Why Would Anyone Launch a Job Board Today? C'Mon, Man!

Dollar bills continue to flow into HR and recruiting tech companies and people are still launching job boards..?? Wait.. What? Yeah, you heard that right. Job boards.

C'mon, really?

The boys break down all the latest news.

- Is this a WorkHere pivot or the withering dance of start-up death?

- Find.jobs launches - Is Universe.jobs now officially a failed experiment?

- Hire-Maturity launches?? Doesn't this feel like Eons 2.0?

- Joel hates on Dynamic Signal after getting $36.5 million

- Vettery gets acquired for a rumored ~$100 million by Adecco

- StatusToday scares the hell out of us!

- And a Halloween beat down that ended badly ... very badly.

Enjoy. And visit our kickass sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren,

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Announcer: Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinions and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad & Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Greetings and salutations homeboys and homegirls. Welcome to Chad & Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman, also known as the Barry White of HR.

Chad: And that is so much shit. And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, old people need jobs, .jobs, gets jobs and a lot of former WorkHere employees are looking for jobs. Stay tuned. Chad and I might need new jobs by the time this one's over.

Chad: Word.

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Chad: We'd love to help you make the perfect match.

Joel: Her voice is way too smooth for the saltiness that we're feeling today. It's going to get ugly I think.

Chad: It's going to get ugly. It's going to get ugly. Well, let's start with the ugliness. Something that wasn't ugly was Jeff Tennery from Moonlighting.com.

Joel: I have to say, they did the promotion of the show the right way. If every company that we interview gave us that much love, we'd have the highest rated podcast on iTunes.

Chad: He also edumacated you and I on a blockchain, cryptocurrency and the Moonbit. What the hell a Moonbit was until Jeff talked to us.

Joel: Plus educating us is usually like animated gifs and emoticons, but other than that ...

Chad: Sock puppets. And then the newest Firing Squad, brought to you by Jobs2Careers, featuring our friend Adam Gordon.

Joel: Apparently, we had a bit of good news. We're going to see Adam in Dublin next month.

Chad: We are. We are. Which means I told him I would buy him his first Beamish since he said that is the beer to drink when you're when you're in Ireland. Definitely, there's no question, you got to drink Guinness.

Joel: Got to.

Chad: But he said Beamish ... He actually, said this is his quote, "Beamish is bad ass."

Joel: It was. You and I enjoy a bad ass beer like no other boys I know, and Beamish will be on the menu for sure.

Chad: That's right. So, if you haven't heard of the Firing Squad podcast. Adam's with Candidate.ID, he knocked it out of the park. Good job for him. Check it out on chadcheese.com.

Joel: Well, I'm not sure he hit it out of the park with my review, but yes, he did well, I appreciated the time. I'm going to give a shout out to the Job Board Doctor who gets a shout out every week. He commits to the show, so he deserves it. For his quote that I am the, quote, 'Barry White of a HR'. Yeah, baby. Thank you.

Chad: Dude, you not have Barry White level of game. That's all there is to it.

Joel: I'm thinking more Marvin Gaye, but I'll take Barry White.

Chad: I'm thinking more Tweety The Bird. Listen, we've got something coming up March 6th. It is the Chad And Cheese webinar series. What is that, Joel? What is a Chad And Cheese webinar, first off?

Joel: Our webinars are are unconventional to say the least. We're on screen, we're interactive, we're peppering our guests with questions, we're challenging them on issues. This is not just a show me a PowerPoint and tell me what I should think. This is some legit battle bot in the octagon. What other cliché can I make up? Mad Max: Thunderdome webinar experience. So, you need to head on over to chadcheese.com and sign up because you'll be sorry if you don't.

Chad: That's right. It's on the growth of the gig economy, starring Lori McInerney from Shiftgig, Ryan Christoi from KRT Marketing. Yeah, it's definitely not going to be a run of the mill, that's not how we do shit. You know that or you wouldn't be listening to this goddamn podcast. Go to chadcheese.com, click on the little banner, register your ass, be there and have a good time.

Joel: Awesome. LinkedIn folks continue to rob us, apparently. I don't know why but we appreciate them.

Chad: Yeah. I love the LinkedIn folks and also love from others on LinkedIn, Elena Valentine, Matt Disher, Brian Howard, Mark Feffer, Ed Rogers. There's a bunch of people that are out there giving us love on LinkedIn. So, thanks guys, we really appreciate that.

Joel: Yes. And no one gave us duplicate content emails this week, so we appreciate that. Way to go outside the box everybody. Give us separate messages.

Chad: Very nice. Also, shout out to Josh over at Randstad. Thanks for listening dude. And no, there will not be a grilled cheese Sowash, just so you know. Not cool dude, not cool.

Joel: I'm not sure what a grilled cheese Sowash is.

Chad: It was a very bad joke, Josh. A very bad joke.

Joel: Yeah, it was.

Chad: Shame.

Joel: That's a double boo. You're getting some crickets on that one. That's all. Got any shout outs left for you?

Chad: Got the Philly crew. Ed Joel, Joey Stubs, Bridget, Michelle, Julie and never forgetting Nancy. And then the Boston Crew; Kia, Tracy, Colin, Jayman, Bill, Gerry and all the hardened lessers over in Beantown. John, Kyle, we got all these people that are freaking giving a shout out. Last but not least, I actually had to create a page because we are going to all these damn places, conferences and meetings and stuff and people for some reason want to meet us. So, if you to to chadcheese.com, there's a little banner that says, "Come meet us, the Chad And Cheese." You click on it and you can see all the different places that we're going.

Chad: Obviously, you'll hear about it, but definitely you should go to a TATechEurope in Dublin, Ireland. The discount code is right there on the website. We also have SHRM Talent coming up up in Vegas.

Joel: Dude, how weird that SHRM, like the ivory tower SHRMites are letting us to their show and break shit? It's awesome. Way to go SHRM.

Chad: And I have to give big props to the people at SHRM because they know we're going to break shit. It's kind of like when you're that new parent and you go around and you're baby proofing the house. That's exactly what they're going to try to do at SHRM Talent in Vegas, but we're still going to break shit, guys, I'm sorry.

Joel: They think we read contracts or something. I don't know what the hell that's about. All right. You're ready to get to the show?