast as well as our last few podcasts. Our Predictions Podcast was fantastic, had Tim Sackett on for that.

Chad: Damn good.

Joel: Our year end-

Chad: I love.

Joel: Our Naughty-Nice List has gotten a lot of props. Shout-out to Gerry Crispin, old-time friend and industry guy who really likes the podcast, which may be us jumping the shark, who knows officially? We appreciate Jerry listening and giving us props on that, big shout-out to him.

Chad: Yep, and we've got the #ChadCheese list. I'm going to try to run through this fast because we've got a ton of people that are hashtagging us thanks to Joel whining and crying about it. First off, long-time listener, first-time caller Josh Acres, he was sucking up pretty hard to be able to try to get this shout-out, so you got it, Josh. There's your shout-out. Keep hashtagging, appreciate it, man. The Job Board Doctor, I swear, hashtags us more than anybody out there, love the Jeff Dickey-Chasins' Job Board Doctor.

Joel: Looking for another year full of hashtags from the Doctor. Love it.

Chad: The Contentologist, don't know who this guy is, but apparently he listens, so I appreciate it.

Joel: Sounds important, Contentologist.

Chad: Yeah, the Contentologist, right? Ed from Philly. Hey, Ed, I know you had a heart attack because I said Saquon, he wasn't going to make it in the NFL, but, dude, when you can't roll up more than 51 yards against IU it's really hard. He's no J.K. Dobbins. We know that, right? But, still, it's going to be hard for him in the NFL, my friend, but we still love you. Keep listening. Johnathan Rose-

Joel: Maybe when the Colts take him.

Chad: Yeah, okay, god. Don't say that, man. He definitely won't get any yards then. Johnathan Rose, appreciate it, man. He loved the naughty and nice list. Obviously Crowded loved it because they did pretty well. Nancy from Philly, she's back in there saying that she loves us, and keep tweeting, guys. We really appreciate all the hashtags. Keep them coming.

Joel: Shout-out to the gang at SHRM, who wrote an article that actually quoted our podcast and some stuff that we've said. I know Tony Lee and Mauer have commented on that, so we appreciate SHRM out there listening, shout-out to them.

Chad: Amen. Thanks Roy, and before we get out do you have anymore shout-outs before I talk a little TA Tech love here?

Joel: Give the TA Tech love.

Chad: Okay, TA Tech AI and machine learning conference is happening February 12th through the 13th in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. You can go to TATechAi.io

. I'm going to say that again, TATechAI.io to register. If you give two shits about AI and learning and you're in talent acquisition, so this is for talent acquisition professionals as well as recruitment vendors. If you're a tech company and you're in the recruitment space this is perfect for you guys. You should check it out, TATechAi.io.

Joel: If you're sick of the cold it's a nice place to be-

Chad: Goddamn straight, man.

Joel: ... that time of year, beautiful Scottsdale. Cool, man, and Dublin is creeping up on us, so if you're going to be in Dublin in March come out and say hi to us at the TA Tech meeting in Dublin.

Chad: TA Tech Europe.

Joel: March 12th through the 13th, I think, 11 through the 13th. Yeah, that's coming up on us.

Chad: Yeah, it's around Saint Patty's Day, that's all I got to say.

Joel: All right, man. You ready to get to the news?

Chad: Let's hit it.

Joel: First on the docket, one of your predictions in our last show was that Monster would rise again. Aside from some Instagram advertising that I've seen, they launched some mini ads this week that you caught wind of, which are, basically, what, 15 second ads?

Chad: Yeah, they're 15 second ads. They're pretty cool. I think I found three of them, and these look perfect for ... We're all ADD at this point, we have so many windows open, we have so much going on. They're quick 15 second ads. They're kind of cool, one foot out the door kind of thing.

Joel: Has a dude in like a corporate meeting and he's talking. They show him at the end, and he's got one foot out the door, and I think that's the message, like, "Got one foot out the door? Come to Monster and post your resume."

Chad: Yeah, and then there's a doctor who's doing the same thing. It's like the last thing you want is a doctor with one foot out the door. It's kind of cool.

Joel: Yes, we kind of ripped their high-priced purple monster Manhattan ad.

Chad: Which was bad.

Joel: I think we both kind of like this approach of sort of online, quick appetizer-sized advertisements that may start to get them into the mind scape of people, where I think they've been mostly invisible for the last 12 months at least.

Chad: Yeah, there's no question. I see these ads prefacing like most of the YouTube videos that are there, so you know how you get the quick ads that you can't get through, the shorter ads that you can't skip? I think this will be one of those shorter ads that you can't skip before you actually get into your YouTube experience.

Joel: Yep, and we've kind of gotten away from comedy in job board ads, where they've been really good in the past with the Career Builder monkeys. It's kind of good to see a little bit of comedy come back into the world with so much seriousness in politics and things elsewhere. We have an example of good advertising, good marketing, and I'm going to throw in an example of really bad marketing. I got a LinkedIn invite this week from Albert, perfectly normal name. Unfortunately, Albert's last name was The Frog. Albert The Frog is an animated frog that's purple. He represents the site Prefer Hired, which we've not talked about on the show, I don't think. They do referrals, and this is their cutesy, let's make a mascot profile page on LinkedIn for Albert The Frog, have him connect to people. I hate this kind of crap.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: I'm okay with Albert The Frog being on Twitter, maybe even Facebook, but LinkedIn is a professional, real person environment. If I connect to Albert The Frog he's going to reach out to other people. They're going to see that I'm connected to Albert The Frog. It's going to make him look better or me worse, or me better. I don't know how that's going to work, but I'm basically endorsing Albert The Frog, and I don't want to do that because it's not even a real person. I'm probably just going to get spammed with job postings and just garbage from Albert The Frog. Just have a company page, people. Let me follow your company. Let me get updates. Let me get content about the company. Don't have a mascot that's basically posing as an actual profile on LinkedIn.

Chad: Well, and that's the thing, though, right? It's funny now that you said that. I'm going to give a shout out to Jim Stroud and John Sumser who are connections to Albert The Frog, way to go, guys. Seriously, when they sent a message to you to connect, and then you responded, tell the listeners about that kind of back and forth because I think this was interesting.

Joel: I got, "Joel, would love to connect here on LinkedIn and keep the lines of communication open. Have a great day. Love, Albert." It didn't say love, I added that in. Then I said, "What the hell is this about?" I'm being nice what the language, and Albert says, "Hmm," and Albert is probably a 23 year old entry-level marketing person who thought this was a good idea and sold it to somebody higher-up. Okay, Albert says, "Hmm, didn't think the invite request would get a 'What the hell' or make you up set, Joel. Feel free to ignore. Just thought it might make sense to connect since we are both in the HR tech space, Albert."

Joel: Again, Albert is an animated thing. It's not a person, okay. Then I said, "Okay, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to be mean. I'm really curious, like, is this a marketing campaign. What's the goal?" Then Albert says, "This isn't a marketing campaign," bullshit, I'll add that in there. "I'm Albert, and I work at a HR tech startup that focuses on referral hiring. I just wanted to connect and grow my network. That's it, no games, just normal, 'Hey, I'd like to connect invite.'"

Chad: Bullshit.

Joel: I didn't repl