Queen of Chatbots, Quincy Valencia from AMS


Joel and I are always talking about the latest and greatest chatbots so we thought we'd bring in an expert. Someone who has flown from coast-to-coast in search of a chatbot, NO, not just a chatbot but several chatbots which could serve her client's needs.

Welcome Quincy Valencia, Head of Innovation and Solution Architecture from Alexander Mann Solutions.

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Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark, buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for The Chad & Cheese Podcast.

Joel: It's an exclusive show.

Chad: Chatbots, chatbots, motherfucking chatbots.

Joel: Not Chad bots, but chatbots. Nobody wants a Chad bot, that's for goddamn sure.

Chad: Everybody wants a Chad bot, asshole.

Chad: Today on The Chad & Cheese Podcast, we have Quincy Valencia, from Alexander Mann Solutions. I believe her title is Queen of Chatbots. Quincy?

Quincy: Indeed. That is absolutely my title. It's new. This will be new to my company when they hear it, but I'm the self-named Queen of Chatbots. Thanks for having me, guys.

Chad: Not self-named, we named you.

Quincy: That's true.

Chad: You've been bestowed upon by-

Quincy: Thanks.

Chad: So fresh from Dublin. What the hell were you doing in Dublin?

Quincy: Yeah, we had about 130 of the senior leadership for Alexander Mann Solutions, getting together in Dublin, talking about how we're going to address all problems, talent-related, before they even emerge in the marketplace. It's an exciting time.

Joel: And what is Alexander Mann for those who don't know.

Quincy: Alexander Mann Solutions is literally the global leader in RPO solutions as designated by our clients in the latest HRO Today Baker's Dozen, we do have the number one ranking there, globally and also an EMEA and APAC, so go us.

Joel: Is that the pay-to-play Baker's Dozen?

Quincy: No, it is not the pay-to-play Baker's Dozen.

Joel: Okay.

Quincy: Stop that, it's not true. It comes straight from our clients.

Joel: Do we remember the '80s show, Quincy M,D,? What was the name of that show?

Quincy: It was M.E., actually.

Joel: Yeah. Was it a source of pain for you growing up?

Quincy: No, actually, it's because I'm 110 years old, I actually predated Quincy M.E., a little bit. Not as much as Chad predated him, but a little bit.

Chad: Oh, yeah. Me being one day older than Joel, I guess we're just both old


Joel: All right. Moving on, moving on.

Quincy: Before we move on, I just want to say, I'd actually be a huge fan of a Chad bot, over a chatbot, because then maybe we can turn him off.

Chad: Oh, that's not cool. See this is why-

Quincy: Oh, you're so sensitive.

Chad: This is why we bring Quincy on to the show. We had Adam, Adam Godson who's a very close friend of Quincy's and she's like-

Quincy: He is.

Chad: ... she's like, "What the fuck. Why wouldn't you bring the Queen of Chatbots on?" I was like, "You know what? That's probably a good idea. We should probably do that."

Joel: Queen of Chatbots.

Chad: It really is true. It's true.

Joel: That's on her LinkedIn profile, by the way.

Quincy: I'm the Queen of all bots by the way, not just chatbots.

Chad: Oh, all bots. I like that.

Quincy: I just elevated myself there.

Chad: So we're talking about chatbots today and this is going to be a very broad discussion.

Chad: But, first off, I want you to tell the story of why you have so much deep knowledge when it comes to bots.