Death of Video Recruiting?

Video recruiting has been touted pretty much since the dawn of the Internet. And we're still waiting for it to be the huge success it was supposed to become. No company encapsulates this more than HireVue, who was in the news this week as the boys discuss the future of video in the recruiting game.

- Is HireVue still viable?

- Workable kicks Hire by Google when they're down

- Stupid #diversity tricks

- Joblift becomes the of our industry?

Enjoy and show Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas lots of love.


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Tim Sackett: HI, I'm Tim Sackett, and you're listening to The Chad & Cheese Podcast. I'm not sure why you are, but hey, you do you.

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Joel: Are you ready for some football?

Chad: God damn right.

Joel: Welcome to the football is back, abbreviated Labor Day episode of The Chad & Cheese Podcast, HRs most concussed entertainment. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, is it time to start questioning video recruiting? Firing employees via virtual reality headsets and bots, bots, bots, and did I mention bots? Beep boop bop beep. And did I mention football is back? Stay tuned.

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Chad: Guess who we're going to see next week? That's right, Canvas.

Joel: The whole Canvas team.

Chad: That's right. Jobvite, a little Recruiter Nation Live.

Joel: Recruiter Nation Live. We're going to corner Aman Brar, and get his fantasy picks. I mean, get his take-aways on the industry, and where Jobvite is going under his leadership. Sorry man, I was in two drafts last night, simultaneously, so I'm still a little bit Fantasied out.

Chad: It is so smart to wait this long to actually do your draft picks, because those of you who actually drafted before Luck, obviously, retired. Or, most of those others who actually tore ACLs and whatnot, I mean, that's kind of the bitch, right?

Joel: Yeah. On the flip side, ZEKE signs the biggest contract in running-back history.

Chad: Yup. ZEKE.

Joel: That happened yesterday. So if you were drafting, that was kind of nice to know that he'd actually be suiting up in week one.

Chad: I have actually paired it down to just one. I usually do three or four, but this year I've paired it down to one,-

Joel: Cool.

Chad: ... because I'm busy doing this Podcast thing. You know?

Joel: Loser. I'm in two. We'd actually discussed a Chad & Cheese Fantasy, which we'll have to revisit that next season, I guess.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And, believe it or not, the Browns have some hype and might actually be good this year.

Chad: Oh, whatever.

Joel: SO, I'm pretty excited.

Chad: Yeah, no It would be good to see the Browns do well, for once, in a very long time.

Joel: I know, right?

Chad: So, back from Sweden. We're back from the robes, slippers, bikes, and swimming in cold water with your ancestors. That was a blast.

Joel: That was a blast. So, we had a list of things we wanted to do. I don't think we realized we were going to be in sort of a resort area.

Chad: Right.

Joel: But we swam in the North Sea, which technically was Kattegat.

Chad: Kattegat, yeah.

Joel: If you watch Vikings, it was extra cool because that's the name of a town that they live in, in Vikings.

Chad: Yeah. Right in that area, man.

Joel: Robes everywhere, super rich people vacation there. I mean, it the whole European Scandinavian experience. I was stupid enough to agree to eat this-

Chad: Surströmming.

Joel: ... horrid fish. It's Surströmming. It's rotting fish, basically. I assume with the cold winters, they had to figure out a way to preserve fish just long enough.

Chad: That's not how you do it, by the way. Yeah.

Joel: You smelled it.

Chad: Yes. Yes.

Joel: Underwater, it was horrible.

Chad: Oh, it was ridiculous.

Joel: So what you have to do with this thing is, it's in this tin that looks like it's from the Civil War, and you open it under a bucket of water, so all the nasty...

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Then you take... We actually got the whole fish, it wasn't the filet of fish. So, I appreciate Elin and her team making sure that we had the actual full fish to deal with. So then, you throw the fish in another bucket and then, you pour water on that. Then you cut this fish up, without throwing up, if you can help it, because you're still smelling this horrible, horrible stench.

Chad: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Joel: Then you cut up this fish that's sort of slimy and boney, and then you put it on a cracker with cheese and whatever else-

Chad: [crosstalk 00:05:22], yeah.

Joel: ... was on it. Then you eat it. And as only two people ate it,

me and another woman from-

Chad: Madeline.

Joel: And most of the Swedes had never tried this stuff. So, I feel like I get major points in the Scandinavian area, for being an American, coming there and doing that. But I will say that there wasn't enough TUMS in my room to extinguish the stank.

Chad: It stank. Dude, it stank. It was a level-

Joel: Yeah, it's-

Chad: ... of stank that I have... And I've lived in Third World countries, people. But we'll spare you, because we have a video that will be coming out, with Joel in his white robe, eating the Surströmming.

Joel: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad: That, to me, that was classic, and it was horrible all at the same time. But tell us about the '90's party, because that, that was a blast.

Joel: The '90's party. So, if you've never been to Sweden or know any Swedes, they're some of the most polite-

Chad: Quiet, yeah.

Joel: ... sort of reserved people. Which is very unlike Americans, who love talking and talking over each other. So, we have this '90's dance party, I'm in basically clothes that I actually owned in the '90's. An Oasis T-shirt and a Grunge-style flannel. You're in sort of a Beastie Boy-inspired outfit.,-

Chad: Yup.

Joel: ... and Julie looked like the lost Spice Girl, kind of, your wife. So, the beat start, right? This is some Euro-Electro dance party thing.

Chad: It was like Eastern Bloc shit, is what it was.