Google Feeds, Dice Bleeds & CareerBuilder Shrinks

Note: In this podcast, Joel misspoke. After looking back at Todd Raphael's reaction, turns out he did not say "fuck." Just wanted to clear that up.

It's been a BUSY... BUSY... BUSY WEEK... and the boys are talkin':

- Rumors Google is adding job searches to an unusual place

- Dice earnings aren't great

- Companies really ARE BIASED AGAINST hiring people with disabilities

- Titanic shifts with immigration and corp movement

- CareerBuilder is abandoning its posh downtown Chicago

- NFL starts equality in cheerleading?

- Oh, and Slack is raising (again)

Enjoy, and support our awesome sponsors, America's Job Exchange, Sovren and JobAdX.


Disability Solutions provides full-scale inclusion initiatives for people with disabilities.

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Joel: Yo, yo, yo peeps. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast. Striking fear in the hearts of shitty vendors since 2017. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, Google is feeding, Dice is losing, and Career Builder is shrinking. Yes, career Builder shrinkage, I said it. Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back after a word from JobAdX.

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Joel: I got a rant to start off the show if that's all right.

Chad: Oh, no. That's probably the best way to start it.

Joel: It probably is. I'm a little feisty today. So, I've been blogging for a long time. People may know my work, they may not. But I've been doing this for a while, and I've come across some level of respect, I think, with my work. We've been podcasting for over a year, we have a great following. People who matter are sitting down and interviewing with us, right? Like we have CEOs, CMOs, owners, founders, and I think there's an impression or an assumption on the part of vendors that you and I will be at HR Tech this year. For the mere fact that vendors go to shows to show their wears, to talk to customers and prospects, they also go to these shows to talk to the press.

Joel: And for whatever reason, HR Tech in its wisdom deemed you and I unworthy of a press pass. Both in my capacity as a podcaster and my capacity as a writer for ERE, which I would think is a very well respected organization, in terms of content, right?

Chad: Yes.

Joel: My rant is simply that I think HR Tech is really dumb in not letting press people like you and me into a show. And for the vendors that are reaching out to me almost on a daily basis just assuming that I'm gonna be there and saying, "Hey, let's grab a drink at Hr Tech," or, "Hey, we'd love to show you our new stuff, can we set up a time to meet?" Like I tell those people no, I'm not gonna do that because I'm not gonna be there because HR Tech is kind of being a dick about letting press into it's show. So, that's my rant. I apologize to the vendors that would like to talk to me and chat. And anyone else that's been dissed by HR Tech, but that's the reality and that's why we're not there.

Chad: Yeah, so I actually got a text last night and said, "Hey, we'll talk about it an HR Tech." And I was like, "Yeah, well HR Tech said that they're not providing Joel and I media passes." And he responded back with, "What the fuck? Are you fucking kidding me?" That was the response.

Joel: Yeah, I mean my editor at ERE, Todd Raphael, who is very well respected, been doing this for a long time, he assumed that I was going as well. And when I told him no, I got denied a press pass, his response was pretty much the same, "What the fuck? Like I thought you'd be a shoo-in." But that's not the case so fuck it, HR Tech, I don't need your show. Fuck off. I feel so much better.

Joel: Let's go to shout-outs.

Chad: Yeah, shout-outs. I'm gonna start them off with our favorite URL,, AKA, Canvas, love those guys.

Joel: We do love Canvas.

Chad: We've gotta get a new URL, a new brand or something. I love the CANVAs brand but the URL, it's horrible guys. New t-shirts and beer koozies for Chad.

Joel: Yes

Chad: Yes, for Chad. No, after this whole bullshit ZipRecruiter sending you alcohol and I don't get any? No. It's all for me now. I'm playing the Joel Chessman game here.

Joel: Oh, really? I've got some new Beemer-y shwag that maybe you won't be getting the next time.

Chad: Okay, maybe we can do a barter. Yeah, Canvas, we love you man. You meet those guys regularly for like drinks and updates and stuff, and I'm stuck here with a one year old.

