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The Chad and Cheese Super Bowl Ad


Okay, maybe you didn't.... But you know you wanted it!

It's our first The Chad and Cheese Super Bowl Commercial - that you won't see on TV because we're way too cheap.



The Chad and Cheese Presidential bid

Julie: The following was paid by the campaign to elect The Chad and Cheese as Co-Presidents... of Monster...

<Presidential Music starts>

Chad: Hi my name is Chad Sowash

Joel: and I'm Joel Cheesman - you know us as

Chad: The Chad

Joel: and Cheese Podcast at

Chad: We are aware Monster's new owners have lopped off the heads of old Monster leadership and have focused on filling those position with fresh ideas, and new, proven leaders which is why....

<Presidential Music Stops>

Joel: <interrupts laughing>... Let 'em eat cake... Get it? <cricket cricket> What? Lopped off heads... Marie-Antoinette... Awe come on man...

<Presidential Music Starts again>

Chad: <clears throat> which is why The Chad and Cheese are officially running for Co-President.. of Monster..

Joel: The Chad and Cheese understand the current vulnerability of Indeed and a market that is crying out for a new platform.. FOR... and OF the people... <Presidential Music Stop> <baby crying>

Chad: Really? The baby sound effect?

Joel: You know it's my favorite.

Chad: <launching> You do love that one...

<Presidential Music Starts>

Chad: The Chad and Cheese pledge to build and drive cost effective recruitment options through a new Monster vision.

Joel: Yes, and The Chad and Cheese also want to answer your longstanding questions like - What ever happened to: Monster Networking Chief Monster Jobr HotJobs Gozaik Job Pilot TalentBin Trovix Tickle and that Blue Collar thing - what was that called?

Chad: I can't remember...

Chad: The Chad and Cheese promise to get you - the people - answers. And we also promise not to make boneheaded decisions like buying Tickle instead of LinkedIn... Yea, that actually happened...

Joel: Chad and I are asking for your support in our bid to Co-President... Monster.

Chad: Vote for The Chad and Cheese for Co-President... of Monster - because you deserve a new Monster... and we don't mean that purple Bugs Bunny cartoon rip off thing either...

Joel: It's a new day...

Chad: You deserve a new Monster... and you'll get one with The Chad

Joel: and Cheese as Co-Presidents... of Monster...

Julie: This ad was approved by The Chad and Cheese Podcast. There is no way in Hell they are getting this gig, but they have a pretty amazing podcast. Visit - Paid for by The campaign for The Chad and Cheese for Co-President.... of Monster...

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