If you can't guess from this week's title, LinkedIn blew up!

- New ATS = Linkedin Talent Hub

- Diversity is hot = LinkedIn Diversity Insights

- Buying GLINT "employee engagement" = $400-$500 million

- What the hell should ATS and job site vendors do?

Not LinkedIn Topics...

- Amazon's AI is a misogynist

- Facebook Jobs poaches talent

- AND no God, no! -- there's another Tinder for Jobs startup, Blonk.

Enjoy, and write blank checks to sponsors Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX.


Disability Solutions helps support and educate your workforce through disability awareness and inclusion training.

Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel Cheesman: LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn. That's my best Brady Bunch impression. Sorry. Welcome to Chad and Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad Sowash: And I'm Marcia.

Joel Cheesman: On this week's episode, if you couldn't tell, LinkedIn did some shit. Amazon's robots are biased. Maybe they should stick to tweeting. And we rip apart another Tinder for jobs startup. God. Why? Get ready to swipe right on some solid podcasting goodness right after this word from Sovren.

Sovren: Sovren is known for providing the world's best and most accurate parsing products. And now based on that technology, comes Sovren's artificial intelligence matching and scoring software. In fractions of a second, receive match results that provide candidates scored by fit to job, and just as importantly, the job's fit to the candidate. Make faster and better placements. Find out more about our suite of products today by visiting That's S-O-V-R-E-N dot com. We provide technology that thinks, communicates, and collaborates like a human. Sovren, software so human, you'll wanna take it to dinner.

Chad Sowash: You know that's one of the guys from Sovren in the background actually playing the guitar.

Joel Cheesman: Is it really? They have such a talented bunch there.

Chad Sowash: They do. I know it's one of them.

Joel Cheesman: Everyone's a bartender serving bourbon at trade shows and playing guitar. That's nice.

Chad Sowash: I love that shit. That's good stuff.

Joel Cheesman: How did we get so many goddamn shout-outs today? I'm gonna apologize in advance.

Chad Sowash: People love us and we love people.

Joel Cheesman: iCIMS. We're going to Jersey next week.

Chad Sowash: Woo, Jersey!

Joel Cheesman: I'll start off with that. iCIMS, looking forward to it. You better feed us some good stuff, and we need lubrication throughout the conference. Just a heads up.

Chad Sowash: When he says "lubrication," he means alcohol guys. Just for all you idiots out there. Just in case.

Joel Cheesman: Yeah, what else would I mean? Jesus.

Chad Sowash: Anyway, this month is Disability Hiring Awareness month, and the Chad and Cheese take this shit serious. So don't miss this week's podcast we dropped with Julie. It's an educational interview, "Hiring People With Disabilities is Hot," and she's a total bad ass.

Joel Cheesman: We are the nepotism podcast of recruiting.

Chad Sowash: Goddamn straight.

Joel Cheesman: Starring Julie Sowash!

Chad Sowash: Proof though, Steven Rothberg tweeted-

Joel Cheesman: Of course.

Chad Sowash: "Just finished listening. I learned way more about the recruitment of disabilities in 35 minutes than he has in 53 years. Bravo Julie Sowash. It was an unvarnished conversation about hiring people with disabilities, so listen."

Joel Cheesman: Yes. If you haven't listened, he's referencing a faux pas that I made during the interview process, which I made many, but that was the first one. So, thanks Steven, for pointing that one out.

Chad Sowash: Yeah, imagine that from an old white male. Carry on.

Joel Cheesman: HIREConf coming up as well in November, put on by HiringSolved, kids over there, Jeremy Roberts and team. We're gonna be doing something, I guess a show or a song and dance, or something. So, if you're going to that ... If you're gonna be in New York, make sure you check us out at

Chad Sowash: This week, we actually got into Spotify. Spotify has a beta now for podcasts, but it's still kind of janky 'cause they're in beta-

Joel Cheesman: I'm kinda mad about being on Spotify because now, I might have to be nice to millennials 'cause they're all on Spotify, so-

Chad Sowash: Dude.

Joel Cheesman: If you've enjoyed the ripping of millennials, I might have to tune that down a little bit with the Spotify edition.

Chad Sowash: Dude, they love it! Some of our biggest fans are millennials. I mean, when we were in New Orleans, who brought us beer? Our favorite millennial, Kyle. Dude, they love it.

Joel Cheesman: True. True. I have some millennial degree on my wall about something or other. That's nice. Shout out to Chris Gamble, ya boy, former Indeed executive employee. Mentioned that I did a post on "" a while back, that was a total ripoff of Indeed, saying that it was a matter of time before Indeed took the site down. Shockingly, the site is gone. Chris Gamble gave me the heads up. So shout out to you, Chris, for mindlessly going to "indeededjobs" every day and seeing if it was down or not. I really appreciate that.

