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AllyO Mercy Killing

While cooling fall temperatures are sneaking up on us, the world remains a hot mess - Trump gets 'The Rona,' R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen and flies love V.P. Mike Pence - and the podcast keeps it spicy.

This week,

Who needs a champagne room anyway? Hey, no touching!

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SFX (0s):

Great. Now I get to be a stripper.

INTRO (18s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (37s):

Oh yeah. Dude, hours after our last podcast, and Trump gets the COVID. God! What happens this week? Well, let's find out. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast. Everybody. I'm your cohost Joel hot for teacher Cheesman.

Chad (39s):

And I'm Chad "Jamie's crying" Sowash.

Joel (49s):

On this week's show, AllyO comes into view, Glassdoor puts a number on workplace DNI, and strippers are taking back the power!

Chad (-):


Joel (52s):

Quit running with the devil and dancing the night away. Go ahead and jump. We'll be right back.

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Chad (1m 27s):

Curses 2020.

Joel (-):


Chad (1m 31s):

So Eddie Van Halen, 65 years old, dies of cancer. Go figure in 2020. 2020, the Grim Reaper fucking buffet special.

Joel (1m 42s):

Yeah, I won't even say what I said off, off camera or offline about who would be next because I'll jinx, the world, but dude Van Halen, I remember so, quick memories of Van Halen, 1984 comes out.

Chad (-):


Joel (1m 59s):

You and I are conveniently 13 when this album comes out. We're prepubescent teenagers.

Chad (-):

Full of hormones, dude.

Joel (2m 3s):

This album for me, was really revolutionary. It was, it was dangerous, but your parents accepted it because, oh, is that cute song Jump that was on the radio? You know, they didn't know that the baby on the cover was smoking a pack of Marlboros. They didn't hear the rest of the album. It just, it was just a really cool record. MTV was coming into view. The video jump was great, Hot for Teacher, Panama. Like they mixed rock and, and accessibility with like humor and, and just a lot of class and, and pomp and circumstance.

Joel (2m 41s):

I honestly haven't followed them for 30 years, 25 years. But for that brief moment in time, they were the best band in the world in my eyes. And I will still hold to this day outside of maybe the baseline to Billy Jean, the guitar riff on Beat It, is the best thing on Thriller. Prove me wrong.

Chad (3m 0s):

Oh, Yeah, you can't. It's Eddie Van Halen. I mean, who's going to out guitar, who's going to out riff Eddie Van Halen? I mean, obviously there are plenty - Stevie Ray Vaughan and there's some amazing guitars out there, but Eddie Van Halen, no question, going down in history easily as one of the best guitarists ever and this week, I've done nothing, but sit in, listen to live van Halen.

Chad (3m 31s):

And I, and I remember when David Lee Roth left after 1984, I was like, these guys are done. I mean, who are they going to get to actually feel his, his shoes had amazing voice. Sammy Hagar comes in and I'm like, dude, he can't keep up with what David Lee. Oh no!

Joel (3m 43s):

He can't do the splits. What?

Chad (3m 45s):

Oh, he did. Oh yeah. He didn't need the splits. He didn't need that shit. He had tequila, and that motherfucker could just go. So yeah, Van Halen after David Lee Roth, the Van Halen brothers and, and, and Anthony, those guys just, they kept rolling.

Joel (4m 2s):

Yeah. Eddie was the motor behind all that. And what, what a great musician, showman. I mean, from the guitar designs to the clothing, to the, I mean, he played synthesizer on Jump and I mean just a really brilliant guy and really sad that he, he left us at such an early age. So rest in peace, Eddie. I'm sure you're up somewhere jamming with Jimmy and the rest of the guys and having a good time.

Chad (-):

Alright. Shout Outs!

Joel (-):

Shout outs. Let's do that!

Bell (4m 32s):

ding, ding, ding

Chad (4m 37s):

Eddie O'Neal over at Symphony Talent in Jacksonville, Florida, and Neill, with two L's Dunwoody from Titan Talent Services in Monahan, Ireland. Thanks for listening and connecting gents. Now make sure that everyone, you know, subscribes to the Chad and Cheese, wherever they listen to podcasts, or we're just going to You can listen there too.

