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Zip Swings, TikTok Lands & Aussies Stink

This episode is all over the place.


- stinky Australians. And much more.

Enjoy and give our sponsors a big, sloppy kiss, Indeed-style: Sovren, Canvas, JobAdX.


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Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast. He's back.

Joel: I'm back, bitches. Tanned, rested and ready after a few days in Chicago, because that's where you go to get tanned, rested and ready. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese show, HR's more dangerous and inappropriate podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, Zip sticks it to Google's engineers, TikTok is officially a thing we need to talk about. And farting on coworkers is not bullying down under. Grab a Fosters and a bowl of chili, we'll be right back after this word from Sovren.

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Ed: This is Ed from Philly, you're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: God damn straight, Ed. Last week, a lactose-free Chad and Cheese podcast, little Jim-

Joel: No cheese.

Chad: Little Jim Stroud filling in.

Joel: Stinky cheese free.

Chad: Stinky cheese free, yeah. We'll talk about the stinky cheese a little bit later in the episode.

Joel: Chad's already strategizing on ways to replace me after last week, I'm sure.

Chad: You are not replaceable my friend.

Joel: Thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that. Wish I could say the same. Yeah, went to Chicago, spring break, kids, did a little bit of the Chicago Museum, all the good things they have there. Taking a two year old to two museums in one day, not a good idea.

Chad: No. I don't know who's plan that was, but yeah that was, there's a fatal flaw there and that was a two year old.

Joel: Well you know, we like to stretch our activities as much as possible. I will say, and you'll appreciate this, the Industry and Science Museum, I think it's called?

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Had a World War II stuka, German fighter bomber, that's one of only two in the world that's still intact, which was really cool. They also have an entire U-Boat, German U-Boat from World War II that's at the museum.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Quick shout out for them, if you're into that stuff, which I know I am, I think Chad is as well, that was a well worth trip to that museum.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Agreed. And if you're interested in listening to cool shit you're at the right place.

Chad: Boom.

Joel: Because we talk cool shit. You want to get the shout outs?

Chad: Yeah, so real quick, you missed it last week, I got another box of craft beer, so I want to re-shout out to Jim and Thomas over at Talent Nexxus-

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Chad: While rubbing your nose in it. So I just thought I'd go ahead and get that out there really quick.

Crowd: Boo.

Joel: Nice. Send some booze to me people, come on. My life's just as tough as Chads.

Chad: Nobody likes you, come on.

Joel: Ouch, damn!

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Chad: And that being said, shout out to Joel's 15-year-old boy band self, after a night at Justin fucking Timberlake. Dude, you just lost your 1980s rock-n-roll card dude. Hand that shit over.

Joel: Yeah, the hair metal club kicked me out this week. So, somehow your wife went to the Justin Timberlake concert.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: And you were not roped into this.

Chad: No.

Joel: My wife, same thing, however I attended, so I'm clearly the better husband of this duo.

Chad: That's where we can go with it sure.

Joel: I've never been to a show like this. The shows I got to, it's like one stage, the band comes out, they play and then they're done. This was like a whole, they used the entire court, if you will of the basketball arena. It's a show. It's outfit changes, it's dancers and all. Women were losing their minds over this show and I know JT's popular. The one thing I did notice is, I got a lot of dirty looks from women. I felt like they were mad at me for taking seats that women should have been, you know, in.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Like, why are you here? You're taking valuable real estate from our sisters who could be here cheering on Justin Timberlake. So for the women who were upset with me for attending the show, I apologize, however wife...

Chad: My wife comes first and so do her friends, so wanted to ensure they had the opportunity to actually get a ticket to go, which is why I kept my ass at home and drank bourbon and watched t.v.

Joel: Nice save. Nice save. Nice save. The dude puts on a good show, no matter what you think about him or NSYNC, or whatever, like he can dance and sing and there's something to be said for that.

