Chad & Cheese Does Europe

Some podcasters do it for the fun. Chad & Cheese? Global domination. That's why we've set our sites on Europe after conquering America and have enlisted the help of some locals to make sense of the Old Country. In this episode, the first-ever from the new 'Does Europe' show, the boys discuss gig platform Malt, it's newest round of funding, the labor crunch and ongoing work-from-home issues plaguing European employers and workers. Then they throw-in some Facebook bullsh!t for good measure.


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INTRO (5s):

Some podcasts, do it for the fun. Some do it for the fame. Chad and Cheese they do it for global effin domination. That's why it's bringing America to its knees was just the beginning. Now they have their eyes set on conquering Europe and they've drafted industry veteran Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze of Belgium to help them navigate the old country and bring HR most dangerous podcast across the pond to trash-talk like never before non-safe for work in any language. The Chad and Cheese podcast does Europe.

Joel (40s):

And that's how you do an intro boys and girls. You are listening to the first ever episode of the Chad and Cheese podcast does Europe. I'm your cohost Joel Cheesman.

Chad (53s):

I'm Chad "he had a heart attack!" Sowash

Joel (57s):

And on this episode Lieven , you're supposed to say, this Lieven Van whatever.

Lieven (1m 2s):

Okay. I'm going to say myself, because if you do it, I'm Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze

Joel (1m 7s):

Right? And on this episode, how do you say gig and French? So that's why I can't get a decent fish and chips anymore. And Facebook doesn't care about your old world privacy laws. Sending a whole continent back to the dark ages this is the Chad and Cheese podcast does Europe. It's gotta be better than Disneyland Paris. Right?

Lieven (1m 28s):

Europe has a bunch of countries in it.

Joel (1m 31s):

So excited! Europe. Let's do this Chad.

Chad (1m 33s):

Show number one and we're going to get, and we're going to give the people what they want. Goddammit. They don't want us to talk about NFL football. So my first shout out goes to UAEFA 2020.

Joel (1m 47s):

This is a soccer free podcast. We cannot say soccer on this show. Football. So this is a big deal, right? Yeah. I like the world cup. This feels like, I don't know, world cup, JV or light. I don't, I don't quite understand what's going on with this tournament.

Lieven (2m 2s):

That's sort of the countries actually knowing how to play football. Okay. You have argued. Well, I could argue for Argentina.

Chad (2m 9s):


Lieven (2m 10s):

But US shouldn't be part of any tournament, I guess.

Joel (2m 15s):

So it's like world cup with just European countries. And it's like a primer for the world cup, which is next year, right? Is that next year of the world cup?

Lieven (2m 24s):

Yeah, maybe it is normally it's two a year. The okay. You're being tournament and then there's the world cup and then it's Euro each two years, but now we lost a year. So maybe it's next year. It could be

Joel (2m 33s):

Okay. I know England won or what else is going on? What are the updates?

Chad (2m 38s):

Here's here's the big update. Christian Eriksen of Denmark. His fucking heart stopped. Kid's 29 years old heart stopped on the fucking field.

Joel (2m 48s):

I did see that.

Chad (2m 49s):

Yeah. One of his teammates actually came over, started doing CPR on him. They had to use fucking defibrillator paddles. I mean, Denmark. They were a heavy favorite over Finland. And obviously that outcome didn't work. But I mean, this, I mean just took over all of the new streams and it was, it was ridiculous.

Joel (3m 10s):

Did the dude live?

Chad (3m 11s):

Yeah. Yeah. He lived luckily, he's 29 in good shape. And they had, you know, they had defibrillator paddles there, but Denmark had 22 shots on goal. Finland had one! And Finland won the match one-nil.

Lieven (3m 29s):

Efficiency. Yeah.

Joel (3m 30s):

I guess it's a win for socialized medicine that they saved the guy. America would have, I guess, thrown him into a grave and said a nice knowing you.

Chad (3m 39s):

I don't know. He's the guy has money.

Joel (3m 41s):

Where's your insurance card? Where's your insurance card? No. All right. Sorry.

Lieven (3m 46s):

I saw have sponsors will be happy. A lot of attention.

Joel (3m 50s):

Sponsors what a European thing to say. The sponsors will be happy that it got so much attention.

Chad (3m 55s):

I have to say that probably not the greatest day since Adam Gordon is always wanting us to talk about football and Scotland just got fucking trounced! Two-nil by the Czech Republic.

Joel (4m 11s):

My man let his whole company off today. I think to watch the game. That was.

Chad (4m 16s):

No, that's the England game on Friday. That's the one that really matters.