Joel (5m 1s):

Nice, nice. Shout Out to Shannon Pritchard, Shannon, who used to be at well source con and ERE has been at Career Crossroads for a year and she celebrated her first anniversary with them. They're a great organization, great people. So Shout Out to her. And by the way, a little known fact about me, Barbara Reese, who works for a Career Crossroads hired me in this industry back in '97. So a little bit of a little bit of trivia about me and Barbara Reese and my connection to Career Crossroads.

Chad (5m 32s):

And I can guarantee you, Barb is saying, don't tell anyone that shit.

Joel (5m 38s):

They're saying, well, why Barb? Why?

Chad (5m 56s):

Why? Hey, big Shout Out again. To Madison Butler, this lady draws a crowd. I posted the stop hiring a racist podcast on LinkedIn. And who knew that a young black woman speaking her mind would bring so much love and hate?

Joel (6m 1s):

Now, what what's that? What's that thing up to now, 20 some thousand?

Chad (6m 3s):

27,000. Yeah, but I mean, the thing that kills me is that we saw fake accounts on Twitter and you see that. I mean, that happens and it's easy to see, but that kind of shit's happening on LinkedIn, where these fake accounts are being created. They're networking to each other. They're getting people like us that connect with just about anybody, because they want to be hyper connectors, which I don't think you or I really give two shits about. But anyway, they build up their following to an extent to seem like they're real people and they're not.

Chad (6m 37s):

It's nothing but trolling. And there's a network literally that find people like Madison and do everything they possibly can to keep her down and keep her voice out, attacking us, attacking her. And it's just like, yeah, I'm just, it's easy. Just block these fuckers.

Joel (6m 57s):

Yeah. Do you have any like deep seated conspiracy theories around this? Do you think like organizations are creating bots to frustrate and disheartened champions of diversity and inclusion?

Chad (7m 24s):

Well they did it during the 2016 election. That was fairly simple. I mean, they were trying to suppress black voters in this case, just taking it, you know, maybe a step or half a step and starting to try to suppress black voices.

Joel (7m 25s):

Who do you think they is?

Chad (-):

They're a bunch of Nazi fucking assholes. How's that?

Joel (7m 33s):

Dark. A Shout Out to Mike Cohen, we know him as Batman, but he was, he was really a generous this week. I got this little app startup thing. He called I don't talk about it much on the show, but Batman tweeted out that he liked the service so far and it was doing really well and people should definitely check it out. So that was big in my book. He doesn't just do that with anybody. So Mike, we appreciate you, man. Keep batting on.

Joel (8m 2s):

And October 31 coming, that's probably Batman's prime time, man.

Chad (8m 6s):

And this is all post COVID for him. I mean, remember he had it, so he's, he's coming out. He's swinging

Joel (8m 12s):

Good Point.

Chad (8m 13s):

It's good that he's, he's at least feeling healthy.

Joel (8m 16s):

Love the Batman, love the Batman

Chad (8m 18s):

On, on a sour note. I'm sorry, kids, but Gordon Collier posted on Twitter last night that he said I'm salty tonight. Officially I'm shutting down my career fit. #COVID19sucks. And if you remember the Alexa firing squad with Gordon Collier, this is what we're talking about. We're talking about My Career Fit, which is an Alexa mainly based, also worked with, with the Google assistant.

Chad (8m 49s):

But it's a, it helped companies get their voices out there to candidates wanted to use more voice. And unfortunately it looks like it's gone.

Joel (8m 59s):

The site is still up by checked it. Maybe had a moment of bitterness. Maybe he'll come back, come back to the living. I don't know. But yeah, Gordon's a huge fan of the show. He's obviously listening. So Gordon, yeah. Send us an update and we'll, we'll let the people know what's going on. We know that startups are hard and you and I have for, since we started the show, tried to been a champion of startups and give these folks a voice, you know, where they can't get one on the, the mainstream, you know, HR press. And we try to shine a light on these guys and it's sad to see them to see them go.

Joel (9m 32s):

So Gordon, we know you're out there, send us an update, get us, give us more color around what's going on? Is it just COVID and businesses is dead or is there something deeper than that? I'd certainly like to know. And I'm sure some listeners would also. Speaking of startups, I'll go ahead and Shout Out a company called rec text full disclosure. I'm an advisor for these guys, but they're a text messaging company, similarly, similar to a sponsor Emissary of the show.

Joel (10m 4s):

But these guys, I won't just, you know, give away too much, but they have the typical rollercoaster ride of a startup. And they recently had some big wins and they are encouraged by that and empowered to keep going. So startups out there, obviously with Gordon are having issues and challenges, but they're also success stories. And I just wanted to share that a little tidbit of success out there for those startups that are maybe needing some, some encouragement to keep going. Yep.