Chad: Yeah, you can't talk your way out of this one, Cheesman. Shout out to Steven Rothberg, for hooking us up with T-shirts, that say on them, "One beer please" in Portuguese, because we're going to Portugal for TAtech in Lisbon in May and Steven Rothberg, the loving listener that he is, he wanted to make sure we were hooked up and that could get beer easily. So, thank you so much Steven.

Joel: Steven is all about the love.

Chad: He's awesome.

Joel: We appreciate that. I have nothing to say about that. People send us the weirdest shit sometimes.

Chad: I love it.

Joel: Yeah. I love it.

Chad: It's a good shirt.

Joel: Thanks Steven, appreciate it. In more business angles here, XOR...

Chad: XOR.

Joel: Firing squad alumni, who's just taring it up in the chat bot space, recently got 2.25 million in seed funding so I think everyone now has officially got money that's in the chat bot space. Interesting here is SignalFire was the backing...

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Venture capital firm who was the force, I guess, behind TextRecruit...

Chad: Yes.

Joel: So, these guys obviously see some benefit there. We'll probably see a similar cash out that they enjoyed when ICIMS bought TextRecruit, but good for XOR and the team there. We'll see them soon, right? They're going to be in Nashville, I think. I think she's at the StaffingTec.

Chad: Yeah, I believe so. The one thing that I think is interesting about this is they're actually moving from Austin to San Francisco. And we're seeing a lot of reports of people moving the fuck out of California, just from an expense standpoint, not being able to find housing, all that happy horse shit that you need to actually do business. And they're moving to the Austins or even Minneapolis or what have you or Indianapolis. This was kind of a reverse engineered kind of like we're getting out of Austin and going to San Francisco, so I thought that was kind of interesting.

Joel: Yeah, my guess is SignalFire is in San Francisco...

Chad: Yeah, well, money.

Joel: And when you give people money, you kind of want them close.

Chad: Shout out to Matt O'Donnell. Apparently, he had a conversation with our friends over at Emissary, and he started the conversation this way (and this is how you should always start your conversations): "Hey, I heard you on the Chad and Chees podcast." That's how you do it, man.

Joel: I can't disagree.

Chad: That's how you do it.

Joel: Yeah, and I think we've heard more than a few stories from our sponsors about people who call in and say 'I heard about you guys on the Chad and Cheese show.' I'm not sure what that says about you as a prospect, but your money's spends just as well as everyone else's.

Chad: That's exactly right.

Joel: Shout out to HireClix.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: You guys out there sent a box of shwag.

Chad: Very nice, very nice. Want to also send out a shout out to Tarquin over at Google. He actually hooked us up with Next '19 tickets but we're not going to able to use them because we're going to be at SHRM Talent and Staffing Tech. So, big shout out, thanks Tarquin. Hopefully next year, we can get a coordination so that we're not running over these types of conferences.

Joel: Yeah, I think that was on the campus, right?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Google's campus.

Chad: Yeah, that's a big fucking conference that they have.

Joel: If we can make it next year, that would be a hell of a deal to go see


Chad: Yep, yep.

Joel: Shout out to Mike Timpken, industry vets would know Mike...

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: Shaker Recruitment Marketing, also our travel sponsor, thank you for that guys.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: Mike has been in the industry for 31 fricking years.

Chad: Holy shit.

Joel: Yeah, the dude is forgotten more than most of us know, even us old timers. Mike's always personable and friendly and has something smart to say. He's sort of like the Gerry Crispin of the agency world. So, Mike, shout out to you. Here's to 31 more years in the industry.

Chad: I hope they have an elevator. Whenever I've been to Shaker, you always take the escalator, walk up the stairs or something like that. I hope they have an elevator so that Mike's old ass can get to work and not be out of breath.

Joel: Well, knowing the sense of humor of the guys and gals at Shaker, I'm sure there were a lot of tombstones and black decorations and balloons to celebrate 31 years.

