Google Launches Jobs App

Launches, layoffs, and Joblists. This week's episode has it all. Throw in Google launching job search app, at-work porn, and you've basically got Christmas in August. You're welcome.

Oh, almost forgot Hiretual got money and Mya's reorganizing.

Enjoy another solid effort by the boys, as always, powered by Sovren, JobAdx, and Jobvite.


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Intro (2s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HRS most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (34s):

Unemployment claims rocket 1 million in the US again, so who else is ready for the weekend? What's up boys and girls?! Welcome to HR's most dangerous podcast, AKA the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your co-host Joel "checkered flag" Cheesman.

Chad (40s):

And this is Chad "I'm not throwing away my shot" Sowash.

Joel (44s):

And on this week show Google, launches Kormo who? Hiretual makes it rain and your workplace might be driving workers to porn strokes. And we're not talking about the good kind of strokes and lawsuits.

Chad (-):


Joel (58s):

Get your sticky fingers off that sticky keyboard. We'll be right back after paying off our whiskey habit.

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Bell (-):

Ding, Ding, Ding

Joel (2m 34s):

What's up Chad?

Chad (2m 37s):

Oh, it's been one of those weeks, been gorgeous! I got a chance to mow the lawn. I can't wait to, after we're done with this, I'm going to go mow the rest of it, but you are mowing less lawn.

Joel (2m 49s):

You just know how to have fun on a Thursday, mowing the yard. That and then straight to my hammock. Now you have an electric mower. Is there like a big battery that you've plugged into that thing? Do you plug the whole into the wall? How does that work?

Chad (3m 1s):

No, it's battery, you swap the battery out. So it comes with two batteries and it is, I would never go back to gas again. It's just, there's no reason. It is a much lighter mower, you don't need like a self-propelled because it's so much lighter. It's quiet and you don't have to worry about all of the maintenance. I mean, I like messing around with little Briggs and Stratton engines and whatnot, but I don't have time. I don't have time to fuck with that shit anymore. So, I mean, it's just easy to pop in a battery.

Chad (3m 33s):

You go do your thing and then you pop it into the charger and good to go. All right. So yeah, we, we put in a concrete patio extension in our backyard. We have a deck, but we wanted, we wanted more space to, you know, cook shit. And there's a tree where we can sit under the shade and put a little a fire pit, addition in there somewhere. And which is perfect timing because as many know the Indy 500 in our areas is happening. It'll be very surreal because there will be no one in the stands.

Joel (4m 4s):

Yes, but the actual race is happening. So in our parts of the world, it's a nice time to pull out the, the big screen outside, get the PBR in the cooler, get some grill marks on some burgers and have a good time, so I'm looking forward to this weekend.

Chad (4m 7s):

Amen. The 500 usually happens in May, but obviously COVID fucked that all up. They thought they were going to be able to get people in the stands and a social distancing type of a way. And they were smart. They were really smart to pull back on that. So it's not, it's going to be great because we'll be able to obviously watch it on TV.

Joel (4m 38s):

We're lovingly calling it the empty Annapolis 500 this year. But yes, it is normally blacked out here locally, so we can actually watch it this year, which is cool.

Chad (4m 40s):

Excellent. Excellent. So shout outs, as we're talking about sports, let's stick with the sports theme. The Washington football team, that's what they're currently called.

Joel (4m 38s):


Chad (4m 48s):

They hired Jason Wright to become the first black president in NFL history.

Clapping (-):


Chad (4m 48s):

Wright won't be involved in the football side of the business, like his predecessor was rather, he's going to focus only on the business side, including operations, finance, sales, and marketing and Coach Ron Rivera obviously is going to do the rest of it. He's going to report directly to Mr.

Chad (5m 31s):

Dan Schneider. Wright was a, was a running back at Northwestern. He played for the Forty-Niners, the Falcons, the Brownies and Cards before going to get his MBA and, and taking some time over at McKinsey. So that's a, that's a big win for NFL football. And it's about damn time.

Joel (5m 52s):

Yeah. Big, big win. And so brave for an industry that's like 80 plus black actually have an executive in the C suite. So brave, so brave Washington way to go! Shout out to our buddy Tim Hawk. I don't know if he's been on the show, maybe a surprise guest appearance somewhere, at a conference, but he is now at NAS the ad agency that was, I believed, acquired fairly recently. So they're actually hiring people. What the hell is going on with that? Tim, my only advice to you stay as far away from Matt Adam as possible.

Chad (6m 27s):

Matt will help you with your naps though. So that might be, if you want to increase your nap game or get better at your nap game, Matt can help you with that. A big shout out to Nia Smith, who was the new CEO of Task Rabbit. She is formally from Uber Eats, Airbnb and now, you know, obviously Task Rabbit gets that shoot. She was Head of Operations for host services at Airbnb, and then director with the position she just left and Head of Courier Operations over at Uber.

Chad (7m 5s):

None of those positions are easy people.

Joel (7m 10s):

And she is replacing a black woman who we talked about, who got the job in 2013, Stacy Brown-Philpot. So we were wondering who would replace her and it's another woman, so shout out to Task Rabbit. I've actually, I've actually used Task Rabbit recently for the first time I mentioned my grill, we got a new one and I looked at the direction. Fuck no. I said, if they can put together an Ikea account, they can put together a grill. So I called up Zach, message Zach. And he came over in an hour, about an hour and a half put together my grill.

Joel (7m 44s):

So I'm a believer in Task Rabbit. If you haven't used it, check it out.

