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While cooling fall temperatures are sneaking up on us, the world remains a hot mess - Trump gets 'The Rona,' R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen and flies love V.P. Mike Pence - and the podcast keeps it spicy.

This week,

Who needs a champagne room anyway? Hey, no touching!

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Great. Now I get to be a stripper.

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Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (37s):

Oh yeah. Dude, hours after our last podcast, and Trump gets the COVID. God! What happens this week? Well, let's find out. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast. Everybody. I'm your cohost Joel hot for teacher Cheesman.

Chad (39s):

And I'm Chad "Jamie's crying" Sowash.

Joel (49s):

On this week's show, AllyO comes into view, Glassdoor puts a number on workplace DNI, and strippers are taking back the power!

Chad (-):


Joel (52s):

Quit running with the devil and dancing the night away. Go ahead and jump. We'll be right back.

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Chad (1m 27s):

Curses 2020.

Joel (-):


Chad (1m 31s):

So Eddie Van Halen, 65 years old, dies of cancer. Go figure in 2020. 2020, the Grim Reaper fucking buffet special.

Joel (1m 42s):

Yeah, I won't even say what I said off, off camera or offline about who would be next because I'll jinx, the world, but dude Van Halen, I remember so, quick memories of Van Halen, 1984 comes out.

Chad (-):


Joel (1m 59s):

You and I are conveniently 13 when this album comes out. We're prepubescent teenagers.

Chad (-):

Full of hormones, dude.

Joel (2m 3s):

This album for me, was really revolutionary. It was, it was dangerous, but your parents accepted it because, oh, is that cute song Jump that was on the radio? You know, they didn't know that the baby on the cover was smoking a pack of Marlboros. They didn't hear the rest of the album. It just, it was just a really cool record. MTV was coming into view. The video jump was great, Hot for Teacher, Panama. Like they mixed rock and, and accessibility with like humor and, and just a lot of class and, and pomp and circumstance.

Joel (2m 41s):

I honestly haven't followed them for 30 years, 25 years. But for that brief moment in time, they were the best band in the world in my eyes. And I will still hold to this day outside of maybe the baseline to Billy Jean, the guitar riff on Beat It, is the best thing on Thriller. Prove me wrong.

Chad (3m 0s):

Oh, Yeah, you can't. It's Eddie Van Halen. I mean, who's going to out guitar, who's going to out riff Eddie Van Halen? I mean, obviously there are plenty - Stevie Ray Vaughan and there's some amazing guitars out there, but Eddie Van Halen, no question, going down in history easily as one of the best guitarists ever and this week, I've done nothing, but sit in, listen to live van Halen.

Chad (3m 31s):

And I, and I remember when David Lee Roth left after 1984, I was like, these guys are done. I mean, who are they going to get to actually feel his, his shoes had amazing voice. Sammy Hagar comes in and I'm like, dude, he can't keep up with what David Lee. Oh no!

Joel (3m 43s):

He can't do the splits. What?

Chad (3m 45s):

Oh, he did. Oh yeah. He didn't need the splits. He didn't need that shit. He had tequila, and that motherfucker could just go. So yeah, Van Halen after David Lee Roth, the Van Halen brothers and, and, and Anthony, those guys just, they kept rolling.

Joel (4m 2s):

Yeah. Eddie was the motor behind all that. And what, what a great musician, showman. I mean, from the guitar designs to the clothing, to the, I mean, he played synthesizer on Jump and I mean just a really brilliant guy and really sad that he, he left us at such an early age. So rest in peace, Eddie. I'm sure you're up somewhere jamming with Jimmy and the rest of the guys and having a good time.

Chad (-):

Alright. Shout Outs!

Joel (-):

Shout outs. Let's do that!

Bell (4m 32s):

ding, ding, ding

Chad (4m 37s):

Eddie O'Neal over at Symphony Talent in Jacksonville, Florida, and Neill, with two L's Dunwoody from Titan Talent Services in Monahan, Ireland. Thanks for listening and connecting gents. Now make sure that everyone, you know, subscribes to the Chad and Cheese, wherever they listen to podcasts, or we're just going to You can listen there too.

Joel (5m 1s):

Nice, nice. Shout Out to Shannon Pritchard, Shannon, who used to be at well source con and ERE has been at Career Crossroads for a year and she celebrated her first anniversary with them. They're a great organization, great people. So Shout Out to her. And by the way, a little known fact about me, Barbara Reese, who works for a Career Crossroads hired me in this industry back in '97. So a little bit of a little bit of trivia about me and Barbara Reese and my connection to Career Crossroads.

Chad (5m 32s):

And I can guarantee you, Barb is saying, don't tell anyone that shit.

Joel (5m 38s):

They're saying, well, why Barb? Why?

Chad (5m 56s):

Why? Hey, big Shout Out again. To Madison Butler, this lady draws a crowd. I posted the stop hiring a racist podcast on LinkedIn. And who knew that a young black woman speaking her mind would bring so much love and hate?

Joel (6m 1s):

Now, what what's that? What's that thing up to now, 20 some thousand?

Chad (6m 3s):

27,000. Yeah, but I mean, the thing that kills me is that we saw fake accounts on Twitter and you see that. I mean, that happens and it's easy to see, but that kind of shit's happening on LinkedIn, where these fake accounts are being created. They're networking to each other. They're getting people like us that connect with just about anybody, because they want to be hyper connectors, which I don't think you or I really give two shits about. But anyway, they build up their following to an extent to seem like they're real people and they're not.

Chad (6m 37s):

It's nothing but trolling. And there's a network literally that find people like Madison and do everything they possibly can to keep her down and keep her voice out, attacking us, attacking her. And it's just like, yeah, I'm just, it's easy. Just block these fuckers.

Joel (6m 57s):

Yeah. Do you have any like deep seated conspiracy theories around this? Do you think like organizations are creating bots to frustrate and disheartened champions of diversity and inclusion?

Chad (7m 24s):

Well they did it during the 2016 election. That was fairly simple. I mean, they were trying to suppress black voters in this case, just taking it, you know, maybe a step or half a step and starting to try to suppress black voices.

Joel (7m 25s):

Who do you think they is?

Chad (-):

They're a bunch of Nazi fucking assholes. How's that?

Joel (7m 33s):

Dark. A Shout Out to Mike Cohen, we know him as Batman, but he was, he was really a generous this week. I got this little app startup thing. He called I don't talk about it much on the show, but Batman tweeted out that he liked the service so far and it was doing really well and people should definitely check it out. So that was big in my book. He doesn't just do that with anybody. So Mike, we appreciate you, man. Keep batting on.

Joel (8m 2s):

And October 31 coming, that's probably Batman's prime time, man.

Chad (8m 6s):

And this is all post COVID for him. I mean, remember he had it, so he's, he's coming out. He's swinging

Joel (8m 12s):

Good Point.

Chad (8m 13s):

It's good that he's, he's at least feeling healthy.

Joel (8m 16s):

Love the Batm