Chad: A big shout out to April Fool's Day! So, I've never actually been a participant in an April Fool's joke that was so well design and/or funded.

Pirate: Yee be poo without Talroo.

Chad: This is fucking awesome, right?

Joel: Yeah, totally, I think most of our listeners probably know what they did, they did a new segment for pirates and we had a whole segments on issues with that and challenges and highlighting it...

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And our podcasts as well as for the videos that they've done at Talroo. I don't know why more companies don't do this that have the resources to do it. We're in a very serious, sort of stodgy industry, and I think a good breath of fresh air in comedy and poking fun at ourselves is really healthy. So, I'd like to see more of this going forward, but big ups to Talroo. Not just because we were a part of it but because they sort of had the balls to be creative and get outside the box and do something funny.

Chad: They even had (and if you haven't listened to the podcast, you've got to check it out) a dialect coach that they brought in that spoke pirate.

Pirate: Yee be poo without Talroo.

Chad: And, that's all I've got for shout out.

Joel: Yeah, lets talk about events. Nashville next week. Loved the Nashville chicken, among other things there, country music and... So we'll be at SHRM Talent and StaffingTec: two big shows, quite frankly. We're getting some great content, as usual, so be on the lookout for that.

Chad: Yes, and chase us down, because we're going to be giving away free Chad and Cheese limited edition T-shirts thanks to

Joel: Now, do people have to do anything to get these shirts or just say 'love the show,' or...

Chad: Find us, ask for a T-shirt and I don't know, maybe buy us a beer. Shit, that would be great, too. But, once again, thanks to Emissary, they're the guys who made this happen. If you don't know those guys, check them out, because texting makes recruiting easier. I don't know why anybody has to say that, you should know that by now.

Joel: Yes, call Emissary if you're still emailing and in-mailing candidates.

Chad: All the pods that we bring out of SHRM Talent, those are powered by Jobcase.

Joel: Jobcase coming to bat for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: They're getting ready to drop something on this industry.

Joel: Yep, we're big fans, big fans to say the least. Tatech in Chicago event after that...

Chad: Got to be there.

Joel: We're doing recruitment marketing, which is a topic near and dear to our hearts and the panel is going to be great. Joe Shaker, there's another Cheesman on the panel, not related...

Chad: Another Cheesman.

Joel: But might as well be. Abby Cheesman from Skill Scout will be there. We got someone from, not FanDuel, but...

Chad: DraftKings.

Joel: DraftKings, right. So, that will be interesting. And who am I missing? There some...

Chad: Tom.

Joel: Tom! Tom will be there from Smashfly, so that's a start-studded panel.

Chad: Star-studded panel. And then, after that, we're actually going to be down in Austin once again for an unplugged event. Chad and Cheese... We're doing unplugged events now, guys. At Talroo, which is invitation only. So, sorry if you don't have an invitation, you can't go. And can't wait to do an unplugged event.

Joel: Lets get to the show.

Ed: This is Ed from Philly, you're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: ZipRecruiter, man, we don't hear...

Joel: Ian Siegel go talking shit on Fox News...

Chad: We don't hear anything from Ian, but, so lets go ahead and prep this first. Democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, actually said that new technologies, robots, software, AI, have already destroyed more than four million jobs in the US and in the next five to ten years, it will eliminate millions more. So, this is where Ian steps in, and what does he say?

Joel: By the way, Yang, the presidential candidate, I want to say Jerry Yang, but that's the Yahoo founder. He's in for universal basic income. This guy's pretty interesting, it'd be really cool to get him on the show and he's fringe enough that he might actually do it, but probably not.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So, anyway, Fox News brought on how algorithms and how we're recruiting and hiring and how robots are helping the hiring process and Ian's Zip's CEO and, I believe founder (I don't know if he's the founder or co-founder) he's on the show and basically and says 'We're more than just key word search we're resume, we're job,' he goes through this whole thing...

