Aliens, Strippers, & Microsoft

Time to Consider Strippers as Essential Workers?

Thirty million Americans have filed for unemployment since the country's been in lockdown. So how's your week going?

The boys continue to cover all the recruiting news that matters, including: - Layoffs at Jobvite

- Google and Facebook start paying for content - Microsoft Teams killing it - Amazon still behaving badly - and even drive-thru strip clubs.

Oh, and UFOs ... not employment-related, but quarantine means we just don't care anymore.

Enjoy this week's show, brought to you by JobAdx, Sovren, and Canvas.


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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: All right. All right. All right, everybody. Unemployment claims top 30 million in the US this week. So how are things with you? Welcome to The Chad and Cheese podcast, my quarantine friends, I'm your cohost, Joel, Stir crazy, it's not just a movie starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, Cheeseman.

Chad: And I'm Chad, I am sick of this shit, Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, more industry layoffs.

SFX: Layoffs?

Joel: Amazon keeps sticking it to the working folks, and drive-through strip clubs. Yeah, you heard that right.

Chad: Excuse me.

Joel: Stick around to find out more after this word from our sponsor.

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Chad: You know who is texting at the speed of talent? Everybody who was in the NFL draft, all those guys had their phones all up in their mugs.

Joel: What a weird viewing situation. I was watching with my dad who's in Austin

Chad: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Joel: He knew it before I heard it. I had to tell my dad, "Just shut the hell up for 15 seconds after you know who it is." And then you could tell that the players didn't know when they announced it to the world because they had a time, little lapse there. It was just a weird thing, I didn't like it too much.

Chad: Yeah. No, it was weird. Let's just put it that way. And they, apparently were using Microsoft Teams for that. That was interesting. I had a really hard time being at Ohio State Buck, I had a hard time knowing that the Colts could have picked up J.K. Dobbins, but they picked up Jonathan Taylor instead, which I thought was a mistake, but I wasn't mad because then J.K., all day got picked up by the Ravens, a running powerhouse team and I'm not incredibly mad about that.

Joel: I was really, really excited to see Dobbins go to the AFC North where he will punish the Cleveland Browns for the next 10 to 12 years. That was nice. We passed on Malik at the linebacker position, I think in the third round and took some bomb from LSU. What are you going to do? I was fairly happy with the first-round pick, offensive line guy from Alabama

Chad: Yes. He was legit.

Joel: 3000 pounds, 628 feet tall. I was okay with that. But will we have football? Is the question.

Chad: Yeah, we'll have football. We will have football in some form.

Joel: Did you see they're talking about college in the spring? Wouldn't that be wild?

Chad: That would be crazy. That would be crazy. I got to say though, Philly was hating big on Jalen Hurts.

Joel: Yeah. Carson Wentz, the chances of him getting hurt is like 99.9%. So to have a backup, that's competent, seems like a good decision to me, but who knows? The Bengals let Andy Dalton go today, curious to see where he ends up.

Chad: The first three picks, Joe Burrow, remember, was sitting on the bench at Ohio State. He was a part of the Ohio State program. Then number two, Chase, and that means number two and three, one, two, three, all pretty much Ohio State guys. Pretty awesome.

Joel: Yeah. Although I think 40% of the first round were SEC guys. Yeah. Remember when USC used to have guys drafted? That seems like forever ago.

Chad: Yeah. That was the day. I think they had one guy go in the first round.

Joel: And if you're just tuning in, this is the Chad and Cheese Football Podcast brought to you today by Gatorade.

Chad: Well, that being said, let's just go ahead and pivot really quick. I have a personal show recommendation, knowing that we're still all quarantining and we're looking for things to watch. This show called Counterpart with J.K. Simmons, that dude is an amazing actor. It's on Prime and we just started watching season two, there's two seasons of it. Here's a little background, no spoilers.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Our world splits into like two mirror-like worlds, with one pathway between the two. They're pretty much exactly the same until world number two gets hit by a pandemic that kills 7% of the population. Yeah. So then there's friction between the two worlds as they become vastly different. Spy games happen, diplomacy, mercenaries and a bunch of other really cool shit. The thing that really stuck with me is that Julia and I actually just started watching this, the whole pandemic thing, this is a 2017 show. It's like for shadowing some of the things that you and I have been talking about, as will you be wearing masks? Will we be wearing mask? How will post-COVID look? That kind of thing. It was interesting.

Joel: Yeah. Interesting. Well, if you're going to throw out a show in quarantine times, I'm going to throw out Too Hot to Handle, because I threw out, Love is Blind, I'm in a dating like wormhole. But have you heard about this show?

Chad: Dude, you are like trash TV.

Joel: Yeah, I know. I know. It's bad. It's bad. But it's the only thing that makes me not throw my kid out the window. This show is basically, it's just really hot, young, horny people on this resort. And if they do physical stuff, they get deducted from $100,000 pool of money. So basically if you kiss, money gets deducted, if you have heavy petting, money deducted and you get the idea of the show. It's pretty amusing, pretty good mindless entertainment if you need to just get away from all the misery of today.

Chad: Well, I'm going to throw something at you real quick. Have you downloaded the Quibi app?

Joel: No, but my wife has.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: I ask her every day, "Have you watched something on Quibi yet?" And she goes, "No."

Chad: Yes. I have.

Joel: Okay.

