Glassdoor Raising Prices, Google is Drinking Your Milkshake, Burger King is "On FIRE" and.

Call it the International Women's Day episode, although it's mostly about Millennial-bashing. This week:

- United Airlines does a U-turn on bonus lottery

- Glassdoor sends out conflicting messages about a price increase

- Burger King torches traditional recruitment advertising

- Come on Jobu Jobs stop the stupid "Tinder for Jobs" shit

- Activision coddles its Millennial employees

- Will Google's end the "War for Talent"?

... and a friggin' bunch more, yo!

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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, rash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: Yes, all right. We're recording this episode on International Women's Day.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So what better way to celebrate than listening to a couple of meatheads talking about recruiting, beer and whiny-ass millennials. This week, United Airlines makes a U-turn with employees, Glassdoor is tinkering with its pricing model, and Jobu is not just one of your characters from the movie "Major League" anymore.

Chad: Jobu.

Joel: Wild Thing is coming out of the bullpen, kids. Get ready.

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Chad: Free demo.

Joel: Happy International Women's Day, Chad. How are you celebrating?

Chad: I'm celebrating with a wonderful woman. Julie Sowash, yes, a very strong business woman who loves her International Woman's Day.

Joel: As do all women obviously. My wife a professor in college, far more educated than myself will be attending a smart woman's dinner tonight, and I'll be watching the kids. Three of them.

Chad: She's so smart, but yet she, you. I mean, I don't, I still don't get that.

Chad: Anyway, International Woman's Day. They deserve more than a day.

Joel: Glad you stopped there. Pretty much every day is women's day in my house.

Joel: Shout outs. Let's get to those.

Chad: Shout outs, right out of the gate, David Zaneski sent a zinger, where he said, "I was channeling my inner Xena yell during the Google Goes Latin podcast." Very nice, DZ. Very nice.

Chad: Here's the thing though. So I missed Remy. Where did Remy go? Remember we gave David and Remy shit on the same exact podcast, and David's still shooting snark at us. Come back, Remy. Come on man. The snark it's warm.

Joel: All the Recruitics kids are snarky, and then we hit back and they kind of curl up in the fetal position.

Chad: Oh, wow.

Joel: Zila that's for you.

Chad: All Recruitics kids. I can't believe you went there. So anyway. Snark is obviously, it's gonna be warm. It's gonna be very uncomfortable, but it's fun. It's good stuff.

Joel: They're all dead to me at Recruitics. They're all dead.

Chad: I still love you Recruitics.

Joel: What else we got shout outs.

Chad: I wanna thank Cory Kapner for pointing out. He actually did a screenshot of a fail. We talked about I believe it was on the last podcast, and Cory sent a screenshot. It actually showed that this new high tech platform couldn't even handle different location formats. I meant it's the very basics of job search. Location formats and their system couldn't even handle it. I thought it was pretty pathetic, and obviously Cory did too, so we shared it with the world. That was a big moment. So thanks Cory for that, and whatever dot jobs. Get your shit straight.

Joel: I feel like we're enabling a whole new generation of snark, smart asses.

Chad: Why not?

Joel: What do you think?

Chad: One of the reasons why people listen to us is because they enjoy listening to no bullshit podcasts. They want to listen to, just cut through it, right? People have that need. It's a safe place. Come on. We're not getting personal here, right? We're talking about things that are actually jacked up, and to be quite frank, we're giving you really free consulting. So fix your shit, guys, and hell, I think it's healthy. It feels good and cathartic to me. How about you?

Joel: Hey the more people that are out there like us, I say the better. If we're helping enable a new generation of snarkists, then I think we're doing our job ultimately.