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: And then he says 'We're the smartest, we're the best algorithm out there.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Which is pretty ballsy. There's this company called Google that has a lot of smart people working on the algorithms, so to say ZipRecruiter has the best algorithm is pretty, pretty ballsy.

Chad: Quote: "It's the smartest algorithm that's ever been built.'

Joel: Thank you, that was much better than my paraphrasing.

Chad: That, to me, when I saw the quote, I'm like 'He didn't say that.' And then, no, he fucking said that. So, Zip is taking swings, which I think is awesome, even if he did just mean our segments, being the recruiting segment. Google is in the recruiting segment and they're doing candidate matching within hire, right? So, this is very interesting.

Joel: Yeah, even if he was just meaning the employment space...

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Google is now in our space.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Microsoft, LinkedIn is in our space. Facebook, all these companies in our space and to say that yours is the best algorithm out there, that's pretty ballsy, dude.

Chad: That is.

Joel: And it sounds nothing like a company that wants to go public soon.

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Chad: Well, that being said, you're talking about Facebook. Their workplace gets chat bots from Servicenow. This is a story we saw on TechCrunch. And this is all a part of Facebook's strategy to integrate more enterprise applications into workplace. In May at their FA conference, Facebook announced 52 integrations with companies like Atlassian, SurveyMonkey, HubSpot, Marketo...

Joel: Yep.

Chad: Yeah, pretty big names. And from my standpoint, this seems like really some swings at Slack, and saying 'Look, yes, we are coming into this space, we're doing it a different way and we're coming after Slacks. So we're not going to buy you, we're just going to partner and we're going to destroy you.'

Joel: And you love Teams by Microsoft, so we're doing interesting things as well. You got Facebook doing this. These guys have the money and the resources to build these kinds of partnerships and integrations.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Now, Slack, as we know, filed with the New York Stock Exchange, I believe, recently, or they announced they they'll be going on NYSE.

Chad: Direct, right?

Joel: Yeah, direct, similar to Spotify. I want to say June and July will be the months... One of those months is when they'll actually go IPO, which I'm really excited to see their reporting, their financials, and then actually going public, see what happens.

Chad: Right.

Joel: I have noticed, actually got an email basically promoting Slack for HR teams. So they are specifying HR as a market that they want to get into. And also, on the Facebook side, when you look at the screen shots of the integrations, you see actual human resources as a component of the integrations that are happening at work with Facebook or Facebook workplace.

Chad: Right, and it's interesting because Facebook then, just today was reported, they have a 'Whoops, I did it again, Brittany Spears moment.' TechCrunch reported that security researchers found 540 million Facebook user records sitting on a public-stored server. So, as we talk about all these great integrations and what not, the question is: can you trust Facebook? If you're a company who can trust Facebook, who has had all of these issues with security and data breaches and really just privacy. Is this where you want to go with your company information?

Joel: Yeah, I think Slack being a public company, depending on the breadth and size and success of what they're doing, a lot of companies will choose Slack over Facebook for privacy reasons.

Chad: Or Teams.

Joel: Or Teams, yeah, for sure. Microsoft has a pretty good track record that as well. I think staying away from the open source guys will probably be something the enterprise level companies will do. I don't think they're going to jump on board with some of the smaller guys that we've talked about on the show. But, yeah, Facebook has a real privacy issue and that's not going away. If anything, it's getting worse.

Chad: So kind of parlaying the first Facebook workplace integration into Hire by Google's integrations.

Joel: Google continues to surprise us with the incremental enhancements, partnerships, technologies that they're unveiling. And a few weeks ago, we talked about the API enhancements with Steven Rothberg and what they're doing on the job search for plugging it into other sites.

Chad: Right.

