Paradox Buffet

It was feast or famine for a few companies on this week's podcast?

- Paradox ate like it was at a Vegas buffet, - Glassdoor was doing its best Oliver Twist - RPO Rumors out of Indeed - ZipRecruiter's got jokes?

- Long-term WFH LIVES at Google and Twitter ...and discussing "urban flight" within major metropolitan areas in America. Have a seat, get comfy, make a Carnival Cruise reservation and enjoy this week's show, powered by Canvas, JobAdx, and Sovren.


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James Ellis: James Ellis from the Talent Cast. You may not be aware of this, but a couple years ago I lost a bet, so now I'm contractually obligated to say nice things about Chad and Cheese. Well, I took that let's say lemon and turned it into lemonade. I took interviews from Chad and Cheese and turned it into a book, but I added a lot of other people you're going to want to talk to, it's called Talent Chooses You. It is Hiring Better with Employer Branding, and it is available on Amazon, June 15th, you should go and buy it. Bye.

SFX: Fuck the fucking fuckers.

Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Nearly 3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, translating to more than 36 million Americans filing unemployment insurance claims in the past two months.

Chad: God.

Joel: So how's your day going? Welcome to another installment of The Chad and Cheese Podcast. I'm your co-host Joel Fauci Cheeseman.

Chad: And I'm Chad, get me a fucking test, Sowash.

Joel: On this week show, Paradox makes it rain. Glassdoor shows employees the door. And Twitter tells employees to stay home forever.

Chad: Hello.

Joel: We promise this show won't last forever, it'll only feel that long. Stay tuned while we pay a few bills.

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Joel: What are we in, week 12 now?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Week 10 of lockdown. I'm losing count.

Chad: It's been a while. It's a good thing it's been kind of rainy, but it's supposed to be nice and sunny today so we can actually get out and do some work outside. Jeez.

Joel: If the calendar is right, it's May 164.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: It feels that way. It feels that way. Yeah, I could use some outdoor time. Winter seems to be lasting forever in the Midwest.

Chad: It's starting to get nicer. We'll be able to get out. So get out there people, enjoy, soak it up. I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Joel: Just wear a mask and say, "Stay six feet away from my ass."

Chad: Yeah. Just stay the fuck away from me.

Joel: We're obviously a little off today. This lockdown must be wearing on us.

Chad: Ooh. It's definitely wearing. The Zoom fatigue, lockdown fatigue, whatever the fuck you want to call it. The three teenagers in a house with us fatigue. That's fucking fatigue.

Joel: I've been in much better spirits since the three-year-olds been in day camp for a week and a half. That's been a positive development in my world.

Chad: Yes. Good for you in day camp, that's for sure. I did want to comment, I think that the newest haircut is definitely the smartest Jeremy haircut.

Joel: So a little context for the listeners. My three year old, my wife decided he needed a haircut. I have a pair of clippers, little known fact about me I cut hair in college for a $1 or $2 a cut. Anyway, everybody had the same cut by the way. I didn't really transgress from what I knew. But anyway, the kid's hair was getting pretty long and the idea was like, let's just shave it all off. That was the initial idea. Anyway, he freaked out. So the first iteration of the cut was we kind of got the sides pretty well.

Chad: There was Joe Dirt.

Joel: Now, my wife stepped in and said, "Oh, he's crying. Let me do it. I'll be gentle, dah, dah, dah." She did some of the shaving. She mistakenly used a one guard on the side, which is shorter than the two guard that I was using. So he had some plugs near the ear. And then she decided, well, it's too long up top, so she got the scissors out, and she did sort of a Dumb and Dumber bowl on the top of the head cut like Jim Carrey. And then she ordered a new set of clippers that make no noise. And she thought that would pass the fine which it mostly did.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: He looks much better. But it's all even, and he looks like a human being now, so that's progress. Damn, we digressed, didn't we?

Chad: Dumb and Dumber meets Joe Dirt or what? But I mean, these are the trials and tribulations that we have to go through in lockdown.

Joel: I wanted the Joe exotic. I wanted to trim the sides, get some colors in there, some highlights, but the wife wasn't going for that.

Chad: Ah, thank God. Thank God. On the shout-outs, I want to give a big shout-out right out of the gate to Bill Boorman, the guy never sleeps. He's always serving a multitude of communities. Big shout-out for his efforts in feeding the homeless and all those hungry people that are out there In these trying times. He had a sample of some of those foods that he's actually posted on Facebook the other day. You also can, if you're connected to Bill on Facebook or probably on the other socials as well, provide donations so that he can continue his efforts. So if you're connected to Bill, I encourage you to donate. If you're not connected to Bill, definitely get connected. I mean, he's good people, either way, Bill Boorman, good people. Not a great comic, but he's good people.

