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Talroo Be Expandin'

Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman.

Chad: A few weeks ago, Talroo beckoned Joel and I to Austin, Texas. Under a shroud of secrecy. Finally, we're able to unveil what the hell was going on down at Talroo HQ. Enjoy.

Joel: Super exciting day Chad. The office is buzzing.

Chad: It is buzzing.

Joel: There's excitement that I've never seen before.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And this is an organization that focuses on industry sectors and niches,


Chad: Yeah. Yeah.

Joel: They've been the experts in retail, service industries, healthcare, et cetera. The rumor is they might be opening up a new ...

Chad: Vertical.

Joel: Vertical.

Chad: Yeah. I'm interested in this from the standpoint of I'm kind of-

Joel: Actually, Thad, Thad Price, the CEO is coming in now-

Chad: Okay.

Joel: To announce what the news is-

Chad: It's about time.

Joel: Thad, how are ya?

Chad: Thad, how you doing?

Thad: Great, how about yourself?

Joel: Good to see ya.

Thad: Good to see you guys again. Welcome to Austin.

Joel: Dude, we can't take it any more. What is the news?

Chad: What the hell's going on?

Thad: Well, we're launching a new audience search network.

Chad: Okay. Well you've got a bunch already. I mean, you have business services, customer service, financial service, Gig economy, healthcare. I mean, the list goes on. And it seems pretty expansive already. So I mean, what are you going to add to this?

Thad: Yeah. And those verticals are actually targeted by our classification engine-

Chad: Okay.

Thad: The Talroo classification engine. So that's how we find the right audiences for jobs based on over billions of searches each month.

Chad: Okay.

Thad: So one of the things we found is there's a huge demand for pirates.

Chad: There is. We've been talking about this.

Joel: Of course!

Chad: We've been talking about this.

Joel: Pirates.

Thad: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah.

Thad: And largely, we were talking earlier about the macro-side and what we found is that usually in situations like this, where we head into a recession soon, gold goes up.

Chad: Ah, good point.

Thad: So that's a huge opportunity for us to staff up for pirates-

Chad: Yeah.

Thad: Because we need more gold.

Chad: Right. Right, right, right. So I mean, how are pirates ... I don't know anything about this. How are pirates paid? Do they have rum stipends? I mean-

Joel: Is there a special booty program for pirates?

Thad: You know, I ... Probably so in different ports of call. Probably some are a little bit different than others, but yes, they're paid per mile. They have different incentives. One of the things we're finding, that's one of the most interesting things that from a benefit perspective they care about is dental plans.

Chad: That makes sense.

Joel: The scurvy is running amok in the piracy community. Yes. Now will this be a real strain on employment for our Arby's?

Chad: I am not including that. I am not including that.

Joel: Will this impact the argyle sweater industy?

Chad: I can't use any of this. From my understanding on the pirate's side of the house, there is a huge knowledge gap. I mean, the boomers are aging out. The skills gap is an issue. So is there going to be schooling? I mean, what's happening here?

Thad: Yeah. You're right. It's aging out of the work force, just like healthcare and other industries. So we're actually seeing ... You know, one of our beta customers NEMO Inc., they're actually paying for training to be a pirate.

Chad: Okay.

Thad: So you see that in other transportation logistics type industries as well.

Chad: So you sign a contract, you go through school and you're like on a three year contract. They pay for your schooling and then you're not a landlubber anymore, you're actually on the ship and I'm sure there's a little internship action that happens on board too. Is that how it goes?

Thad: Yeah. That's right. And then you're usually ... You could be paid per mile.

Chad: Okay.

Thad: Yep. And you're getting a ship.

Chad: Kind of like truckers. So this could actually zap talent out of the trucker industry.

Joel: Now will you be servicing all seven of the seven seas?

Thad: Yes, we will be.

Joel: Will there be a different pricing model?

Thad: It's all based on supply and demand.

Chad: All based on supply and demand and targeting. That's awesome. So if there are pirates out there that are looking for good, hard working talent, how in the hell do they get a hold of you to make sure that they can get into this program?

Thad: Well, they would go to

Joel: For the pirates with a hook for a hand that can't tap out a resume,

what solutions do you offer for them?

Thad: Yeah, voice texting.

Chad: Voice to text. That is genius. Well, I'd like to say Thad, it's about damn time and we appreciate Talroo.

Joel: God bless you Talroo.

Chad: Big applause for Talroo.

Chad: After the interview with Thad. Joel and I wanted to learn more about just how Talroo would engage this new pirate market sector. Word was buzzing around the office that Talroo had hired a pirate dialect coach to train sales and customer service. What? No way. Way. And we tracked him down for an interview. Enjoy.

Chad: Okay. Jordan, we understand that you are the dialect coach. Tell us why you're actually here. What does that mean?