Joel: They continue to innovate with Hire by Google, their ATS product. And I know a lot of this stuff, like integrations with job boards, is pretty archaic for some people.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: It's been going on for a long time. For Google to do it, it's just another step into the world in which we live and being a major player and shows that they're listening to their clients who are saying 'Hey, you guys need to do this because everyone else does it.' What stood out to me, as well, with the integrations is Glassdoor and Indeed are both integrations. So, Indeed, who doesn't play with Google, at least here in the states, we've seen instances where over sees, like in France, you can find Indeed jobs on Google for Jobs. They're fine with getting jobs from Google, not so much putting their own jobs on Google for Jobs.

Chad: Yes, so we saw testing of Indeed actually providing jobs in Google for Jobs in France, and you know how hard it is (very spotty) to get some of those tests. So, if you are in France, or anywhere around there and you can get more screenshots, that would be awesome. Yeah, I think these Google integrations just do make sense but they're standard fare, when you get into applicant tracking systems, or even CRMs. But they are once again on the SMB kind of moving up.

Chad: So anything they do, there's going to be fan fare about, because from an SMB standpoint they don't expect much because they've been using Google fucking spreadsheets or what have you. Now, they actually get to use and applicant tracking system and it's more process-focused and getting just the standard operating procedure of what we're used to in this industry down to the little guy. But, this is, I see, starting to build a solid foundation to move toward enterprise. I don't think it's any time soon but I think it's definitely making those steps.

Joel: I think when we talked to Steven Rothberg about his relationship with Google, I was really impressed with his comments around how attentive Google is to requests and questions and just feedback from him, which I assume is happening throughout the industry as a whole. The fact that Tarquin is sending us fairly long messages about advice on how to get more out of geo targeting on the new search.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: You know, Google didn't used to do that. Google used to just put shit out in the world and you either embraced it or you didn't. This continues to show a real respect for the industry, what people want, what feedback they're getting and they're acting accordingly. To me, its a big hat tip to Google.

Chad: It was cool technology before, turning into, 'How do we make this more of a human type of an organization.'

Joel: Yeah, what else is good stuff is sponsored JobAdX.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: Let's hear a quick word from them and then we'll talk about just shooting me TikTok.

JobAdX: This is the sound of job search. This is the sound of job search defeat. Job search can be frustrating. Job seekers run into the same irrelevant ads. Page after page before they find a match. When job seekers aren't engaged, conversions are low, budgets are wasted, jobs go unfilled, no one wins. The job search doesn't have to be defeating. JobAdX's smart search exchange reference 400 data points to select the most targeted jobs and delivers what job-seekers really want to premium ad units across our network. Score! That's the sound of JobAdx's relevant results attracting a qualified candidate and filling your job faster. Find out how to improve your job advertising campaigns and increase candidate attraction and engagement by emailing us at: Join us at J-O-B-A-D-X dot com. JobAdX. Together, we can save job search.

Joel: I've been seeing a ton of ads, on Facebook for sure, for TikTok.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: For the longest time.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And they're the most appealing, interesting, eye-catching ads of young people dressed as vampires and Willy Wonka characters singing or lip-syncing to stuff and being creative. And I have fought tooth and nail to not download this fucking app, but I read a story in marketing rags about TikTok is something you have to start paying attention to and damn it, they're right. 500 million active users, so its bigger than North America. They're starting to beta test advertising options. Big brands are getting behind campaigns on this thing. I still haven't downloaded it yet because I'm an old fucker. However, you caved and you downloaded this thing so give me your two cents on the experience and sell me on how I should be the next person to download this app.

Chad: You shouldn't ever, but still, because you are an old fucker. Reading the article, I've heard about and TiKTok and then looking at Snapchat's growth, which is obviously slowing down and Instagram, they're actually seeing some growth. TikTok has been making a huge impact, in a very short amount of time, with Gen Z. And we know that LinkedIn has problems with Gen Z. It was like, I've got to really broaden up a little bit and understand more about this new app, right? And I told you, I was on the couch last night and I was on TikTok for 30 minutes because it was funny as hell.

