Talroo Be Expandin'


Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman.

Chad: A few weeks ago, Talroo beckoned Joel and I to Austin, Texas. Under a shroud of secrecy. Finally, we're able to unveil what the hell was going on down at Talroo HQ. Enjoy.

Joel: Super exciting day Chad. The office is buzzing.

Chad: It is buzzing.

Joel: There's excitement that I've never seen before.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And this is an organization that focuses on industry sectors and niches,


Chad: Yeah. Yeah.

Joel: They've been the experts in retail, service industries, healthcare, et cetera. The rumor is they might be opening up a new ...

Chad: Vertical.

Joel: Vertical.

Chad: Yeah. I'm interested in this from the standpoint of I'm kind of-

Joel: Actually, Thad, Thad Price, the CEO is coming in now-

Chad: Okay.

Joel: To announce what the news is-

Chad: It's about time.

Joel: Thad, how are ya?

Chad: Thad, how you doing?

Thad: Great, how about yourself?

Joel: Good to see ya.

Thad: Good to see you guys again. Welcome to Austin.

Joel: Dude, we can't take it any more. What is the news?

Chad: What the hell's going on?

Thad: Well, we're launching a new audience search network.

Chad: Okay. Well you've got a bunch already. I mean, you have business services, customer service, financial service, Gig economy, healthcare. I mean, the list goes on. And it seems pretty expansive already. So I mean, what are you going to add to this?

Thad: Yeah. And those verticals are actually targeted by our classification engine-

Chad: Okay.

Thad: The Talroo classification engine. So that's how we find the right audiences for jobs based on over billions of searches each month.

Chad: Okay.

Thad: So one of the things we found is there's a huge demand for pirates.

Chad: There is. We've been talking about this.

Joel: Of course!

Chad: We've been talking about this.

Joel: Pirates.

Thad: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah.

Thad: And largely, we were talking earlier about the macro-side and what we found is that usually in situations like this, where we head into a recession soon, gold goes up.

Chad: Ah, good point.

Thad: So that's a huge opportunity for us to staff up for pirates-

Chad: Yeah.

Thad: Because we need more gold.

Chad: Right. Right, right, right. So I mean, how are pirates ... I don't know anything about this. How are pirates paid? Do they have rum stipends? I mean-

Joel: Is there a special booty program for pirates?

Thad: You know, I ... Probably so in different ports of call. Probably some are a little bit different than others, but yes, they're paid per mile. They have different incentives. One of the things we're finding, that's one of the most interesting things that from a benefit perspective they care about is dental plans.

Chad: That makes sense.

Joel: The scurvy is running amok in the piracy community. Yes. Now will this be a real strain on employment for our Arby's?

Chad: I am not including that. I am not including that.

Joel: Will this impact the argyle sweater industy?

Chad: I can't use any of this. From my understanding on the pirate's side of the house, there is a huge knowledge gap. I mean, the boomers are aging out. The skills gap is an issue. So is there going to be schooling? I mean, what's happening here?

Thad: Yeah. You're right. It's aging out of the work force, just like healthcare and other industries. So we're actually seeing ... You know, one of our beta customers NEMO Inc., they're actually paying for training to be a pirate.

Chad: Okay.

Thad: So you see that in other transportation logistics type industries as well.

Chad: So you sign a contract, you go through school and you're like on a three year contract. They pay for your schooling and then you're not a landlubber anymore, you're actually on the ship and I'm sure there's a little internship action that happens on board too. Is that how it goes?

Thad: Yeah. That's right. And then you're usually ... You could be paid per mile.

Chad: Okay.

Thad: Yep. And you're getting a ship.

Chad: Kind of like truckers. So this could actually zap talent out of the trucker industry.

Joel: Now will you be servicing all seven of the seven seas?