Chad (10m 31s):

Well, Adam Conrad, who is, is heading out the Great Recruiters. We just dropped a firing squad podcast this week. Adam warned people on his LinkedIn page to prepare for some not, safe for work podcasting and David Searns CEO over at Haley Marketing replied back. Yeah, I don't mind at all. I'm a big I'm a big fan of Chad and Cheese. One of the few podcasts I listen to regularly.

Chad (11m 2s):

Boom. Glad to hear it, David. I hope it's mandatory listening for all of Haley Marketing.

Joel (11m 7s):

All right. Well from cussing and bad language, let's jump to Beer Drop Beer Drop, your new promotion. It has its own website. It's so huge. Head out to, We couldn't get that Sign up. Give us your address for a chance to win. Yeah, you guessed it. Free beer. Everybody. Beer dropnet. Go there. Now.

Chad (11m 32s):

Beerdrop is is something that John Thurman likes. He actually tweeted out. Hey Chad and Ceez, why didn't I think of offering free beer before is beyond me? Well-played gents. Well-played hashtag #bigOktoberfestfan and #signmeup. Well, John, sign yourself up, man. It's not just about beer. It's also tee shirts. You can opt into mobile news in your pocket, sign up for everything.

Chad (12m 6s):

That's what you want. You want everything!

Joel (12m 8s):

Trying to convince Chad to do a Chad and Cheese Speedo, but he has yet to, to agree to that. So I'm working on it, folks, working on it, hopefully by summer next year, Chad & Cheese Speedos.

Chad (12m 21s):

Events. We can go through Events real quick. So the going back to your RecTechs conversation, this is pretty cool, because the HR Tech investor panel, we did earlier this week. Any company or any one who actually cares about what investors think, what they're looking for, what they're not looking for, how to be a great founder and CEO, check out that reporting on my socials. We talked to investors in companies like ISIMS, who's very closely tied to Vista.

Chad (12m 54s):

Mike Willcheck the Chief Strategy Officer over there, an angel investor, from Hungary, Peter Balog, a managing partner over at Unifier Ventures in Germany, Manwell Encarnacion and David Geren from Bright Eye VC in France. So we had France, Germany, Hungary in the U S having conversations around not just about getting money, but if you're located in one of those areas, like most of our listeners are, what do you do?

Chad (13m 27s):

You know, everybody looks at the US as this big pile of money, but do you go after it right out of the gate? So we had some really good conversations around that. Wow. That's a lot of countries did a fight breakout. No you weren't on the call.

Joel (13m 43s):

Did you watch the debate last night? By the way?

Chad (13m 45s):

Oh my God. Yeah.

Joel (13m 48s):

Any, any tweets in, in verbal format you want to share?

Chad (13m 52s):

It was easy. I mean, as soon as the fly got stuck in Pence's fucking wig. I had to go up and take a picture of it. And then I started sharing it. I mean, Michael Mike Pence guys, just so that, you know, he's a fucking zombie. He is a corpse. He has no heart. He's a lying piece of shit. And you can tell because the flies just gather around corpse and pieces of shit. Yeah.

Joel (14m 23s):

Lying piece of shit. People don't know this. He's a son of Columbus, Indiana.

Chad (-):

Yeah. Don't remind anyone.

Joel (14m 29s):

Sorry about that. So my takeaway from the, the debate is that before Trump, every four years, this shit would happen. There'd be a little, you know, kerfuffle on TV and it'd be fun to watch. Now. It feels like every day is a shit show. And these debates just mean nothing. They're just reminders of how tired everyone is, man. This thing it's like the Apprentice, right? Like the Apprentice was fun for a couple seasons. It was entertaining by season four, they had to get Gary Bucy on the show, to get you to watch it, right?

Joel (14m 60s):

Like this is just it's lost its entertainment value. And it just pisses me off. Thank God for that fly. I died laughing if for two minutes, that fucking thing was on his head. Come on man! Fuckin' robot, you can't feel a fly on your head? anyway,

Chad (15m 17s):

In fisticuffs, I take Kamala any day. She would a bitch slapped that fucker so quick.

Joel (15m 21s):

And what was up with his red eye man? He had like some pinkeye shit and some, any let's just get to the News.

Chad (15m 27s):

COVID. Topics!