Chad: The amount of time that some of these people actually put into these videos, the transitions, just everything that they've done, even their costumes and their... It's like 'Jesus, man, you guys put a lot of fucking time into this.' And then there are ones that are just people with their phone and just talking. Not many of them, but just boring. It was really pretty interesting, but there's no question, it was mainly Gen Z-ers. It said: 60% of total users under 30 years old and they spend an average of 52 minutes per day scrolling through videos. It's pretty addictive.

Joel: As I understand it, most people will remember Vine.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Which were six second videos, super short-form videos, which I guess worked at the time where 3G was still the main thing. And then, posted videos and they could push the screen to record and then take it off to stop so you get some really creative videos of people doing stuff. So, they're gone.

Chad: Right.

Joel: Vine is gone., which I never used was lip-syncing to music videos...

Chad: Yeah. A lot of that.

Joel: I sound really old talking about this because I never use it, never really cared. But this is sort of the bastard child of those two technologies to create short-form, musically-focused videos for the most part. Like you said, there are people lip-syncing, dancing, all that shit.

Chad: Yeah, we call this evolution, Joel, when things die off and other things crop up.

Joel: Well it sounds like we're just repackaging Vine with some music. But anyway, I knew eventually, we'd have to talk about TikTok on this show. We've done it, we'll continue to watch it for marketing opportunities. If you're recruiting through this thing, let us know your experience. But 500 million active users, this isn't going away, this is going to be something along with Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook and Twitter, soon to be Pinterest for Gods sake, who knows what else that you have to worry about to recruit and market yourself on...

Chad: On this platform, you better not be talking about your jobs. You better be incredibly creative to be able to wrap your brand around something. I don't know what the fuck it might be. Maybe, your purpose or something. But anyway, if you're going to use this and you're not authentic and you just try to use it like everything else that you do, lazily, like your fucking job descriptions, then your brand is going to take a negative hit with this group. So, again, advice: you get in there, make sure you do this shit right, you focus on your brand, you're not trying to sell shit.

Joel: Markers are going to fuck it up. They always do...

Chad: Like robocalls.

Joel: Markers are going to come on this platform, there's going to be a do-it-yourself option and you're going to get new window treatment ads on this thing and young people are going to be like 'Fuck it, I'm out of here,' and they're on to the next thing.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So getting back to the real world...

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Google (this is interesting and you'll love this from a minimum wage perspective) Google's now putting some new requirements on staffing agencies that provide contract workers for them. Google's requiring companies that provide them with temp workers to offer full benefits, including health care and a minimum wage of $15 per hour. Almost half of Google's work force consists of vendors working for third parties. Some of whom have been protesting their work conditions in recent months. Now, they'll receive the minimum wage by the end of next year and a comprehensive health care by 2022, as well as 12 weeks of paid parental leave and $5,000 of tuition reimbursement. So, the market doing well, Google coming down on these folks to make things right, and not the government.

Chad: Its optics, first off.

Joel: Oh, it's definitely optics.

Chad: There were huge protests, so let's not think this is the altruism of Google or anything like that. There was pressure put on by the people, and Google, much like Facebook, is looking to try to make these moves before regulation is put in place so that they have to do this. They see it coming. It's smart for them to make the move now, there's no question, but it's not like there wasn't any pressure out of the gate and they just woke up one morning, went 'Yeah, you know what? We should probably make sure that everybody's getting paid a fair wage, they're actually getting health benefits so they're not getting sick and they can actually get into work. And just the basic kind of things of life.' Good for you, Google, that's awesome, you saw this shit coming anyway.

Joel: Yeah, this has been coming from the likes of Walmart, Target, this trend of paying people $15 per hour, health benefits, paying for education... This is almost becoming table steaks for other companies that if they don't do it, its like 'What the hell's wrong with you?' Which, I guess is a good thing. If we're standardizing $15 an hour and health care it's probably a good thing.