Joel: Yeah, and it's beer and it's food and it's Indianapolis, so it's awesome.

Chad: Also, a big shout-out to Hung Lee for obviously putting some love for Chad And Cheese out in the Recruiting Brain Food, if you aren't subscribed to Recruiting Brain Food, I don't know what your fucking problem is. Go out there, check it out. It's good stuff. He purees just a bunch of stuff and feeds it to you, brain food, once a week.

Joel: I think Hung might be a good guest. Hung, if you're listening and you wanna come on and chime in about stuff, let us know. Go to Chad Cheese or hit us up on social media.

Chad: Yup.

Joel: I've never heard him speak or give interviews, so he may be one of these like reclusive guys that never talks, which is fine. But if you'd like to come on, let us know.

Joel: I'm gonna give a shout-out to a webinar that we're giving next week, the 15th. 2 p.m. Eastern, with NAS, sponsored by Talroo.

Chad: Talroo.

Joel: One of our sponsors. Love those guys. Again, talking about great swag, Talroo. But if you are interested in high frequency hiring, and who isn't these days? We're gonna do a webinar with Chad, NAS and me. And talking about all that good stuff. You can sign up at if you haven't already. Otherwise, you'll probably get an email at some point if you're subscribed to nay degree to our show.

Chad: Yes, and actually just drinking beer out of my Talroo glass that is laser etched with Chad on it. That laser etching on the Talroo logo and Chad, that's good shwag.

Chad: Shout out to Chase Wilson, and this is his tweet, "Listening to Chad and Cheese is always entertaining, but listening to them talk baby bathrobes at half speed, has to be one of the more entertaining podcast moments I've had in a while, #HalfBaked."

Joel: What kind of sicko gets pleasure out of listening to us speak in super slow motion? I'm thinking maybe some meds are in store for this guy.

Chad: Yeah, well, I mean Chase isn't that quick in the first place. So everything that he does is really ... he's gotta take it in slow and I appreciate that. So you listen Chase, you listen any way you like.

Joel: Fair enough, fair enough. If you're headed to TAtech next month and you're a vendor and you'd like to be interviewed by Chad and Cheese, we're doing something with Peter Clayton in video. There's nothing on the site yet, so if you're interested in being interviewed by us on video, really cool thing that we're doing, hit you sup on Or social media and we'll get you guys more details.

Chad: Yeah, I think it's gonna be kind of like a between two ferns kind of thing. Or between the ferns.

Joel: In between two idiots, I think is what we're gonna call it. Between two beers.

Chad: That's a good one.

Joel: Between two kegs. Yeah.

Chad: Yeah, so JobOrDoctor, big shout out because he's always in a tweeting frenzy, so I gotta give him love. Rothberg, even Rothberg had a Shaker call out, this wasn't a shout out, this was a call out. He said, "You're team over at Shaker does great work including job board, you build, manage, you do all this stuff. But during your podcast interview, you said you pretty much gotta stay in your lane, people should be staying in your lane, and being an advertising agency, that's kind of out of your lane, right?" So that was a pretty cool call out by Steven. And him and Joe got on some kind of tweet back and forth online. So good stuff, man.

Chad: #ChadCheese, if you guys aren't, use it. Check it out and get in the conversation.

Joel: So Joe Shaker and Steven Rothberg in the octagon, who you taking?

Chad: That's a hard one. It depends if Joe brings all his kids.

Joel: But if Rothberg brings Faith, his wife, it could be an even fight.

Chad: No, that's not even a question. If you said Faith, right? I don't care who we throw in, she's a fiery redhead, she will kick anybody's ass.

Joel: Fair enough.

Chad: That's all there is to it.

Joel: Fair enough.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Shout out to John Cristoff Shanard, I hope I'm saying that correctly, in Quebec, Canada. John Cristoff let me know that our email's going to a spam filter. I have to say to that, "Welcome to email marketing in 2018." I'm sure a lot of people are getting marketing messages in spam. I don't know what the solution is, maybe we need a text Chad Cheese to a short code and we'll text updates to people, I don't know? But marketing is hard and email marketing is even harder.