Plump Acquisitions

Gobble! Gobble, fellow Americans! Queue the tryptophan, it's turkey time and you're hopefully enjoying The Chad & Cheese Podcast with a glass of your favorite beer, wine or mead.

On this thankful episode, JZ lands a new gig, ClickIQ is hiding something (probably in their comfy pants) and Cielo enjoys a Visage. Whether your prefer pumpkin or pecan, you're gonna love this week's show.

  • Clinch Acquisition

  • Symphony Tech Group sells off First Advantage

  • Cielo Invests in Sourcing Platform Visage

  • ClickIQ is Hiding Something

  • J.Z. and Birch Are On-The-Move

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Intro: Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Oh yeah. Gobble, gobble fellow Americans. Que the trip to fan. It's Turkey time and your hopefully enjoying the Chad and Cheese Podcast with a glass of your favorite beer, wine or in Chad's case mead, on this thankful episode Jay-Z lands a new gig, ClickIQ is hiding something, probably in their comfy pants, and we call out this year's biggest Turkey. Whether you prefer pumpkin or pecan, you're going to love this week show. We'll be right back after we pay a few bills. Don't push fast forward Adam Gordon.

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Chad: Oh Yeah.

Joel: Oh yeah. How do we have this much news on a holiday week?

Chad: I don't know, but I am fucking stoked. I am stoked.

Joel: Let's get through the shout outs and, and get to the meat or the Turkey, if you will [crosstalk 00:02:30] of the podcast.

Chad: You got it.

Chad: So the first shout out goes to Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit for reminding us.

Joel: What?

Chad: with their song, "My generation", that Xers had to wade through the same bullshit Millennials and Zs had to face. It was funny cause I was listening to XM radio this week and that song popped up and I'm like, oh fuck yeah, it was like 20 years ago or something like that. Like, oh yeah, I forgot, they called us fucking slackers. They called us, you know, those guys who have no drive and shit like that. It's like this fucking cycle, right? So I don't like Fred Durst, never have, but shout out to Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit for reminding us all, that this is just a cycle of bullshit that everybody has to go through.

Joel: Because we all do it for the nooky, everybody. Shout out to Mason


Chad: Happy Birthday!

Joel: A big time fan of the show. He's celebrating a birthday this week, so lots to be thankful for there. Mason, happy birthday buddy, shout out.

Chad: Next time we see a lap dance on Joel. Okay.

Joel: Oh God, does Mason do that? I don't see him as that type of guy but maybe?

Chad: Well, if he's hanging out with us, it's going to have to happen.

Joel: Is the Wong going to hang out with us? Sorry, I couldn't resist that one. Sorry.

Chad: You've been Wonged. Shout out to Adam Gordon for dropping Clippy into the shareholder meeting webinar this week. I thought that was the funniest fucking thing ever. Remember Clippy? Microsoft's little animated kind of like help bot?

Joel: Yeah, we're both old enough to remember Clippy. Although, I'm not sure all of his investors do.

Chad: No. So we dropped that and Adam Godson, he actually shared on LinkedIn what Clippy actually is. For all of those who didn't have the pleasure of meeting Clippy before Microsoft killed that little bastard.

Joel: Nice. So give us some context here. There was a shareholder meeting, I guess from this crowd sourced investment. So I wasn't there but you were. So what happened?

Chad: Yeah, I was. I'm one of the guys, like I said, when it started happening I was like, fuck this, I'm in right.

Joel: Yep.

Chad: So I'm a shareholder. I was also one of the speakers, and Adam was talking about really being able to have a system that would nurture but to be able to do it in more of like an automated fashion. We were talking about how that would happen? Would there be recipes that would already be set up for these marketing campaigns and whatnot? He said, "well yes to an extent, but there were also going to have like this little Clippy Bot that's going to help people through." So that's where Clippy came in.

Joel: You spoke at this meeting?

SFX: That is one big pile of shit.

Joel: I'm going to give a shout out to Chris Russell.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: His daughter was apparently in a big accident, but no one was hurt. [crosstalk 00:05:21].

Chad: Wow!

Joel: He shared a picture of the carnage, quite a miracle that no one was hurt. But, I'm sure he has something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. So Chris a shout out to you buddy. Glad everyone's okay.

Chad: Yeah, love you man. Shout out to Tarquin Clark, our friend over at Google for flaming ERE on Twitter this week and their unsubscribe process. Dude.

SFX: That is one big pile of shit.

Chad: That's exactly right. So here's Tarquin's Tweet. "Dear ERE, you're missing the point on what unsubscribe means." He actually showed a screenshot of an email that he received after he unsubscribed, to take a survey.

Joel: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Chad: ERE the early 2000 called. They want their unsubscribed policy back.

Joel: Yeah. If you get called out by someone at a big company, who has like PR people, that hope you don't do stuff like that. Like that's kind of bad. So yeah. Tarquin man, big pair of balls on you buddy.

Chad: Nice.

Joel: I'm going to give an unashamed shout out to our sponsors. Since it is Thanksgiving. Uh, we don't exist without you. So I won't get into all the names, you can check them all out at Chad Cheese. But certainly here on the weekly podcast, Sovren, Canvas, JobAdX, We appreciate you and shout out to you. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at those companies.

Chad: That's right check them out at

Joel: Dot com.

Chad: Dot com.

Joel: Got to work on that. .io, .ai.

Chad: No. Shout out. Quick list here. Shout out to Jasmine Mijuskovic. Misjuskovic.

Joel: Easy for you to say.

Chad: Misjuskovic. There it is.

Joel: Mi-Juice. Juicy.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: The juice.

Chad: She's in employment brand over at Public Supermarkets. Tom Kenyon at Allegis. Alastair Shirmer at Live Hire. Aaron Dragushaun at Happy Monday. If that's not his name, Dragon-Shaun. He should definitely change it to that. Yeah, I would change my name to that. Aaron. I would do that. Ben Gledhill at Yodel who gave us a shout out on the Pods that he listens to, we were obviously listed, and Ben, I'm sure you know, we're a sucker for lists. So thanks for the shout out man.

Joel: That's right. You call me Dragon, I'll call you Nighthawk. Stepbrothers reference. My last shout out and I'm sure you agree, is to the Ohio State, Buckeyes. In addition to this being Thanks Giving, it's also a heavy American Football week and the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry kicking off Saturday at noon.

Chad: Beat that team up North.

Joel: Yeah, it's on bitches.

Chad: Beat that team up North and beat them bad. My last shout out goes to one of our sponsors, we don't talk about that much and we should, Disability Solutions for supporting the transcription of the lion's share of our podcasts. It just blows my mind how many people say they are actually use the transcriptions in either reading through why they're listening, or just scanning through just the text itself, or because of SEO, go figure. They want to be able to find podcasts quickly so they just go to Google, put in Chad Cheese and then whatever the topic is or whatever product is or the actual vendor name and it zips them right to one of our podcasts. Thanks again to Disability Solutions for that.

Joel: Yeah. Essentially they are our search marketing solution. Although they're our sponsor and, you're right, people will search Chad Cheese and then a company name to see what we've said about them. So it's a great resource to the community that those guys helped sponsor. So yeah, I echo that shout out.