Chatbot Queen Talks Whitespace

Quincy Valencia (aka Queen of the Chatbots) joins the menz to talk chatbots, programmatic and industry whitespace. Whitespace? WTF is WHITESPACE?

Gotta listen to find out...

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Chad: Now, on today's Chad and Cheese, we have, once again, we've actually ran into Quincy Valencia. And you will remember, she is also known as queen of the Chatbots. Hello, Quincy.

Quincy Valencia: You mean, hello, your highness.

Chad: I mean, yes.

Quincy Valencia: Hello.

Chad: Sorry.

Quincy Valencia: Nice to be back.

Chad: Good to have.

Quincy Valencia: Good to be here.

Joel: Great interview that we did with Quincy not too long ago.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: It's been a while. It's a must listen for anyone who cares about Chatbots in our space.

Quincy Valencia: Well, I appreciate that. It was good. It was a lot of fun.

Joel: Was it?

Quincy Valencia: There's so much new and exciting-

Joel: So much fun.

Quincy Valencia: So many new and exciting things and the field.

Chad: It's hilarious because I've known Quincy for over 15 years and I haven't seen her smile this much.

Joel: And she is still talking to you, oddly enough.

Chad: Yeah, I know, right? That's because I keep sneaking back in.

Joel: Have you had a psychological evaluation at any point in the last-

Quincy Valencia: I refuse to disclose.

Joel: Okay. Good enough. Enough said.

Chad: So, let's go right into it. So, there was this little Chatbot in Canada.

Quincy Valencia: There was.

Chad: The porridge was kind of warm. So, you guys went for it?

Quincy Valencia: Yeah, we did.

Chad: Karen.

Quincy Valencia: Karen HR, Karen.AI out of Toronto was a great company. It was at the right space at the right time. As we at Alexander Mann are looking to expand upon the services and products that we offer in the industry, it was a perfect time. We were working with the Karen folks and some of our existing clients. And we thought, you know what? Now is a really good time to explore what else they have to offer that will help us augment and propel us into the next phase as an organization with Alexander Mann. So, really, really lucky to be working with those guys. Incredibly smart people. The co-founders, David Vradenberg, and Noel Webb, and a few of their other people came over and we couldn't be happier. It's a perfect fit. I'm really excited to see what we're doing with them now and what's going to be coming up soon.

Joel: So, Canadian means it's also French compatible.

Quincy Valencia: Sure.

Joel: Oui?

Chad: Oui. French Canadian, which is entirely different.

Joel: What is your title now?

Quincy Valencia: VP of product innovation.

Chad: VP of product-

Quincy Valencia: So, we're the cool kids. Everybody at AMS is cool.

Joel: That's why you have the ripped jeans on.

Quincy Valencia: That's right. I've ripped jeans, and boots, and tattoos showing right now.

Joel: Yep. Yep.

Quincy Valencia: That's the cool kid division. It's the prerequisite for working there.

Joel: You have the uniform.

Quincy Valencia: That's right. I do. It's true.

Chad: Okay, so the Chatbot thing, you dove deep into Chatbots for a while.

Quincy Valencia: Yep.

Chad: You were looking at every Chatbot you can find out there. But that's not your only jam.

Quincy Valencia: It's not.

Chad: Right? So, what is that jam? I know you love technology and you've loved technology forever. Right now, this is a very exciting time in our industry. What excites you more than a Chatbot?

Quincy Valencia: The white space, frankly. So, we're seeing it here.

Chad: What?

Quincy Valencia: All the white space.

Joel: That sounds racist.

Quincy Valencia: That's out there.

Chad: The white space. Why does it got to be white?

Quincy Valencia: Come on, man. No, there's so much space out there. There's so much innovation right now in our industry at large.

Chad: Yeah.

Quincy Valencia: And great point solutions out there. If you want a point solution for automated sourcing, you can find it.

Chad: Yeah.