Joel (15m 31s):


Chad (15m 32s):


Joel (15m 33s):

Sure. I did the shred on it. I mean, pretty basic stuff. HireVue, we know is a pretty popular, very popular and successful video interviewing company. Obviously everyone's trying to get on the automation train AllyO, which I've been hearing for a long time, trying to sell the company, like shopping the shit out of what they're doing. Apparently all their competitors took a, took a hard pass. HireVue. Finally took the call and listened and acquired the company.

Joel (16m 4s):

So they'll integrate the AI chat bot, conversational stuff, scheduling all the things that we talk about AllyO tries to do. It's questionable. How good they, how well they do it, Allyo raised 64 million, I think.

Chad (-):


Joel (16m 21s):

Most of that was last year, had a, B, they did not disclose they did not disclose the price tag, which tells me it was less than 64, probably quite a bit less than that. Someone I talked to in the chat bot convo, AI space said this was not a win either for AllyO or for the chat bot conversational AI industry. So take that for what it's worth AllyO as a brand will be gone probably by the time this podcast airs.

Joel (16m 51s):

And it looks like some of the employees will come. But if you look at LinkedIn on, in terms of the number of employees that AllyO has, it kind of looks like they've been calling the herd so to speak. So I'm not sure how many people are going to move over to HireVue. But yeah, it looks like a, a fire sale a little bit and good luck to HireVue integrating this stuff and being a platform of automation through the, from high to hired AllyO.

Chad (17m 17s):

Yeah. So from an anonymous industry source, I have a few points to share with you. AllyO was burning cash, like crazy, had to drastically reduce head count, let go of the lease of the office and pulled back on the product roadmap dramatically. Sales in the last six months were not great at all to be nice. They had to let go of their head of sales. He went packing the last day of Q2. Pretty much get your box and get the fuck out.

Joel (17m 49s):


Chad (17m 50s):

Rumor was at the end VCs were all calling the shots. So it was like leadership step aside, VCs are coming in and this was a distressed sale and that's putting it nicely. There's no way they covered the 64, by rumors. In, in, in my opinion, there's no way they covered the 64. PE hub said it was a range between 50 and a hundred and I think the range means it was 50. And the big question is what was AllyO's problem.

Chad (18m 22s):

They had the money had smart people. What was their downfall?

Joel (18m 25s):

Ooo, it's all speculation. From my point of view, I know that the there's been a high level of abrasiveness from the at least one of the founders. And we've talked to Anket lovingly called spank it for our podcast so you can go back and listen to the archives. But yeah, I don't know if there's a disconnect between the technology and actually building a company and building a service for our industry and sort of getting it. Obviously it was a very competitive space so that, and they were competing with people that knew the business and knew the industry and had contacts.

Joel (18m 58s):

So that's a question I could only speculate on. I will say that I think that the tech was a little bit suspect. I went out just at curiosity sake. I want to, I went to Staples, which is one of their flag, you know, flagship brands on the site and decided to, to check out the, the, the bot. And so I went in and said, basically, you know, the basic, like, hello, I'm AllyO Staples, virtual recruiting assistant, blah, blah, blah. And then the question had asked me, was, would you like to find a job?

Joel (19m 30s):

Reply Y or N, hopefully I knew, yes and N was No. Why was he asking then, they didn't sort of speculate or signify that, so anyway, I replied N for no. And the reply I got was "Got it. Thanks for your interest. Goodbye!" With an exclamation point. So there wasn't even like, okay, well, would you like to know more about Staples or at least like, okay, well here's a link to join Staples, whatever program, or like, it was just "Got it. Thanks. Bye bye."

Joel (19m 60s):

Right. So they certainly did not seem to get the connection between branding user experience and the technology. And I'm assuming that may be carried over to a lot more of the product than just the yes or no are you looking for a job.

Chad (20m 14s):

During the investor panel that I talked about earlier, Peter, the angel investor from Hungary said that he looks for, the number one thing he looks for is not the tech, it's the founder. Leadership wins the day. And I had another source say, when I asked about leadership AllyO they said a quote, first time CEO, no industry experience, full of hubris, unable and unwilling to see his blind spots and led by the whip.

Chad (20m 46s):

So again, from an investor who mentors, founders, and these guys had a shit ton of cash people. The thing that I was able to just myself, kind of pull together and talking to a bunch of people is leadership, is everything. Focus is everything not trying to be all things to everyone, even though you have a shit ton of cash, it doesn't matter. We've seen startups burn out $18 million in 18 months. Now we've got, now we've got a 64 million who more than likely is not going to be able to cover.