Chad: It's a damned good thing. And we haven't raised the minimum wage for ten years. The only thing that I see as a draw back is you'll have politicians say 'Look, the market's doing it themselves." Yeah, totally get that, but guess what, guys? When the cycle starts to shift and there's no regulation in place that keeps these wages here... okay? Oh yeah, look, everybody's paying $15 for right fucking now they are because there is no regulation in place ensuring that those table steaks continue to be table steaks and they're not ripped off the table. So yeah, I get it, it's optics but this shit has to be put in concrete, has to be put in stone. This is not in stone.

Joel: I think it's great because it's easy to say 'Well that's the staffing agency, that's not us.' But to put them under the gun and say 'You need to do this if you want to do business with us,' I think is a great thing for Google and probably for any company as a...

Chad: Like the Federal Government does with Federal contractors. If you want to get money from the US government, if you want to get hundreds of millions of dollars, or maybe billions in some cases, you have to do this. And then there's actually an enforcement group, the OCCP, that ensures that if you're going to take our money (the tax payers money) you're going to conform to the standards.

Joel: I have no problem with that and I have no problem negotiating from that standpoint as well. Anyway, lets get a word from Canvas.

Canvas: Canvas is the worlds first text-based interviewing platform, empowering recruiters to engage, screen and coordinate logistics via text, and so much more. We keep the human (that's you) at the center, while Canvas bot is at your side adding automation to your work flow. Canvas leverages the latest in machine learning technology and how powerful integrations that help you make the most of every minute of your day. Easily amplify your employment brand with your newest culture video, or add some personality to the mix by firing of a bitmoji. We make compliance easy and are laser focused on recruiter success. Request a demo at and in 20 minutes, we'll show you how to text at the speed of talent. Get ready to text at the speed of talent.

Chad: At the speed of talent.

Joel: We need to just produce outtakes of angry old men talking about the government.

Chad: I've thought about doing that every now and again.

Joel: Yeah, the worm hole edition of the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Thank God for editing.

Chad: Chad Cheese fight, go! Ting, ting ting!

Joel: They'd be really fun with some alcohol.

Chad: Oh, Jesus.

Joel: Anyway. Let's start with Glassdoor, I put these out of place.

Chad: Okay, good.

Joel: So, Glassdoor opened in France, this is a little tidbit of news. So this puts them in San Francisco, puts them in Dublin, and London.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: So, growth continues at Glassdoor. 800 employees was last count, they've got to be over a thousand by now.

Chad: They've got a shit ton of employees for what they do.

Joel: Indeed has like 5,000, I assume they're on their way. So, anyway, oui, oui for Glassdoor, nice. We're going to be in Paris, maybe we'll go raid their offices.

Chad: We might. My question is: does Indeed have an office in France? I would say yes.

Joel: I don't know.

Chad: They're there so I would say yes.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: How's that unifying brand with Indeed prediction going for you there, Cheesman?

Joel: I'd say it's going pretty poorly at this point. However it is early...

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Joel: And I haven't done any research to see if reviews are crossing over, any of the content is crossing over...

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So that may be happening, may not. I'd say at this point, they're going to remain two brands as opposed to one and I was wrong on that prediction. It won't be the first or last time I'm wrong on a prediction.

Chad: Two brands for revenue, man.

Joel: However, Amazon is still going to swoop in and buy Slack. I'm still

holding tight on that.

Chad: And I hope they do. I just don't see...

Joel: And, it better happen soon because IPO is coming pretty soon.

Chad: Yeah, I don't see it happening because Bezos is cheap and he'd rather build his own.

Joel: Have you seen the video of the blimp with the drones coming out of it?

Chad: Yeah. You sent that to me, that's pretty fucking cool. The Amazon blimp and it has drones just kind of flying out of it.

Joel: It's cool but slightly scary at the same time. Imagine your neighborhood with an Amazon blimp flying over it and then drones flying out of this blimp, delivering packages to homes.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: It's sort of freaky.