Chad: It's this new app from Jeffrey Katzenberg. It's a new content play and it's really cool, it's all optimized for your phone, it's not something that you can cast to a big screen or anything like that. And the shows, the episodes are like 10 minutes long. So they're like quick chunks. If you just want to take 10 minutes out of the day, watch the next episode, get back to work, that kind of thing. It's actually pretty cool. I've watched tons of stuff on it. It's got some really good content.

Joel: So it's like $4.99 a month after a three month window or is it more expensive than that?

Chad: I think it's like five bucks. I can't remember. But yeah, for 90 days it's free.

Joel: So you're a buyer, once it's paid, you're going to continue to pay for Quibi?

Chad: It's a possibility. It depends on how much content I burn through.

Joel: And there are so many, so many options. I'm seeing Peacock ads now, I got HBO on steroids coming out. We're all going to end up paying like four or five times more than what we paid when it was all in bulk from direct TV.

Chad: You know what was free though? The humans at Work Film Festival that we just enjoyed yesterday.

Joel: Oh, that's right.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah. So our friends at Skill Scout, they put on this really cool film festival. Tom Ellis and Elena Valentine were MC-ing. It was really cool. It was short videos around the world at work. Did you guys get a chance to watch?

Joel: I caught a few of the episodes. Essentially Skill Scout does videos, so these were really well made.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Like short little documentaries about people at work and courageous things they've done or what. To me, the one that I saw that was most impactful was the 911 call

Chad: Oh, yes.

Joel: From Australia or wherever it was, and the mom is screaming. I know it was acted, but it was based on a real 911 call. That was really cool. And the other thing that stood out to me was the chat room. People were incredibly active.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: And people have bleeding hearts, man. This is like people love this shit.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: People just soak up the love and the feels, and clearly this was something people needed. That was very evident in the chat room when I was watching.

Chad: Yes. And great content. Definitely, that was my favorite, it was called The Operator, I believe. It sounded to me like she was Irish, but we'll let that one go. Overall, that really was impactful.

Joel: She wasn't American. But we had one American on Death Match this last round, and three UK guys. The format was virtual, let's talk about that first. What do you think about the virtual Death Match versus the in person?

Chad: I like anything in person overall, but in this case content's content. I enjoyed it. I thought it was fun. I think we have to do some things around making sure that video doesn't lag and those types of things.

Joel: Yeah. Yeah.

Chad: But overall, it was a blast. Sitting here drinking beer, watching Craig Rhoads in England drinking his beer, and you drinking yours, and then we're just smashing somebody. It was a blast, I really enjoyed it either way. Would I've rather been on stage? Yeah. But did I have fun? Oh, fuck yeah! I did.

Joel: Yeah. And Craig was drinking Budweiser, which pretty means he has to turn in his Union Jack membership card. I will second the beer on demand, with my fridge a few feet away. And you can't beat flaming hot Cheetos, when the snack urge hits you during a Death Match. So I did enjoy that. Shout out to our participants.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Cloud RPO, Optimal, I've been calling them Get-Optimal because that's their domain

Chad: Okay.

Joel: Daniel Fellows. We had JobSync, who ended up winning the competition, Alex Murphy, shout out to him, very well played my friend. And a site I hadn't heard of until you talked about them, SonicJobs. And since Death Match, I've seen them in the news like three or four times. So they're clearly making things happen as well.

Chad: Yeah. They didn't win, but I tell you what? It was razor thin. I think what we've seen with AMS pushing out hourly, this is something that is very close to that. I think there is a huge market for what they are doing.

SFX: Hell yeah.

Joel: Yup. Smart people, all companies, and it was tough. But again, Alex Murphy, JobSync, the champion chain is on its way. Well, actually I don't know, are post offices open open now?

Chad: Oh yes.

Joel: I've got to figure out how to get that thing to him.

Chad: Yeah, you got to get out of your house first. That's the thing.

Joel: The thing is how many sex toys do I put in there with champion of chain?

Chad: Depends on how much room you have.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: [Dennis Tupper[00:12:19.20]] actualy sent me a box with a book called MindFuck, the Cambridge Analytica story about the plot to break America. The election's coming and I feel like Dennis wants me into more of a rant mode. Thanks Dennis, I've already started chewing on the book a little bit. Appreciate it, man.

A couple of cool tools from a couple of cool tools. See what I did there? Ivan Stojanovic, he's got some new tech out there called MyRobot. It's this lead generation solution that's really cool. It converts your connections to engage audience. You can use it through LinkedIn. And then another one that I've mentioned before, but I use every single damn day, it's called Paiger, That's Kelly Robinson and Allistair over there messing around with the tech. But it's content engagement, and dude, I love it. It sends stories to my mobile phone via text. All I have to do is say yes, no, update and it blasts out to my network. It's really cool tools, check them out. MyRobot, and then Those guys are doing some cool stuff.

Joel: Yeah. I did try to download MyRobot because I researched for the show, obviously. And for some reason it had my email, my email was in the system, but then I tried to log in with that email with my common password and couldn't and then ... So it may be a little bit buggy or maybe I need to do it on my desktop. I don't know. But it certainly sounds interesting. Ivan, he's the guy behind it, right? The Irish Russian guy.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Long time listener.

Joel: Ivan McGregor or whatever his name is. So I'll be sure to check that out.