Chad (7m 47s):

Oh, that's awesome. Fucking awesome. A big, big shout out to Jerome Ternynck and Smart Recruiters. They've just

Joel (8m 2s):

Manifesto of sorts.

Chad (8m 3s):

Is it a Manifesto? Yeah. So Smart Recruiters recognizes the existence of white privilege and the impact of systemic racism against black indigenous and people of color. So therefore they've published their plan to become an anti-racist force in the recruiting market. So big kudos to Jerome and team for laying that out. Now here's the big thing we're going to do exactly what you want us and need us to do Jerome. We're going to hold your feet to the fire.

Chad (8m 33s):

And the very first thing is a, it was interesting because last week somebody passed over a staff photo and they've got a pretty large staff and it is pretty Caucasian. So I think job one Jerome is let's go ahead and get some balance in that staff first and foremost, let's do that.

Joel (8m 54s):

Amen to that. And speaking of balance, I have to make a huge apology. Abby Cheeseman, no relation whatsoever. Maybe down the line her husband and I are are, are related somewhere, but we forgot her birthday. So dag dagnabbit, Abby, we're sorry. Happy Virthday to you. Keep trucking there in Chicago where you are. And I hope you had a few pieces of cake and a few shots of whiskey.

Chad (9m 22s):

I will own some of that because obviously I missed it as well, but I think you should own more because you share the same last name. So

Joel (9m 32s):

no question.

Chad (9m 33s):

My last shout out goes to Patrick Shehan the CEO of Circa. He was just on the podcast earlier this week, much like we just were talking about Jerome. We pressed him hard on being transparent with staff stats and hiring on the diversity side of the house. If you're going to do this, and this is a big focus, let's say for companies in the diversity space. If you are not actually being transparent with your staff composition and diversity numbers, then why the fuck should anybody use you?

Chad (10m 10s):

And Patrick said, yes, we will accept that challenge. So we'll definitely keep his feet to the fire much like the rest of the industry that say that we are balanced and we're non-biased and blah, blah, blah. We, I get that. I appreciate that. Now. Fucking show me, let's do this.

Joel (10m 31s):

And speaking of feet to the fire, a quick shout out to Steve Bannon, a former Trump advisor who was arrested today for some scam that he perpetrated apparently to make some money off of poor souls that wanted to build a wall in Mexico. Steve, I hope you enjoy your cell and it's warm and cozy. Last shout out for me real quick, our buddies at Camino announced a big partnership this weekend with the American Advertising Federation, we're talking almost 50,000 strong advertising professionals that can be on the Camino platform.

Joel (11m 7s):

Ryan Gill, Cindy Songne, and team. Congratulations. Good on you.

Chad (11m 12s):

Mike Germano. I mean, we should get those guys on the podcast because I know their whole space is just blowing up with another million plus this week added to the unemployment rolls. These are the types of platforms that we really need to highlight and focus on because I believe they are the platforms of the future.

Joel (11m 36s):

So this, this just came across my message, message wire. Shout out to my sister who is now engaged.

Chad (11m 45s):

Oh, nice. Yeah where's the applause!

Joel (11m 49s):

My sister does not listen to the show, but Holy shit, I just got a picture of a big ring that came across my IM images. So in addition to that, shout out to my wife who's celebrating another trip around the sun, on Monday. Wow. What a way? That way, the way to close shout outs for me.

Chad (12m 9s):

Very nice. Very nice. Okay. We're going to jump into events real quick. So August 27th people at 2:00 PM Eastern, it's a Recruitment Hackers event put on by Talk Push our friends over at Talk ush. I'm going to be a part of it's around Optimizing Recruitment for the Remote Workforce. I'm going to have my buddy, Jen Terry-Tharp's going to be there. And yeah, it should be, it should be a blast. So if you want to check it out, you want to register, go to to register, not 'com,,, it's, check it out.

Joel (12m 50s):

Nice and events for me Wednesday of this week stood in the Jobvite Summer to Evolve Series. I was on a with Jeff Rohrs, their CMO.

Chad (13m 1s):

How'd that go?

Joel (13m 2s):

Joe Pulizzi. It was, it was three Clevelanders talking about the Brown's season mostly and whether or not there would be seasoned, but, but we also found time to talk about content marketing, how to sort of marry marketing with TA. It was a nice extension of the stuff that we've talked about at the Cult gathering and our Cult Brand series. So yeah, if, if you miss that, go to I don't know if it's online yet, but it certainly should be soon if it's not, they can just check out yours until mine goes off.

Chad (13m 35s):

Yeah. Mine's up there. Joel's is up there. Did you talk about podcasts at all? That's content.

Joel (13m 44s):

It was on our list. We didn't even get to it. We spent so much time on like

Chad (13m 49s):

Should be number one!

Joel (13m 51s):

I know, I know it's, you know, there's this thing called just texts that people are still into. And we talked about that for 30-45 mins.

Chad (13m 58s):

Yeah, I get it. I get it. Excellent! Topics.

Joel (14m 3s):

Google in the news.

Chad (-):


Joel (14m 6s):

I didn't even know this is going on. So we know Google for Jobs. We know the search API, we know Hire was shut down last year, but there's, they're still doing it. So they announced this week, Google launches an app called Kormo, that's KORMO in India. So they're expanding their recruitment app called Kormo Jobs in the second largest country in the world. This was previously available in Bangladesh and Indonesia. Korma Jobs helps users find and apply for entry level roles. Google previously offered a regional job search feature known as job spot within Google Pay. But that is now being wined down in favor of Kormo. So the question, should we be anticipating Kormo in a local market near you with a Google jobs application that that is going to put the fear in Indeed for sure.