LinkedIn Suffers Legal Smackdown

You heard it first on The Shred, and the boys go deep into the legal case pitting hiQ against 800-lb. gorilla LinkedIn that's left LinkedIn licking its wounds. What's more, McDonald's is making acquisitions that will impact workers while Walmart is working to employ teens while California says Uber drivers aren't contract workers anymore. Oh, and Trump is reportedly launching a Facebook-killer.

- HiQ FTW over LinkedIn

- McDonald's gets auto wit it

- Cali gets giggy wit it

- Walmart goes teeny and payday loans WTAF? - Trump social network will divide and possibly conquer?

Enjoy and pay respect to the sponsors that make it all happen: Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas.


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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark, buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Aw, yeah. Time for another show, another podcast. It's the jet lagged edition of the Chad and Cheese Podcast, HR's most dangerous. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad "Delta Lounge" Sowash.

Joel: On this week's episode, LinkedIn feels the agony of defeat, McDonald's embraces AI, and California says gig workers are more full-time employee than contractor. Get ready to party like HiQ's legal team, we'll be right back after a word from Canvas.

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Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: Great seeing the Canvas crew this week.

Chad: That's right. Amber, she was on stage all week, and she was just on stage here at Chad and Cheese.

Joel: Dude, Amber's a rockstar, man.

Chad: She is.

Joel: She's introducing Soledad O'Brien, she's introducing delegates from whatever. I don't know who the guests were.

Chad: I don't know.

Joel: She's a pro now, man. She's all growed up.

Chad: She's all growed up. She's killing it. And Jobvite overall, we had a great time in San Francisco. Yeah, had to stay for a little-

Joel: Totally blast.

Chad: ... Soledad, but a lot of great information going on. We got some interviews that are going to be popping out here in the next few weeks, but yeah, no, man, we had a blast.

Joel: Yeah, for sure. Go check out #RNL19 for photos, updates, and highlights from the show.

Chad: Yeah. And while we were there, shout out to Jonathan Duarte for bringing us beer. Local beer. And Giants tickets, baby, and we're not just talking about any Giants tickets, we're talking about on the fucking field Giants tickets. That was good shit.

Joel: We're talking third row. Now granted, they're not very good and it's towards the end of the season and tickets are pretty readily available, but still-

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Third row is still third row, so Jonathan, major shout out. And it's always nice to be out of the Bay winds that come up when you sit higher up in the stadium, which I have definitely done before.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: Down by the field is much warmer.

Chad: Yeah, yeah. Well, also shout out to Anthony Garcia, founder of HMFIC over at Purepost. He joined us, starting to work a little bit with the guys at Purepost, it's a translating platform for veterans, and I've been one of the biggest assholes when it comes to a lot of these crosswalks and shit because I actually hit one once, and I said, "The only way this shit's going to get done the right way is if you build it from the ground up," and these guys actually built it from the ground up, and I knew it was legit when I was introduced to these guys by Google. Google reached out to me and said-

Joel: Nice.

Chad: ... "Chad, you guys, you know some things about this. Why don't you hook up with these guys? Because I think it's a good marriage." So they're legit and they're doing it the right way, but they're in total startup mode and it was great to finally meet him face to face.

Joel: Now is HMFIC actually on his LinkedIn profile, or is that just something that's special to you guys?

Chad: If it's not, I should be. Head motherfucker in charge should always be-

Joel: It sure as hell should be.

Chad: Yeah, wow.

Joel: Shout out to Mason Wan, long-time listener, fan of the show, fan of all things what we're doing, got to connect with him at Recruiter National Live. He's now at Lyft making miracles happen at the ride-sharing service, and I sat down with him for an interview, so double shout out for seeing him as well as sitting down for an interview. Be excited for that to drop here hopefully in the near future.

Chad: Good stuff.

Joel: Good dude. Good people.

Chad: Shout out to Nathan Perrott over at AIA. Dude needs to eat a fucking cheeseburger. I sent him a medium Chad and Cheese T-shirt-

Joel: That's a medium?

Chad: That's a medium, and the dude had to wear a shirt underneath it, so Nathan, you know you're not like 6'2 or anything like that, but still, dude, eat a fucking cheeseburger.