Chad: Here's another example. So Olivia added me on LinkedIn. I won't share her last name. She added me on LinkedIn, and then she sent me a note. Thanks for the add. I was just listening to your latest podcast, and added you after I pushed the invite button. She got into the millennial segment about adding randoms on LinkedIn, so apparently she was a random, without context or note. I couldn't help but laugh, since that's exactly what I just did to you. Keep up these kick-ass podcasts. Now that is how you save a bad situation right there. It's like, "Oh yeah, I'm just gonna be lazy and press invite," and then she was like, "Oh you know what? He just accepted. I should send back a nice note thanking him and saying he has a kick-ass podcast." Good job, Olivia. Very good job.

Joel: Yeah, and I don't even mind just the sort of cold and corporate connection on LinkedIn. It's when you ask me for something that pisses me off. Like connect me with, great, but then 30 minutes later, "Hey what do you think about," blah, blah, blah, or "What are the ten ATS' in your opinion?" Like get the fuck outta here with that shit. That pisses me off.

Joel: But anyway, I appreciate the shout out, and yes it is kind to say something when you connect with someone on LinkedIn. Someone I'm connected to on LinkedIn that I want to send a shout out, and I can't believe I haven't yet, is Abby Cheeseman at Skill Scout. Not only does she have the best name in the industry, Cheeseman, it's spelled correctly, which is often, but we are not related in any way that I know of. She's married to a Cheeseman. Now he and I may in a past life be connected someway, but apparently a lot of people go to Abby and say, "Are you related to Joel," and she has to say, "No," and I get the same question too.

Chad: She says, "Who's Joel?"

Joel: I'm gonna clear it up right here on the podcast. Yeah, exactly, Joel who?

Joel: Elena as well. This is a startup out there that's run by two women. I know they're super passionate about that, and a big shout out to them out there in Chicago where they're based.

Chad: So Skill Scout? That's the one, right?

Joel: Yep, Skill Scout. They do video, which we love videos, so yeah. Call them up and support a women's business out there.

Chad: Where are we gonna be next week, man?

Joel: Dublin. We've just been talking about it for the last six months.

Chad: So excited.

Joel: We're finally gonna be there. I'm hyped.

Chad: No I'm totally hyped, and dude I took a look at the individuals who are going to be there. Not just the ones on the agenda, but you've got Nexxt, Zip Recruiter, SmashFly, Google, Clinch, Madgex, Lensa, PandoLogics/used to be Real Match. Candidate I.D. I mean you've got an awesome mesh of U.S. TAtech and Europe TA tech. If you're not there and you're in this industry, I gotta ask: What the hell are you doing? I mean are you in the fetal position in the corner? What's going on here?

Joel: Pete and re-Pete Weddle always bring it, so shout out to them as well. They always amaze me with their conferences.

Chad: Last but not least, go to the site. There's a little banner that says, "Meet us," and much like TA tech, Joel and I are going to be at different places. Joel is going to be at ERE in San Diego in April. I'm gonna be presenting in San Francisco in early April around the same time. Then, drum roll, SHRM Talent.

Joel: SHRM.

Chad: In Vegas.

Joel: Yes SHRM somehow let us into the party, and we're probably gonna break stuff and they may never invite us back, but at least we get that one shot to have our fun at a SHRM conference people.

Chad: I hope they've upped their insurance. That's all I have to say. Yeah, so we're going to SHRM , and then right after SHRM, I mean we're gonna spend a week in Vegas, man. Then right after SHRM we're going straight to TA Tech. So if you are in Vegas for SHRM, you should also take a look at TA Tech right back to back. You're already there.

Joel: It's Vegas.

Chad: Oh man it's Vegas. Stay. Have a good time.

Joel: By the way did I hear SHRM right in our call with them that they're gonna give us access to their Facebook streaming video accounts?

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Good God, someone drug test the folks at SHRM because something's in the water out there. I don't know what's going on. Cause chaos and rock like Amadeus.

Joel: All right, you ready to get to the show?

Chad: Let's do it.

Joel: All right, United Airlines new worlds of stupid this week, replaced quarterly bonuses with a lottery, okay. Workers who hit performance targets will be entered to win prizes including cars, vacations, I guess that's a free flight, or even a hundred grand for one lucky employee.