Joel (4m 23s):

Who's favored to win this thing? Who's favored to win? Who's the best?

Chad (4m 28s):

Belgium and Italy really kicked ass and took names, but Lieven I mean, who are you putting your chips on?

Lieven (4m 34s):

Do you know who is actually number one at this point in world ranking of the national teams as Belgium. Belgium is number one, this is weird, but it is. So if we are ever going to win a big tournament, it will be this time. And we are always humble and applied, et cetera. But now I feel we might actually have a chance with this team.

Joel (4m 52s):

Where's Scotland in the rankings?

Scotsman (4m 55s):

Welcome to all things Scottish. Our slogan is if it's no Scottish it's crap!

Joel (5m 1s):

Are they, are they gonna, are they gonna, are they gonna compete in this thing or what? No.

Chad (5m 6s):

Lieven said he, he didn't even know Czech Republic had a football team!

Joel (5m 11s):

Adam Gordon is on suicide watch as we speak so we shouldn't be too mean. He was really offended. We did a show recently Lieven, I don't know if you heard, but it's one of our UK friends said that HR tech in Europe is about five years behind America, too, which we talked about on that podcast, well Adam chimed in and said that was bullshit. And that in some cases, Europe is ahead of America in terms of HR technology. Where do you stand on Europe versus the U S in terms of where we are with HR tech?

Lieven (5m 42s):

Years ago, I would have agreed. 10 years ago we did have something of a lag, but now we don't anymore.

Joel (5m 48s):

So you say equal?

Lieven (5m 49s):

Probably, and I think we shouldn't watch Asia and not the US

Joel (5m 55s):

Did you say Asia? Not the US.

6 (5m 57s):

Oh, hell no.

Lieven (5m 60s):

No. I guess, yeah. The middle east, maybe Israel for example, is doing great. They are innovative. We used to look up at US for a HR tech, but I don't think big innovations are coming from US at this point, but I could be wrong of course.

Joel (6m 15s):

We're going to come together on this show and figure that all out. Just like the G7 meeting that's going on over in Europe. I'm sure you guys miss Trump pushing away everybody to get in front of the line and in front of the picture, the cameras.

Lieven (6m 26s):

Right? We have Joe Biden now in Belgium. He's in Brussels today.

Joel (6m 29s):

Yeah. What's the mood there, in Brussels with our new president visiting?

Lieven (6m 34s):

Everyone agrees. It's improvment. Yes!

Chad (6m 37s):

That's not saying much. I mean seriously.

Lieven (6m 40s):

No, but okay. He's he's far too old to be of any use, but he's your president. So we should be all right.

Chad (6m 48s):

Get off the age-ism already. Jesus Christ Lieven

Lieven (6m 51s):

No of course he's experienced.

Joel (6m 53s):

You're a continent of old people and museums like really you're bringing up ageism.

Lieven (6m 60s):

No, you're right. We are the old continent, right?

Joel (7m 2s):

The old world is a bunch of ages who knew?

Chad (7m 6s):

Are ou kidding me? They're all bias. Somebody who's not biased though, is a Djokovic who beat Tsitsipas in the French open to win his second career grand slam. So that was pretty fricking amazing. That was an awesome match. Djokovich was down two sets was pretty much getting his ass handed to him, but he's a machine and came back and won the next three sets, knocked him out. So a big props to Djokovic on that. That dude is a machine. I thought back in the day, McEnroe, Connors, Borg, Becker, those guys were like machines.

Chad (7m 52s):

Lendl right? Not even close to this dude.

Joel (7m 56s):

I mean, if, if, if we're going back in time, Chad, with, with our, our generation, I mean, that was sort of my first taste of what Europe was! Growing up like Wimbledon, was it like the first thing I saw sporting in Europe, I think. Bjorn Borg was this like Nordic God with long blonde hair taken on this scrappy, you know, New York, New York McEnroe. So, and, even on the women's side as well. So Europe, my first taste of Europe was really through, I think, tennis day still today. It's the epicenter of all things, tennis in those days.

Chad (8m 31s):

Steffi Graf just fucking annihilated people, man. She just killed people. Now her and Agassi have kids. I want to see what's going to happen with them.

Joel (8m 42s):

Yeah. Let's bring them the mullet back. The Agassi mullet. That's when I want to see these kids with some long ass mullets playing tennis.

Chad (8m 49s):

None of those guys, really, they weren't as Federer and Djokovich these two are just, I mean, they've just blown everybody out of the water. And again, there are no Americans to be seen, at all on the men's side. On the women's side, we got plenty, but nothing on the men's side,