HackerRank, LinkedIn add Buffalo Wings

RECORDED LIVE from the 4th Street Bar in Columbus, IN.

Joel gnaws on tasty 4th Street buffalo wings while Chad drinks a 4 Day Ray and they talk:

- HackerRank playing it smart with LinkedIn

- Jobiqo finds them a sugar daddy

- Recruit Holdings believes in Blockchain

- Talenya joins the "bot craze"

- The Irish & Techfynder are Comin' to America

- Joel blames millennials, while Chad blames robots

...and more on this weeks episode of The Chad and Cheese.

Brought to you by those lovely people from JobAdX, Sovren, and Canvas. BIG APPLAUSE!


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Jim Stroud: Jim Stroud here, and you are listening to my favorite podcast. I listen to it every day, it's amazing, it's wonderful, it's... okay, help me out. Who are you guys again?

Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: All right, recording and ready when you are.

Joel: Finishing my celery stick here.

Chad: That makes you feel good.

Joel: These are some monster, steroid, Columbus, Indiana chicken wings man.

Chad: Oh, yeah. We don't do shit wrong.

Joel: This is like ostrich wings.

Chad: Yeah, we do it right here in Columbus, Indiana.

Joel: Obviously. All right.

Chad: Other than Mike Pence.

Joel: All right. Here's the intro. Ready? You should throw in that first part. Anyway, what's up Chad bots and Cheese heads? I just made that up.

Chad: That's pretty good, I like it.

Joel: We're recording from a bar in Columbus, Indiana today, so that means the WiFi is sparse but at least the beer is cold and the wings are hot. I'm your cohost, Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Four-Day-Ray-Beer-In-My-Hand Sowash.

Joel: I like it. On this weeks show, HackerRank gets LinkedIn, that's a verb and a noun, boys and girls. Jobiqo gets paid and it's all the millennials fault. Obvi. Grab a local brew and join us for some podcasting goodness. We'll be right back.

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Chad: And we're back.

Joel: And we're back.

Chad: I love it, I love it. So NCAA football, I've got to start off with this. Sackett is still in the fetal position, over in the corner after the Buckeyes whipped the shit out of Sparty, dude.

Joel: I totally missed giving him shit for that. I totally spaced.

Chad: That's why we have a podcast, so we can do it here together with


Joel: A podcast.

Chad: Podcast.

Joel: That's all right, we'll be routing for them against Michigan here soon.

Chad: Yeah, no, I mean, either way it's good because we're going to beat both of them. Also, last weekend Iowa played the team up north, so I texted Adam Godson from Cielo, the tech god over at Cielo, and I'm like, "Dude, are you glued to the TV?"

Chad: And he was like, "No, I'm not quite glued to the TV." And he sent me pictures from the fourth row in the big house. He was at the game with the family fourth row, in the big house.

Joel: Fourth row? There's like a million rows in that stadium.

Chad: Yeah, no, he was like on a the field, dude. That was good shit. But it was hilarious because I just texted him, he's a Hawkeye fan, you know, "What are you doing Hawkeye fan?" It was a boring ass game so hopefully they had a good experience.

Joel: It was close at least.

Chad: Close but boring as fuck.

Joel: Boring as hell.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Good old-fashioned defensive battle.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Big time.

Chad: Ready for shout outs?

Joel: We're ready for shout outs, I guess.

Chad: So the very first shout out has to go to my daughter, Ema-

Joel: Nice.

Chad: Who is turning 18 and she has the best birthday ever. It is binary and it symmetrical. It is October 11, 2001. Which is 10, 1-1, 01. Amazing. Happy Birthday, Ema. She's going to be enjoying her new super Beetle, or Beetle, I'm sorry. Beetle Turbo-

Joel: That is kind of a super Beetle. I've driven in it. The tinted windows are nice.

Chad: Yeah, it is the mac daddy of all Beetles.

Joel: If she wants a career in drug dealing, she can do it.

Chad: We don't need that, thanks. We don't need that. So happy birthday, Ema.

Joel: I'm going to give a shout out to our buddies at Candidate.ID for giving you a shirt and neglecting to give me a shirt.

Chad: Oh, you didn't get one?

Joel: That's some bullshit.

Chad: Oh, well it's a hoodie.

Joel: I have to attribute it to my golf clap that I gave Gordon in their firing squad debut. Yeah, thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Chad: Not to mention, I am now an investor from the whole crowdfunding thing. So not only did I give them the big applause, I also gave them money because I believe in the organization. So of anybody hears me talking good about Candidate.ID, I mean, let's just be transparent-

Joel: Full transparency.

Chad: I want them to do incredibly well. Let's talk about that.

Joel: Now, the shirt wasn't in response to being an investor.

Chad: No.

Joel: Okay. All right.

Chad: It was in response to-

Joel: For being Chad Sowash.

Chad: Meeting Tim Sackett. Actually had this fishing vest thing that he had on during HR tech that had a Candidate.ID patch on it and I was making fun of him and then a few days later I get a hoodie in the mail. So that's how we do things. We talk about beer, we talk about swag, and it comes in the mail. Big shout out to Zach Jeans, VP of marketing from AbsenceSoft. Believe it or not, that is his name, Zach Jeans. He was really geeked out to meet us in Vegas.