Chad Sowash: Yeah, really appreciate you taking your time there, bud. Louise Triance, once again, and this is for her actually saying that she listens to Chad and Cheese and it's "bloody good." So, if you're over in the UK-

Joel Cheesman: Go on, do the accent. Do the accent.

Chad Sowash: I can't do the accent. I'm not gonna ...

Joel Cheesman: Bloody good!

Chad Sowash: That's horrible. Horrible.

Joel Cheesman: You're getting very popular there, across the pond. Shout out to

Talroo. We love our sponsors and we give them a lot of love, but Talroo turned that love around last week, and told people to listen to the show. So we greatly appreciate that, Talroo.

Chad Sowash: Well, I mean, they were actually just focusing on our banner week. We had over 4,000 listens in one week. It was our best week ever. Really happy to put that out there. And they were happy, being a sponsor, obviously, to push it out as well.

Joel Cheesman: Continue to be awe inspired and, getting all English on you, gobsmacked, about all the listeners that we're getting. We really appreciate that. Shout out to Uber and Lyft, who are giving free rides to voters here in the states. Coming back to America. A very important election is going on next month, and Uber and Lyft are gonna help us out with getting people to the polls. So shout out to them.

Chad Sowash: Damn straight. If you haven't listened to Death Match this week, we've got two of them out there. We've already had AllyO. Now we've got Talkpush, and Uncommon. Push it real good. Coming out this week, the grand champion Canvas will be out next week. So you gotta listen. Great pitches, and they do a lot of Q and A with us. And this is when they were onstage, live in New Orleans at TAtech.

Joel Cheesman: Feedback's been great on the Death Match stuff, so we're gonna do more of that in the future, for sure. My last shout out goes to, another English shout out, John Lennon, assassinated in 80, 1980, would have been 78 this week. And God only know what kind of impact he would have made on the world, but we'll never know, sadly enough. But happy birthday, John. We continue, or at least I do, continue to love your music, and listen regularly.

Chad Sowash: I remember when that happened, and they were playing John Lennon music on the radio constantly. And I just remember the song, "Wheels." So that's definitely a memory from our childhood, and amazing music in avant garde in that industry.

Joel Cheesman: Shockingly that album was sort of a come back album for him after a weird period, I guess, in his life. And, only knows what could've been. I think he would've been incredibly political. I think he would've continued to make music. I think he would've impacted more generations and more folks to make music. But, sadly enough, we'll never know.

You're excited about the Queen movie that's coming out. Hopefully that's good.

Chad Sowash: Goddamn straight. Bohemian Rhapsody. I mean, who doesn't love Freddie Mercury and Queen music? I mean, it is literally the soul of rock and roll. It is amazing, so I can't wait to see that.

Joel Cheesman: Any band that puts Beelzebub in a song is good stuff.

Chad Sowash: Can we do this podcast?

Joel Cheesman: We can. You had Indeed Job Spotter. Are we gonna roll over them?

Chad Sowash: Yeah. So I thought it was funny. Somebody actually forwarded an Instagram ad of Indeed Job Spotter, and I was like, "Is that thing still fucking alive?" It must be. So shout out to Indeed. I can't imagine the amount of content that you're getting from Job Spotter, but somebody inside of Indeed, if you would, reach out to us. Let us know how much content you guys are getting from that. Or, maybe it's just an ad that keeps running in the background that somebody forgot about.

Joel Cheesman: No, I think we've talked about this and I did a story about a year ago. I think if it's working, part of it's genius, because they're getting leads to small businesses that are hiring people. And they're getting the masses to do the work for them. So if they're doing it, it's genius. If no one's taking photos of "Help Wanted" signs in the window, it's kind of a big dud. But-

Chad Sowash: Well, I'd like to know if it's working. If it is-

Joel Cheesman: Alright, if you're the product manager of Indeed's Job Spotter, we wanna hear from you, get you on this show.

Chad Sowash: Well, yeah and this will be the only time that you'd probably get any time on a podcast, ever. The project manager of Job Spotter.

Joel Cheesman: It could happen. It could happen. Alright, well, let's go to the show. LinkedIn is holding their annual conference out in Anaheim, I believe. I'm a little pissed 'cause I didn't get invited, but whatever. I did watch the live stream. I got all the news, so we have a few things there. We're gonna talk about the ATS first. We have a soundbite from the conference that we're gonna play, and then we'll talk about it. Cool?

Chad Sowash: Play it.