Joel: Oh wow. That's Chad man. He reels you in with positivity and then just knees you right in the nuts. That's nice. That's nice. Well, speaking of bad haircuts, we had Death Match this past week which on video was a variety of contestants. I want to start out by saying big shout-out to the Death Match sponsor Joveo and KJ being on the judging panel. This is a TAtech event that's going down on May 19th. If you haven't registered, go to We had, Aida Fazylova.

Chad: Aida.

Joel: Aida shows up vaping. That wasn't on the video, but like a true Russian, she's smoking up before a competition.

Chad: Awesome.

Joel: Adam from Applichat, our favorite Irish Mexican is back in Ireland on his mom's couch, that was fun. Bradley Cooper out of Vancouver

Chad: Clark.

Joel: ... with Rectxt was there and Scot Sessions. Yeah, but we're calling him Bradley Cooper for comedy sake. And we might get more viewers if they think Bradley Cooper is going to be on. And Scot Sessions at TalVista. It was a lot of fun and it was a great Death Match.

Chad: Good times. Register at Again, you'll be able to see all of the pitches, the video pitches. And later on down the line we'll put them out as audio podcasts.

Joel: We don't need no stinking pitches.

Chad: We don't need no pitches.

Joel: Shout-out to Little Richard. Most of the kids out there will have no clue who Little Richard is. But the man was Prince before there was Prince. And I encourage you to go check out, wop-bop-a-loo-mop alopbom-bom Tutti frutti, oh rutti. Anyway, that was my bad imitation of Little Richard.

Chad: Horrible.

Joel: But the guy was a trailblazer and he will be missed in the world of rock.

Chad: Yes. And do you remember just last year when we were in Nashville, we actually met him in the lobby of the hotel we were in. I have a signed book, picture, all that stuff. He was in a wheelchair and he came, I went over

Joel: Where the hell was I? I wasn't there.

Chad: No, you were totally there. You're a space cadet, everybody knows that.

Joel: I have not met Little Richard.

Chad: Apparently you don't remember it, but I actually have the book and I remember. This is during staffing tech. But anyway, yeah, have the book that actually he signed last year, had a short conversation with him, was incredibly cool and hate to see ... The guy owned the 1950s. I mean, that's all there was to it. But hate to see him go, but got lucky enough to actually meet him.

Joel: That was clearly a bad week to start sniffing glue for me. I feel like I would have remembered that. Yeah, shout-out to Airbnb's talent directory. As many listeners might know, Airbnb laid off 25%.

Chad: 1800.

Joel: Decided to create a directory of everyone laid off with talent, titles, LinkedIn links, GitHub links, all kinds of stuff.

Chad: We've talked about Hilton and how they connected with CVS Health and some of these other organizations to be able to ensure that their employees had at least temporary gigs, if not full-time gigs from a transition standpoint. I mean, those brands will be embedded into those individuals lives and their brains forever. Same with Airbnb, I mean, you're cutting 1800 people. What can you do to make it easier and facilitate the process of having other companies looking for the type of talent that you're letting go, giving them access. And this is just, it's just incredibly smart. So yeah, big shout-out to Airbnb for that. I know somebody who would be positive for this Airbnb story would be James Ellis, around employer branding because that is a masterclass in employer brand, and he just wrote a book.

Joel: I think we're in it actually.

Chad: Oh yeah, I don't know. We'll have to see.

Joel: Yeah. Maybe he'll send us a free signed copy. It's called Talent Chooses You, pretty deep title. The subtitle, Hire Better with Employer Branding. We wouldn't expect anything different from our buddy James Ellis, who is the foremost expert on employer brand.

Chad: Yeah. James Ellis, Talent Chooses You, check it out on Amazon, buy it today.

Joel: Absolutely. Shout-out to LinkedIn who launched LinkedIn polls this past week. If you're keeping count, Twitter launched polls about five years ago. But LinkedIn just launched it this past week.

Chad: File that under, I don't give a fuck. Shout-out to Todd Brengel, VP, and newbie over at PandoLogic. He just wanted to comment that he's convinced that there's a correlation between their revenue forecast and the number of F bombs we dropped in their all hands call last week. So thanks Todd, I think.