Jordan: Yes. Talroo has shown success across many industries and verticals such as healthcare, restaurant, retail, financial services and more. Helping these companies attract and hire talent. Talroo are now launching their latest vertical, the pirate vertical. I'm here to help train their customer team on how to best engage with pirate captains and recruiters who need hires. This is to ensure that these employers know that Talroo gets them.

Joel: What is your background?

Jordan: Well I have been a dialect coach for about 15 years now. I used to be the kid who was always doing voices and impressions and once I got the linguistics part, that was the last piece. I knew that I could do these voices, but with linguistics I could show people how to do these voices, these different sound changes with accents. I believe tremendously in the power of connection and especially in this recruiting market, you want someone that speaks your language. All industries have their own jargon and pirate is no different. So I'm just trying to instill these language techniques, these sound changes, so that pirates can understand that we're part of their tribe at Talroo. We get them

Chad: Why is it important to train Talroo employees?

Jordan: Well, pirate captains have long been shunned in modern western society. They have-

Joel: Disgraceful.

Jordan: Questionable morals, poor hygiene. Their social media shows this materialistic obsession with treasure, but I've seen that Talroo really understand them and the uniqueness of their hiring needs. So they're taking this extra step regarding speech and culture. And Talroo wants to ensure that pirate ship captains, fleet commanders, their whole industry, feels very comfortable and at home dealing with Talroo's customer team.

Joel: Pirates are people too, Jordan.

Jordan: Of course. Of course. They might not have all their limbs, but they're still people.

Chad: That's a very good point. Yeah. Or the teeth.

Joel: Or the teeth.

Chad: Or the teeth.

Joel: Couldn't agree more.

Jordan: Pirates need jobs too. And this is the place to find 'em. There's some real talent out there, like legendary Blackbeard level talent and speaking to Thad's point about the ... It's a niche attraction, right? A niche client attraction.

Chad: I've heard some great pirate talent has actually gone off into other industries, working at Macy's.

Jordan: Yeah. There's a lot of pirates that sail to better seas as it were, but ... It's a hazardous profession, but I mean, if there's a better job, they jump ship. So we're here to attract the best talent that we can get.

Joel: How do you deal with the various dialects of say a pirate in the Indian Ocean versus the Pacific?

Jordan: Oh sure, yeah. I mean, the oceans vary, right? The further away you are, it's going to sound different than ... And your ports of call have to, right? So, if you're interacting with people-

Joel: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad: Yeah.

Jordan: Using different words, words for gold and doubloons might be different than fishing words, et cetera.

Chad: So Jordan, how have the Talroo employees actually taken to the training? Because, I mean, this is different training.

Jordan: Sure.

Chad: So I mean, how have they been doing?

Jordan: Yeah, they've never seen anything like this before.

Chad: Yeah.

Jordan: But they are very quick learners, right? We had a nice session with the while team and we were teaching them everything from words to stay away from. You know, there's certain insults that you really don't want to be throwing around.

Joel: What are some of those?

Jordan: You know, every pirate loves the sea. So you wouldn't want to call 'em a landlubber, right?

Joel: Ah.

Jordan: That's like a rookie, right? There's a famous joke, what do you call a pirate with two eyes and two legs? A rookie. Right? Obviously doesn't have that much experience on a ship.

Joel: Nice.

Jordan: Scallywags, right? You don't ever want to call a pirate that. Bilge rat, 'cause that's the bottom of the ship, right? You belong on the bottom of the ship.

Joel: Barnacle I hear is a bad one.

Jordan: Barnacles are on the side of the ship, right? So brush me barnacles is like, "Oh, whoa, slow down there."

Chad: It's a little abrasive, yes.

Chad: Jordan really sounded like he understood Talroo's game, but we wanted to hear his pirate dialect range at work. Check this out.

Pirate: Talroo with a partner what makes us a force on the high seas. They be deliverin quality hires, less scurvy and nobody be touching their candidate to hire rates.

Pirate: I be loving Talroo. They be staffing me for years now with crew of the highest caliber. And I mean crew that be ready to set sail. Not some landlubber who be uploadin his resume years ago.

Pirate: Talroo data driven job ads that deliver. Arg.

Pirate: Ye be poo without Talroo. Ye be walking the plank if you're not be

using Talroo for your recruitin needs.

Pirate: Don't be a bilge sucking scallywag, avast. Use Talroo hire better.

Chad: Now that is impressive. Not just Jordan's dialect, but Talroo's commitment to ensuring that companies looking for hard to find talent, not only find the talent, they find a partner in Talroo who works hard to join and engage their community. Way to go Talroo, this rum is for you.

Pirate: Don't be a bilge suckin scallywag. Avast. Use Talroo to hire better.

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