Coronavirus Block Party

It's a party and nobody is invited - STAY HOME & LISTEN!


How are ZipRecruiter and Indeed adapting to the ever-evolving employment landscape during coronavirus?


- Mya gets more cash!?!

- Amazon & Kroger become our crisis backbone

- LinkedIn releases something to piss users off

and WTF is HiringSolved doing with Seriously?

We're confused, which will sound familiar to our listeners anyway.

Wash your hands and enjoy this break from the dire, powered by Canvas, Sovren, and JobAdx.


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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad and Joel are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel : Oh, yeah. Practicing social distancing since 2017. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese Podcast, HR's most disinfected weekly round-up of the industry. I'm your co-host Joel germaphobe .

Chad : I'm Chad give me some of that sanitizer .

Joel : I love it. On this week show, yep, it's still corona time. Zip and Indeed are coping in their own special ways. Mya gets paid and eQUEST makes, God help us, a marky mark reference. I'm feeling the vibration. So that must mean it's time for a word from one of our sponsors. We'll be back. Yo, where's the Purell?

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Joel : You're still alive, Chad?

Chad : Yeah, I'm here. I'm here.

Joel : Good. Are you fevering?

Chad : No, I am not. Although, I now want to go out and get one of those thermometers that actually have an app that are associated to it because they're starting to use that to look for hot spots throughout the US. I thought that was fucking cool.

Joel : Nice, nice. I'm curious, what's your home office work set up with the family and other members? What's the layout?

Chad : It's a little easier for me because first off, I have kids that can go do their own thing. We have a downstairs. We have about a 4,000 square foot house. So I have my own office. Julie has her own office and we can go pretty much wherever we want. I mean we're pretty lucky in that respect. We don't have little kids running around all over the place.

Joel : Right. So you got Tristan at home. Is he at school or at home full time?

Chad : Yeah.

Joel : Does he have swim practice? What's that look like?

Chad : Yeah, no. All of that's called off, school won't happen, I would say probably, they're saying through the end of March, but I'm going to say probably through mid April at best.

Joel : Yeah, we just got the alert that May 2nd I think was the extension date from April 2nd. So is Kennedy, your college student, is she at home or what's she doing?

Chad : She's not and she will be home on Sunday, so they're actually kicking them out. They were

doing online courses there and she lives in the sorority. But they're like, "Everybody go home." So she's going to be on her way home on Sunday.

Joel : Get the hell out.

Chad : Yeah.

Joel : Yeah. I've got a ... So, my wife is a college professor, which means I have about three monitors at a makeshift desk upstairs in our loft area, and a nice addition, a 3D printer that she's brought home from the research lab. So, all kinds of fun I could have with a 3D printer. I'll keep you updated. And then of course we have a three year old who's pretty much just everywhere and it's hard to get shit done. And I know it's been a real hassle on our scheduling of podcasts, but unfortunately that's just the state of the world when it's corona time baby.

Chad : Let that little guy just be another co-host, bring him right on.

Joel : Well, the good news is he's three so he can at least talk and not stick his fingers in light sockets and pull the dog's tail and stuff like that. So, he's in much less danger than he would've been a year ago.

Chad : He's doing much better than you because you still have problems with those things.

Joel : Yeah, I still have problems going upstairs and pull the dog's tail. I know, I've got issues too.

Chad : All right. Let's get out the shout-outs.

Joel : Shout-outs.

Chad : Right out of the gate. Again, this is kind of coronavirus time. I want to give big shout-out to the parent company of Louis Vuitton. That company has converted three of its perfume and makeup factories into hand sanitizer manufacturers. It says it could produce twelve tons as soon as this week. All of it will be given free of charge to French health authorities who will in turn distribute it to 39 public hospitals in Paris. That is amazing.

Chad : And anybody who loved Louis Vuitton before are going to obviously be more indebted to that brand. Much like a not so well known brand called Bendt Distilleries, Lewisville, Texas. They shut down their distillery tours and tasting because of all the coronavirus concerns. But now instead of using the mixture, like their potent mixture to wash things around the distillery, which makes sense, they're turning that into hand sanitizers, which also keeps their people doing something and purpose-driven. So again, Louis Vuitton, Bendt Distilleries, right out of the gate, this is the kind of thing that community needs and just big shout-out, big applause to those guys.

Joel : Yeah. Love how corporate America and corporations all around the world are stepping up. Little known fact about Chad, he owns a pair of leather Louis Vuitton pants, which he rarely wears, but it's worth noting. Also, don't forget Elon Musk and Tesla who have offered their warehouses to make ventilators if necessary for hospitals around the country. And Google, who was caught off guard by our president, Donald Trump, that they were building a website for coronavirus when there had never been a conversation that took place. But Google, the good spot, they're making a website per Donald Trump's orders, good for them, we appreciate that.

Chad : It's making shit up out of thin air. It would be nice though if with all these offers if we just said, "Go do it." Yeah, we do need ventilators, that's going to happen. Do we care if we have a surplus? No. Go fucking make them.

Joel : Also it's great to see Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba over in China. He tweeted this week that a million some tests were coming over to the US from China and said, "Good luck. Good luck to our American friends." So it was a nice bit of diplomacy by Jack Ma, I think that was really worth noting, shoutout.

Chad : Yeah. And also hospital face masks, which we need. Protective gear, which we need as well. Moving onto the next shout-out, we were tagged in a tweet by, or actually a retweet by Bear Recruitment. So here's what the tweets said, and this is very specific to I believe what we're going to see more of, "For my next job interview, I'm going to ask my future employer, what are the things you've done for your employees during the COVID-19 community quarantine?"

SFX: Hell yeah.

Joel : Love to hear some of those answers.

Chad : Yeah, I know, right? So if you're a company like Louis Vuitton or Bendt Distilling, then I mean, you have a great story, not just from a consumer standpoint.

Joel : Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. Another corporate shout-out, Starbucks introduced mental health support benefit for their workers. I thought that was a nice step forward in the right direction.