Niches Get Stitches

Think Google's going to have an easy time taking over the world of employment? "Well, think again," says Europe, as 23 job sites file a lawsuit against the search engine giant. What else, LinkedIn is in the news, and niche job boards may be making a comeback, assuming they can turn back the marketplace assault on all-things-employment ... even healthcare.

Enjoy and give our sponsors Sovren, JobAdx, and Canvas some love. It all happens because of them.


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Tim Sackett: Hi, I'm Tim Sackett, and you're listening to the Chad and Cheese Podcast. I'm not sure why you are, but hey, you do you.

Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinions, and loads of snark, buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: We're back, bitches. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese Podcast, HR's most dangerous, never mind the fact that the bar for danger is pretty low in HR. I'm your co-host, Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, Europe takes on Google for Jobs, good luck with that. The case for itty bitty niche job boards and why not LinkedIn, why not? Grab a cold sarsaparilla and some ding dongs, we'll be right back after this word from Canvas.

Chad: He said ding dongs.

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Joel: What's up, Chad? I missed you last week, kind of sort of.

Chad: Lies.

Joel: Some of our listeners missed us too, I think.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, they did. There's a time to step back from the mic and that was it, no question.

Joel: I agree, I agree. But the feedback was positive, so we appreciate all the listeners for the good feedback that we got.

Chad: Shout out.

Joel: Shout outs, Collin at ICIMS, I want to say back to back years being a top 50 softwares and service CEO, well done, Collin. That's great, dude.

Chad: Yeah, he's killing it. iCIMS like 13 years in a row, like Inc. Magazine or something like that, fastest growing companies. That's obviously a company to continue to watch.

Joel: Really excited about their analysts meeting this year in Scottsdale.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: That should be interesting.

Chad: Should be a blast. Stan and team over at Recruited, big shout out for you guys, sharing a hilarious video of us at RecFest. We were all amped up after being onstage, and drinking half a bottle of Jameson, and I love how the Brits highlight what idiots we are. That to me really shows here's your Chad and Cheese.

Joel: Yeah, not hard to do. Not hard to do. By the way, dude, I'm disappointed I gave you a big opening for yoga in Scottsdale and you totally missed it. I thought you were totally going to grab onto that yoga, #yoga, if you want Chad and Cheese to do a yoga session in Scottsdale.

Chad: So are you going to do it?

Joel: Well, if the people want it, I've got some legwarmers and some leotards that I could potentially wear, definitely a nice sweat band for the head, maybe some wrist weights. I could get a good look going for sure.

Chad: Now see, you always tease people but then you don't do it. There was no speedo in London, okay? So don't tease people about yoga and legwarmers if you're not going to do it.

Joel: I am a big tease, aren't I?

Chad: You are a tease.

Joel: That's bad.

Chad: And that being said, in London, another shout out to our friends at Talent Nexus. We never really did a movie review, but it's funny because the movie that they did, kind of like the short documentary, it shows that we're serious, we're passionate about what we do-

Joel: So serious.

Chad: We don't take ourselves so fucking serious. But thanks to the guys at Talent Nexus for showing us, a couple of regular guys, and that we just speak our mind, like it or not.

Joel: I didn't expect the handholding at the end to be so controversial, but there you go.

Chad: It was a Gladiator-like scene, and again, I think it's funny because all of that kind of wrapped up with passion and there's kind of tongue in cheek shit that's happening throughout the entire video, and then at the end, just kind of wraps it up like, oh, these guys aren't really that serious. Okay.

Joel: Shout out to a couple of dapper dons supporting the T-shirts on social media, Mark Feffer and Dennis Tupper.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: I'm not sure how your wives let you out of the house like that, but they did, and we appreciate the love on social media.

Chad: Shout out to Kelly and Allister over at, dude, I love it. They hooked us up with the Content app platform and what it does is it sends me articles via text, and I can share them throughout all my socials through one quick response via text message. So I don't have to go into a different platform, I don't have to do all this shit. I just set it up in Content app, and then it just automatically happens. So love it.

Joel: Chad is a sharing machine thanks to Content app.

Chad: Goddamn straight.

Joel: Whether that's a good thing or not, I'm not sure, but you are allowed to do it and that's a very cool technology.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Shout out to Katrina Collier.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: She wrote a book that you're pretty high on, you're actually making animated gifs of you reading this book, which I can't imagine a more boring animated gif, but hey, you do you, Chad.

Chad: Yes. The Robot-Proof Recruiter deserved more than just a picture. It deserved a series of pictures being animated, which is what we call a gif or what the kids call a "jiff," which I don't understand-

Ed: Yo, that jawn is so lame.

Chad: That's not how it works. Jiff is a peanut butter. Gif is a moving picture. A big shout out to Kelly Services for their You Need a New Job ad, or ads, which are all over YouTube, dude. And they're like Stupid Human Tricks meets old CareerBuilder ads, right?

Joel: Yeah, so the theme is videos on social media that are totally ridiculous and saying you should be looking for a job instead of watching this stupid video. My personal favorite is the monkey massage, which is a little bit of a play on the CareerBuilder monkey ads, kind of sort of, loosely based on that, I guess. So I'm hoping that they don't get a letter from PETA, because they are using a chimp in a commercial, which is usually anti-PETA, but they're massaging the monkey, which I'm assuming is pro-PETA. So I'm not sure where they're going to land on the PETA mark on that one. But we'll see.

Chad: You just said massaging the monkey.

Joel: I did.

Chad: Okay, so last shout out-

Joel: They're not spanking the monkey, which would definitely be anti-PETA.

Chad: Like there's anything different from ... Okay, so going onto my last shout out is to Hung Lee at Recruiting Brainfood and their podcast/Facebook Live event. We're going to be on it this week, so if you're listening now and you missed it, no worries. Just subscribe to the Recruiting Brainfood podcast, because Hung Lee. That's enough, right?

Joel: Hung is totally bottom feeding with having us on the show. I love it. I love it. Way to go, Hung.

SFX: That is one big pile of shit.

Joel: Let's get to our travel schedule.

Chad: Woo, travel sponsored by Shaker Recruitment Advertising, no, no shit, guys.

Joel: Allegedly he's talking about teasing, they're allegedly getting us Shaker suits.

Chad: Yes. We just received Shaker yetis in the mail.

Joel: I'm drinking out of mine right now.

Chad: The Shaker yeti, we've got the roll-ons, we've got the backpacks, the trucker hats, the ...

Joel: Yep.

Chad: Yeah, the only thing we need, you're right, we need Shaker Recruitment Marketing suits.

Joel: I hate suits. I don't want a suit. Give me like the tuxedo T-

shirt that's Shaker tuxedo T-shirt.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: But I don't want to wear a suit. That's your game.