Douchebag Marketing 101

It's The Chad & Cheese Birthday episode, which was totally overshadowed by:

- Entelo kicking their founder & CEO to the curb -, VergeSense, & MedWing get cash - Douche Marketing shaming session - Marketing Master Class by WalMart and Nvidia just redefined blasphemy

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Adam Chambers: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, Mr. President. Happy birthday to you.

SFX: Happy birthday.

Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Another 2.1 million filed jobless claims this week in the US, bringing the 10 week total to nearly 41 million. And Chad and I turned another year older. So how's your week going?

Chad: Yay.

Joel: Welcome to The Chad and Cheese Podcast everybody. I'm your co-host Joel, I'll always be younger than Chad, Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad, much wiser, much smarter, Sowash.

Joel: Much balder. On this week's show, dollars keep rolling in for the work from home venders, douche marketing is alive and well, and Entelo gets a new CEO. Grab a glass of prune juice grandpappy, you'll want to be regular for this one. We'll be right back.

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SFX: Happy birthday.

Chad: We have to talk about the singing that started this whole thing off. That was something that I received yesterday, my birthday. Today is your birthday. It came from Adam Chambers, our favorite Irish-Mexican. He was singing his Marilyn Monroe rendition of happy birthday. And this is the birthday episode, so I thought that would be appropriate.

Joel: Marilyn is rolling in her grave somewhere. Oh my God. What was that? Thanks Adam. Thanks Adam.

Chad: Let's get some Corona virus stuff out of the way. We were just talking about, before the podcast, my daughter, she's a senior in high school, she's getting ready to graduate. And my wife, Julie and I were sitting on the couch this morning. She's like, "So how are you feeling about the whole graduation thing?" And I told her, I said, "You know what? I've been thinking more about the security, the safety, the distancing, the masks and all of that." It's been really hard. Not to mention, she walks across the "stage" today, and they take all the footage and they pull it together. They've been doing this for the last three days, so that they can get all the kids together. Then they edit it so that it happens all in one stream on YouTube. So today she walks, she really graduates on Saturday. There's all this stuff going on. It's really hard to reconcile because we're not really focusing on the event, we're focusing on all the shit around it, and it's just really weird, man.

Joel: Help me envision this, they're each getting filmed individually walking across the stage in a gown? I'm

Chad: Yeah. There were three days that they did this, right? And they have like three hour chunks, and they did it alphabetically. Right? Sowash, always at the end. So they're filming them coming across the stage, they get their pictures, all that other fun stuff. Only their families are in that area, which is why it takes so long. So they get the film done, they go do the next one and just rinse and repeat, and then they edited it all together into one segment of all the kids walking across the stage. It's a lot of work, but again, it's not what we're used to traditionally, so my brain doesn't know how to process it.

Joel: So are you going to like fire up the Roku, and watch it on the big screen at the house? Or

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Okay. All right.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah. We'll definitely do that. And that will be "graduation", but it's just ... Again, we haven't had really time to process how we feel about her graduating high school. Because none of this feels like it's actually happening. Right? So, it's weird.

Joel: Kind of like watching The Shining. You just feel a little a bit off after watching it, if not scared shitless.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: I took the kids, my big kids, 10 and 13 years old, to the first restaurant that we've been to in 10 or 12 weeks. It was good to get out. We like restaurants, we like the whole thing. We were sitting way more than six feet apart from the next people that were there. Waitress, mask. We wore masks going in, obviously we had to take them off to eat, I'm not that good. Disposable menus or throwaway menus. And then of course washing hands afterwards. So I didn't feel scared or anything. I felt weird that there were a few older folks. And I don't mean like older like us, like gray hairs and walkers. And I was surprised to see that. But here in the Midwest, we have a much different attitude about this stuff than the coast do, I think.

Chad: I agree. I agree. Let's call that our Corona block.

Joel: Corona block.

Chad: Shout outs.

Joel: It's a short week. We both had birthdays. My wife is convinced we can't do this show in 30 minutes, she's probably right. But let's get to shout outs and see how tight we can get this show.

Chad: Okay. From Austria, Ling Wu, over at the JOBIQO. She has been listening to the podcast for a while, and really enjoys the mix between entertainment and valuable insights. So thanks

SFX: Hell yeah.

Chad: ... Thanks Ling for listening. And very close to the same kind of comments, from D.C., Grant Clough, who's the director of TA over at AARP, which soon we're going to be members of, feels the same way as Ling. Although, he did say that he often does not agree with me, which I dig. Because you don't have to agree with us to listen, especially if you're looking for different challenging viewpoints and positions on ideals. Whether it's HR, TA, employment branding, economics, politics, we talk about it all. But Grant, I have to say, man, I love that. Thanks for listening. And thanks for not agreeing, because that's what this is all about.

Joel: And when he says don't agree with you, does he mean you singular or are you plural, meaning both of us on the show?

Chad: I don't know. But I would assume that more than likely, he will disagree with me and/or you, depending on our positions. Either way

Joel: oh, that's guaranteed. That's guaranteed.

Chad: Yeah. The whole message for me is, that's exactly what we want. We don't want group think, right?

Joel: Sure, sure, sure. Shout out to you my friend.

SFX: Happy birthday.

Chad: Aw.

Joel: Happy birthday, yesterday. Today is my birthday. Little known fact about us, born the same year, one day apart. I'm still getting into my birthday, but yours is done. How was it?

Chad: It was good time. Mowed the lawn. Enjoyed myself, just chilled. Julie said, "What do you want for dinner?" I said, "Beer and pizza." She was like, "Done." It was perfect.

Joel: You're mowing the lawn comment, I have to ... It was my wedding anniversary, four years. Are you four years as well or are you a year from me in the wedding anniversary?

Chad: God, I can't remember.

Joel: Okay. Well, I won't mention that to Julie. Anyway

Chad: She can't either.

Joel: ... Yeah. Said to my wife, "What do you want to do on our anniversary?" She loves her power washer, which is this whole Midwest suburban thing. She wanted to clean our trash cans with the power washer. So you're mowing lawns and my wife is power washing trash cans on a special day.

Chad: Love it.

Joel: Shout out to both of you.

Chad: Shout out. Shout out to Kevin Anderson recruiter over at uShip in Austin, Texas. And from Jakarta, Nigel Hembrow, the CEO over at Astronaut. Thanks for connecting and listening gents.

Joel: Very nice. Very nice. I'm going to give a shout out to Twitter for growing a pair this week. I don't know if you saw this, but Twitter finally took a stand on Trump's bullshit tweets, and said, "Hey, you might want to fact check this statement." And, of course, crybaby got all upset and wants to regulate the social media business and create a bunch of static for them. So, Twitter, congratulations. Shout out. But, you might regret that in the following months with new regulation and new feds up your ass.

Chad: They have terms of service. And most of the shit that that fucker posts should be deleted. So, at the best, he can put a little check for voting information. Fuck that. Straight from the Netherlands, Kim Lockenberg, she actually Facebook video called me, so that her and her husband, I assume, boyfriend, I don't know, they could sing happy

Joel: This is getting kind of kinky.

Chad: ... They could sing happy birthday to me in Dutch.

Joel: Nice.