Chad: Yeah, agreed.

Joel: But kind of cool, yeah I agree. They're definitely leap frogging over the whole USPS postal system, FedEx. They're just going to have a drone go out and deliver stuff. Pretty interesting.

Chad: It reminded me of a German zeppelin.

Joel: It was, now the thing will be how many people try to shoot down the zeppelin because we all hate progress and robots and everything else.

Chad: Not cool.

Joel: They're going to be people shoot these drones out of the sky, that's just going to happen.

Chad: Oh, that's going to happen, dude. That is going to happen. Like we were talking about the drones that deliver on the road via the sidewalk or something like that. There'll be people coming out with aluminum bats and shit like that.

Joel: Heehaw!

Chad: I'm going to see you, dude.

Joel: Here comes the blimp.

Chad: Yeah. Welcome to America.

Joel: Get the paint ball gun out. Here we go. All right, so, some lighter news, BrewDog, who we have a slight connection to, right? Our buddy in Scotland from Candidate.ID, isn't... His friend does it or he's an investor or how does that work?

Chad: I think he probably has a portion of a share or something like that.

Joel: BrewDog, making beer in Scotland, announced the addition of DeskDog in these breweries, starting in the UK. To me, this is a great idea, look, we drink coffee at Starbucks and work and we have shared work areas, why not a bar/brewery. So they have these big long tables with power outlets and WIFI and they serve coffee, you couldn't just drink beer all day. I mean you could, but you wouldn't be very productive. So they have coffee and then you get a free coupon for beer at the end of the day, which I think is genius.

Chad: Yep. Little punk IPA action. It's interesting to see a craft beer organization, first and foremost, announce a hotel. I think they're doing a hotel in Columbus, Ohio which is where their second brewery was, the first one here in the US. But this one, the actual hot desk kind of idea. It's like a WeWork scenario...

Joel: Totally.

Chad: But you go online and it's like renting a desk for seven pounds...

Joel: Seven pounds a day, you get a work space. You get a free beer with that...

Chad: And free coffee.

Joel: Beer included with that, which is nice, coffee, WIFI.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Yeah, I think its hell of a deal.

Chad: I want one in my town now.

Joel: Yeah, I agree. Sun King, if you're listening here in Indianapolis, or Tax Man or whoever's local, get your ass on this desk craze, so I can get out of the house and work from somewhere else occasionally.

Chad: And there's no patent on this shit, right? It's a desk with outlets and coffee and beer, it's not like you're going to infringe on somebody's fricking patent, so just go get it done.

Joel: It's a table with some plug-ins. It's do-able.

Chad: Next question.

Joel: I'm telling you. And we'll talk about it on the stupid show. Last, but not least, and we're going out on a high note for sure this week. Case out of Australia: some guy that worked in pretty close quarters with another guy was pretty upset about his flatulence. And it sounds like the dude was kind of a jerk... Would open up his cheeks and fart on the guy or pull my finger kind of stuff. Really ridiculous stuff.

Joel: So the guy felt bullied and it sounded like he would kind of play along because he called him Mister Stinky. And then he would shoot a water gun at him or something, so it sounds to me like they had a little fun thing going but I guess the guy wasn't that happy about it because he sued for bullying. However, it sounds like in Australia, you can fart on people and it will not be considered bullying because the case was thrown out, which really stinks for the guy who filed the lawsuit, if you know what I mean.

Chad: Stinks, yeah great. Having a small office and then having somebody come in, open the door, drop a bomb on you and then leave, that is obviously not cool but I don't know if you'd call that bullying. If you were taken to the men's room and you were given a swirly, yeah, I could definitely see that. But that's just bad pranks and stinky fun.

Joel: Just locker room humor, right?

Chad: No.

Joel: Are we out?

Chad: We out.

Ed: This is Ed from Philly, you're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

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