Joel: Dude, we're going to have to start getting shirts from Baby GAP if that thing's a medium. Good lord.

Chad: As we're talking about some really good shit, some social media sharing shit, Recruitics plus KRT equals hold my beer. We did that podcast-

Joel: Fucking brilliant.

Chad: ... a little while ago, and then these guys took that shit and ran. They actually created a logo, a hold my beer logo, and they sent us pictures of Josh and Mona, and then there's another picture of a bunch of employees on a boat with the Statue of Liberty behind them, and they all had hold my beer koozies and they were KRT and Recruitics. It was awesome.

Joel: Now built some context around this. This was born out of our show.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And when they made the acquisition to Recruitics, your comment, I'm giving you full credit, was "Hold my beer." I think you social media'd that shit, and they grabbed onto it and got fucking koozies and the whole staff is touring, I guess, New York City or something with these koozies, and it's fucking ... It's like game over-

SFX: That's it, man. Game over, man. Game over.

Joel: ... for any other company to give us props for our show. That was fucking awesome.

Chad: This is how ... We always talk about Tengai and some of these other companies who listen to us, and they troll us or they use our shit, this is how you do it. Just have fun with this shit. Quit being so stuffy.

Joel: Get a koozie, goddammit.

Chad: Get a goddamn koozie. My last shout out is, you're going to love this one, this is fucking hilarious, John Thurman saw one of those food delivery robots on a sidewalk delivering in George Mason University and he shared it on Twitter.

Joel: That is awesome.

Chad: Yeah, because we were talking about how they were deploying them at Purdue, and now we see they're at George Mason, so man, that is freaking hilarious.

Joel: I just want to know if this was before he took an aluminum bat to the moving cooler, or spray painted it with a penis or something, because that's going to happen.

Chad: Maybe. I'm telling you right now, buy stock in aluminum bats.

Joel: Well, let's get to our travel schedule before we get to the news.

Chad: Oh, real quick, we had a question from a listener.

Joel: Oh, yeah.

Chad: So a listener-

Joel: Oh, okay.

Chad: ... actually asked, because of Appcast and their purchase, or they were purchased by StepStone, they didn't believe that Appcast was still doing distribution to Indeed, and that is wrong from all accounts that we know, that's a big no. Appcast is still working with Indeed, so if you've heard rumors out there, is that long-term plan, who knows? But right as of now, all indications that we have is that there's no question, Appcast is still working with Indeed. It would make no sense for them to cut that line of partnership off right now.

Joel: And not that making sense ever made sense in our industry, but yeah, cutting off Indeed from Appcast would be a really bad decision by Appcast, so I don't think that's happening. Travel schedule.

Chad: Sponsored by Shaker Recruitment Marketing.

Joel: That's right, powered by Shaker Recruitment Marketing.

Chad: Powered by. So TAtech in late September, we've got about a week and a half until we go down to Austin for Death Match. We're really excited about Death Match. Who's on the schedule there for Death Match?

Joel: Oh, man, we're talking Pez, not the candy.


Joel: We're talking Seekout, we're talking Seekout with founder Anoop, former direct-

Chad: Advisor.

Joel: Bill gates, we're talking

Chad: Yep.

Joel: And their crypto blockchain credit card haven startup stuff, and then we've got ... Who am I missing?

Chad: Ass is first.

Joel: AssessFirst, French company, whose founder is incredibly animated.

Chad: Good.

Joel: So getting him onstage is going to be a trip, for sure. And I've just ordered the hardware for the winner, which I don't think we've revealed yet.

Chad: No.

Joel: But pretty excited about the winning hardware that the company will receive for being champion.

Chad: Yes, said trophy. And all of this brought to you by, get ready, step back-

Joel: I'm ready.

Chad: Alexander Mann Solutions. That's right.

Joel: Woo.

Chad: This is the Chad Cheese TAtech joint, but this baby is fueled by Alexander Mann.

Joel: I think it's worth talking about the judges if you're talking Quincy-

Chad: Oh, fuck yeah.

Joel: Cindy from Talroo, we just added Robert from Sovren, president, CEO. It's a star-studded cast, not only on t