Chad (21m 20s):

So that, from my standpoint, I hope that leadership takes a step back and they reassess and they learn from this because they're going to go out and they're going to do this again. Right. And I hope they do, and I hope they become successful, but they've got to get better at leading.

Joel (21m 40s):

Yeah, stop me if you've heard this before. Right? Like people, startups that come in that have no core competency around employment, have a really tough time being successful. So aside from everything you said, which is true, not understanding our buyer is a real hurdle for these companies and startups.

Chad (21m 56s):

Well, and the HireVue outlook, I see the problem with this play is that HireVue has been in the market for many years and they haven't been acquired. They have nearly a hundred million dollars in funding. They aren't turning into an ATS anytime soon, they have become a bloated point solution. And now they're bloated point solutions. So where does HireVue go? Nobody's going to buy them unless there's a huge HCM player who wants to try to get into the space.

Chad (22m 28s):

But there are so many players in the interview space who can partner with conversational AI to be able to try to do some of the things that HireVue is doing at a much, much, much lower price point.

Joel (22m 48s):

Yep. Yep. The moat around that business has, has dwindled and dried up. Oh, damn.

Chad (-):

There's no moat.

Joel (22m 51s):

Yeah. I was being nice. There's a little bit of a moat. There might be an alligator somewhere on the loose in that moat that might, that might get you. But yeah, the protection that business has had has gone away over the years and it's sort of coming to fruition. This sort of feels a little bit like a hail Mary to try to save things and become more of an automation platform, but it's

Chad (23m 16s):

Feels like Intello right when Intello also did the bundle buy of

Joel (-):

Convey IQ.

Chad (23m 22s):

Yes Convey IQ. They did the bundle and it was like, Oh, we're going to stay alive. Yes, for how long?

Joel (23m 26s):

Yeah. As, as close as the dinosaur snuggle, that meteor writes still still gets a man. It never, never fails. Never fails.

Chad (23m 34s):

But you know who's not a dinosaur. And they love to snuggle that's little rock. He's a snuggler man. Yeah.

Joel (23m 43s):

Snuggle man. He's not quite the hugger, but he's the snuggler.

Chad (23m 47s):

HR wins acquired by Unleash and Unleash is going to go into a new market. Dorsal rock, HR wins, acquired by Unleash. And George is now the SVP of insights moving on up. My man. Awesome. To hear and congrats to Mark Coleman and the rest of the Unleashed team as well for this smart pickup. I didn't think this was big at first. Then I sat back and, and I read more on the Unleashed site and I went, wait a minute, there's something here.

Joel (24m 20s):

Yeah. I mean, I think time will tell exactly what this means, but I mean, we know, we know George has sort of the, the eye in the sky on investment money and where capital's flowing. He was in charge of, or at least partly in charge of the U S operation for unleash. So there's, there's obviously some relationship there. There's some synergies there Unleash obviously wants to get into the U S and have someone with a core competency around our market to do that. But I think what I'm surprised about, and I think what you're going to elaborate on is, is sort of Unleash has taken this, this, you know, this virus, this pandemic, this, this horrible situation and said, we're going to grab the bull by the horns.

Joel (25m 2s):

And we're going to try to grow and gobble up market share and try to find opportunities where other people are, are, you know, fearful and, and under the table. And I think this is symbolic of unleash saying, you know what, there's an opportunity here, we're going to take it and George is a great piece to put into that. And to that business of the US obviously the, the data play with what George does with his surveys, with his, his money, you know, he has a team now he's got a fucking chart for everything.

Joel (25m 33s):

The guy takes dumps every week and he's got a chart for it. So I think putting that data into the conference side and to, I think probably the archive presentations that are there, I think all of it, it creates a really interesting, almost educational foundation that the company can really grow outside of events and be an intelligence tool, be an education tool, a subscription based business, maybe where, you know, you pay X per, per month. And if you're a premier, if you're an Unleashed plus member, you get to come to all the events for half off or free.

Joel (26m 10s):

I think it's a pretty genius move, but until this thing starts to unfold and they start announcing more of what it looks like, it's just promise at this point. But I think both of us are pretty excited about what it's going to be or what it could be.

Chad (26m 22s):

An opportunity to become a Rundle, reoccurring revenue bundling. I can see that all day. So here's, here's what I'm saying. It's a tale of two companies, E R E who we know as an, as an event company that does a lot of content. They tried to in events early, COVID about $1,500 per ticket. And from my understanding, it didn't go well, they had to cut head counts and they went into hibernation, right? So, so ERE made a decision. They said, look, what we're going to do is we're going to squirrel up our nuts and we're going to go into hibernation.

Chad (26m 56s):

So when that happens, kids there's a vacuum, right? And somebody is going to get pulled into that vacuum. Now, Unleash wants to get into the US. Wants to be able to take market share from a conference standpoint. And from a mind share standpoint, that was something that in ERE was very good at very early on. They had all these writers, all this content, the mind share was on ERE today. It's pretty much almost dead. It's on life support, right?

Chad (27m 44s):

So now Unleash, what do they do? I can see what's going on. We can start to build what ERE always wanted to be, and never really became unleash can actually make this happen. And with a guy like George at the helm here in the U S I think there's great promise for it.

Joel (27m 49s):

Yeah. George, George, George of the Jungle, did you say hibernating nuts can, can nuts hibernate because might've been hibernating ever since my vasectomy. Boom!

Chad (27m 58s):

And whenever Christine allows you to have them, Oh, let's hear from JobAdX, everybody.

JobAdX (29m 33s):

Doors are reopening and businesses picking back up with the workforce, making its come back and with many rebuilding their teams, are you prepared to engage the wave of returning job seekers? Whether you're struggling to fill high volume, hourly roles or looking for longterm full time talent, your recruiting toolkit needs to be lean and mean as you adjust with fewer resources, tighter budgets and rapid hiring needs in a saturated and competitive market. Posting jobs, shouldn't be a lengthy, risky or fruitless process. You can count on JobAdX to be your force maximizer. Automate the details of your programmatic job ad distribution candidate targeting and budget management so you can focus your energy on the big picture and human aspects of recruiting top talent. Reach relevant candidates effortlessly across 200 sites in the U S and Canada. Simply upload a feed of your jobs and set your budget in less than five minutes. We do the rest. Getting an influx of applicants already that just aren't the right fit JobAdX presents your jobs to targeted candidates based on their job preferences to get granular. Now your advertising spend can go towards more relevant candidates, not just more applicants. What's more your JobAdX programmatic campaigns now reach for government job bank systems in over 30 States, giving you centralized access to the majority of active job seekers, eager to get off of unemployment and get back to work. Send us a note today with your unique challenge, to see how we can help you in the new state of recruiting, make the next step forward and start your results focused campaign now at that's

Joel (29m 35s):

Running with the devil.

Chad (29m 42s):


Joel (29m 47s):

GlassDoor and Ideed, what show would be complete without talking about at leastIindeed or Glassdoor.

Chad (29m 51s):

And we've got it for you folks together. First and foremost, let's talk about the Glassdoors, diversity inclusion ratings. Okay. So Glassdoor now gives current or former employees the opportunity to rate an organization's DNI efforts on a five point scale. Results of a survey that showed 72% of the UK job seekers and employers value a diverse workforce as an important factor when considering where to work or whether to accept a job offer.

Chad (30m 33s):

This rose dramatically 86% among black respondents and 85% among Asian respondents. Is this a big deal?

Joel (30m 35s):

Well, you're the DNI guy. Are you excited?

Chad (30m 38s):


Joel (30m 42s):

Well, I'll give you my take and you can tell us why you're not excited.

Chad (30m 44s):


Joel (30m 44s):

So there are a few takeaways from this. Neumber one is it's not real obvious where the scores are or where they can be found. This has been being tested for quite a while. So I went to the, the sites that they highlight, like Facebook, Salesforce, Google, and I can't find this rating anywhere. So I don't even know if it's public or what's going on. So that's a little bit of a it's, it'd be helpful if I could actually see it to comment on it. So unless I'm missing something, please, please let me know. The second one is I think, ironically, the new feature sort of discriminates, sorry to use that word.

Joel (31m 16s):

No pun intended, but against small businesses. Like I think it's, I think it's effective when you have a really big company, but when you have what, 80 plus percent of the job opportunities in this country are from startups and small businesses. I just feel like, you can have more data, there's more diversity just by the fact that you have more numbers so you're going to have a better score. So I just don't know if it hurts smaller businesses that it wouldn't that it shouldn't right. Like if I see, or if I see a company with a five star review, and I know that that is off of two reviews, I don't give it a whole lot of credibility.

Joel (31m 50s):

Right? If it's a five star review with three, 3000 reviews, like that has a lot of, a lot of weight with me, I'm not sure this score that's going to be that intuitive. The third thing I thought about was just the anonymity of it, right. You're asking departing employees, for example. And we know from the LinkedIn company meeting back in June, like you throw anonymity with a company feedback and all hell could break loose. So I think that is a, is an issue to think about.

Joel (32m 21s):

Whereas with reviews, if, if someone leaves a shitty review, like I can sort of use my brain to go, okay, that's either like sour grapes or somebody had a bad day, or that's just unrealistic. Or maybe even it's a seed, a seated, a reviewed to screw the company or something else it's kind of harder to do with the diversity score as far as like, you know, what's going on there. And then the fourth thing I thought of was like fucking Glassdoor, man, they're really good at PR this is a great PR play. It's also a great sales play, right?

Joel (32m 52s):

So if you can go into these big companies and be like, Hey, diversity score, promote your profile page, you know, continue to be a Glassdoor client because you're going to help your diversity inclusion, recruiting strategies. Like it feels a little bit like a PR marketing/sales play as well. And that's, those are my, that's my hot take on Glassdoor's DNI.

Chad (33m 15s):

So yeah, this is, I think it's just arbitrary nothingness and they're pandering to the DNI initiatives with complete and utter bullshit. Unless the company provides full transparency of their workforce composition, I mean, which companies don't, so orgs can say they embrace diversity. Okay. Then what are your numbers? If that's the case, then then demonstrate your numbers and be more transparent. What about retention of underrepresented populations?

Chad (33m 46s):

Any employee resource groups, what's the impact in purpose, culture and business? I mean, that's the thing is, is this is very surface oriented. It is cosmetic. And all Indeed, sorry, Glassdoor is trying to do is go out and rake up cash by saying DNI, that's all they're doing. This is worthless piece of shit. Don't do it.

Joel (34m 13s):

I think you said what I did, but much more to the point. I appreciate that. I appreciate it. Did you know that Google doesn't claim its company profile page on Glassdoor? I find that really interesting

Chad (34m 23s):

Much like our friend from red bull, it's all bullshit.

Joel (34m 31s):

He might've been on a few Red Bulls when he made that comment.

Chad (-):

Could of been, could have been.

Joel (-):

I could use a Red Bull.

Chad (34m 34s):

So we're talking about Indeed or Glassdoor, but, but also dragging Indeed, I received some, a actually an email this week. It was forwarded to me within a Glassdoor and Indeed integrated header. It was blue transitioning into that ugly ass green and it just, it was ugly. I thought it was fake. Yeah. That looked like a bad Fiverr contract worker. But it wasn't, and after receiving several comments from different companies, it seems like none of the Glassdoor and Indeed sales are actually coordinating.

Chad (35m 9s):

It's chaotic. There's a bunch of Indeed people trying to cross sell Glassdoor while glass doors, trying to do the exact same thing with different bundles in a quote from one of those people what's interesting is neither Glassdoor nor indeed reps seem to educated on what the other platform has to offer. Another another said, ah, we didn't like that. We wouldn't be able to direct our spend between Glassdoor and Indeed on the backend.

Chad (35m 43s):

Our Glassdoor rep said it was in beta testing right now. Not sure if it's going to be launched.

Joel (35m 43s):


Chad (36m 0s):

So, I mean, from my standpoint, this is a very big company that is having leadership issues because this is amateur stuff. If they're, if they are bundling it should be standard and simple so that salespeople can't fuck it up.

Joel (36m 3s):

Yeah. I mean, it, it sounds to me like a too many chefs in the kitchen situation and maybe different kitchens trying to throw stuff at the wall. Yeah. Leadership clearly a problem. I mean, we had layoffs pretty extremely off the Glassdoor earlier this year that is obviously impacting things. It sounds like maybe some salespeople are going rogue on their marketing stuff. I don't know the image that I saw of what you shared, like, looked like my 13 year old could have made it, but who knows? There's just, this just underscores to me like they can't gobble they can't swallow a Glassdoor quickly enough and get rid of all the duplicate moving parts.

Joel (36m 42s):

And if this is going on and just a simple email, imagine what's going on internally with ms. Communication and confusion and, and leadership, you know, Chris cross. Yeah. This is going to continue until they just cut ties with Glassdoor folks and make it all just Indeed Glassdoor or Glassdeed as we've called it in the past.

Chad (37m 7s):

Migrate those salespeople over to Indeed create a standard selling package and go! Next question there's none of this bullshit, cross selling things that don't fucking exist. Again, this is a leadership issue and unfortunately, one of those organizations is going to have to step the fuck up and standardize stuff. It not to mention to me, we talked about Indeed Flex last week.

Joel (37m 28s):

And they're listening, Chad, they're listening to, they're listening to us. They're listening Hi Indeed.

Chad (37m 56s):

But here's the thing they're doing so much stuff that is not Indeed-like they're putting out platforms that make no sense. They're not, they're not hitting the market the way they used to hit the market. The way that they won, they took over, they dominated the market. They're not doing any of that now. None of it! This kind of shit is just fucking amateur hour. And it blows my mind. Leadership is an issue.

Joel (-):

They have gone from starving junk yard, pit balls to little pussy poodles. And it's coming out in the marketing material. Whereas Paul Forrester, when you need him? God dammit.

Chad (38m 43s):

Call him back!

Jobvite PROMO (38m 43s):

Jobvite the leading end to end talent acquisition suite. Named a leader in ATS, recruitment, marketing, CRM, and onboarding on G2. Kim B says "Jobvite is a user friendly passionate enterprise team that takes care of you. Jolly good." Jeffrey R says, "candidates are constantly telling us we get it right compared to other orgs." Love that! Results driven by AI. Connections built by humans. Jobvite, learn how you can evolve your TA function at

SFX (38m 43s):

Great. Now I get to be a skipper.

Chad (38m 45s):

Yeah, we haven't had a stripper story and at least, I don't know, two weeks.

Joel (38m 51s):

Two weeks, a month. Something like that. Geez.

Chad (38m 53s):

What the hell?

Joel (38m 56s):

Well, if you're looking for enterprising folks with, with a knack for entrepreneurial-ism look no further than your local strip club, everybody. We got a story out of LA this week, where strippers at. So they were, they were working at Jumbos Clown Room, Ron bro, that's gotta be a hooptie ass strip club, Jumbo's Clown Room. So they launched the Cyber Clown Girls.

Joel (39m 28s):

I haven't, I haven't tested the product. I don't know if they dress like clowns or pixelated clowns being cyber? Anyway, these girls said, look, they're waiting for someone to save their jobs, what they were doing and realized, Hey, we're going to have to save ourselves. So they're performing virtual strip teases, and they're doing it. I think on zoom, they're selling tickets through Eventbritet, but I mean, come on. This is America. Things are tough. The economy's down.

Joel (39m 58s):

Let's think intuitively let's be creative. Let's take our show to the internet. I applaud you strippers.

Chad (40m 5s):

They can scale at least, right? Because it's, it's, it's hard when you were in a place that can only hold like 20, good God, 20 people in pervert's row. Right. But if you're online and you can allow 200 people on pervert's row.

Joel (-):


Chad (40m 24s):

There's at least the idea is scalable. The problem is that porn all over the internet is free. So guys can go get this wherever they want to. What's so special about that. If, if I was in their shoes, I wouldn't want some old fucker drooling all over me or some 24 year old getting handsy. So I think this is a safer option along with the, the drive through stripper story that we did a few months ago, I think there's the opportunity to evolve and do what they want to do.

Chad (40m 55s):

But I'm just not sure it'll gain traction.

Joel (40m 57s):

Yeah. I mean, look, these girls are no joke, right? Like in the story, they've got billboards at bus stops. They've got social media. I mean, they're working the angle, obviously, you know, porn can be had for free, but these aren't local girls they're appealing to, I guess, LA sensibilities. And it's working for them a few weeks ago. We talked about the drive through a strip club, right? Like you paid your fee. It was germ-free stay in your car. The girls perform for you, you got food.

Joel (41m 28s):

Yeah. I'm seeing all kinds of stories about OnlyFans, people making a living and six figure and you know, just big dollars for people who were, you know, waiting tables and delivering Amazon packages. Unfortunately, my OnlyFans page has got zero subscribers. So I'm doing something wrong or there's no, no demand for that supply. You know what I'm saying? But if you're interested, head out to head and, and donate, just getting that does not exist.

Joel (42m 0s):

And We out.

Chad (42m 0s):

I need a beer and we out.

OUTRO (43m 2s):

Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode. And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out.


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