Google vs LinkedIn

New unemployment claims in the U.S. fell below one million for the first time since March, so let the good times roll, right? Not so fast, as the boys dig into:

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Intro (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HRS most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (9s):

All right. All right. All right. New unemployment claims fell below 1 million for the first time since March. Let the good times roll baby. What's up kids? Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your co-host Joel "bubble-boy" Cheesman.

Chad (38s):

And I'm Chad "Rochambeau" Sowash.

0 (41s):

And on this week, show Google takes aim, again, at LinkedIn. Uber and Lyft are not going back to Cali, Cali, Cali and McDonald's ex-CEO is caught dipping his McNuggets in the company barbecue sauce. Da da da ta ta ...

Chad (58s):

Not loving it.

Joel (1m 1s):

We'll be right back.

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Chad (1m 40s):

That's a good time right there.

Joel (1m 43s):

That is a good time. You you've done yours, right?

Chad (1m 47s):

I have done mine. It was a, it was good. It was a good time had by all. I think.

Joel (1m 55s):

Mine is Wednesday of next week or this week, depending on when you're listening to the show,

Chad (2m 5s):

Summer to CheeseVolve.

Joel (2m 6s):

Cheesevolve. Summer. I thought, I thought it was summer of love. And then I read closely and it said summer, I probably wouldn't have committed to the, to the gig, but whatever.

Chad (2m 17s):

Oh shit, dude. So, Oh, we a couple of weeks ago actually socially distanced at, at your place, which was, which was nice. We actually got a chance to see each other, got to see the little rug rat run around all over the place, man.

Chad (2m 50s):

He's a machine.

Joel (2m 52s):

He is a nuclear powered, little human. It wears my shit out, dude. There's a reason why young people have kids. Yeah. And speaking of Kids, shout out to your daughter, starting school at Indiana state home of the sycamores and Larry Bird. For those who don't know either two of the first things I said,

Chad (3m 10s):

Dude, it's, it's hard right now. Ema and Kennedy are both in school. Ema's at Indiana State and Kennedy's at Ohio Northern man. I really don't know what to think as, as a dad and as a protector, as somebody who wants to have everybody safe, I did not want to let them go. And, and I hope that we did the right thing in allowing them to go to school. But we did go to school that everybody was wearing masks. Hell, they gave her two masks, even though she went with 20, it was an interesting setup.

Chad (3m 41s):

And they're actually moving in over a week's time frame. So it's not everybody, you know, everybody come in at once. It took them a week.

Joel (3m 50s):

So what is it like Lord of the Flies of your house now that you're empty nesters? Are you like running around the house naked and scaring the neighbors?

Chad (3m 57s):

Yeah! I don't need clothes on anymore.

Joel (4m 0s):

Yikes. That's a whole other podcast

Chad (4m 4s):

That being said, I've got to say that I feel, I feel a little dirty after last year.

Joel (4m 10s):

Yeah. We kind of cheated on each other and if I can speak freely, I felt titillated and excited at first. And then, and then towards the end I felt kind of dirty and guilty about it. So I don't know how you feel, but, but what, what started out exciting with some exotic Australian turned a little bit turned a little bit dirty for me. And I'm glad to be back on my regularly scheduled podcast.

Chad (4m 34s):

The TA-Pod, TaPod had a couple of hairy men on them and I was lucky enough to have a Lauren Sharp. So it was a good time. There's no question, but I tell you what it's, it's interesting. They don't talk about tech as much as we do. And we interweave tech into workforce and economics and all that other fun stuff. So it was, it was somewhat constrained around the tech side.

Joel (4m 59s):

Yep. So we, we may rehash a few items from last week before we get down to the, to the new shows. But yeah, I agree. We, the most interesting part of my conversation was when we stopped recording and he started telling me about like all the fucking poisonous critters that live in Australia and which he has been bitten by, stung by and, and almost killed by. So yeah, Australia is a fucked up place.

Chad (5m 26s):

That's where all the Pokemon,

Joel (5m 27s):

Yeah, we have 800,000 poisonous spiders and some of them live in the house with you. I'm like, what the fuck is that about? So yeah,

Chad (5m 35s):

it sounds like you need, Terminix

Joel (5m 37s):

He says there's this spider that's as big as a transplant. And it just hangs out in the corner of her house and I'm like, don't you kill it? Don't you get out the vacuum cleaner, like suck it up. And he's like, no, mate. You know, they kill flies and bugs and shit... Like I've lived in Arizona and Australia scares me well today. Do you know what today is a third day of Kamila being the vice presidential candidate.

Chad (5m 59s):

Is it the third day? That's awesome! But it is Black Women's Equal Pay Day. So pretty much in line. Yeah, pretty much in line. And, and to be able to bring this, this topic up, I thought it was important for a couple of white dudes to be able to shout out a black woman makes about 62 cents on the dollar compared to a, a white dude. The US DOL the US DOL data from 2017, cause they're lagging on average, a white dude makes about $60,388 per year.

Chad (6m 36s):

And a black female makes $36,735.

Audience (-):


Chad (6m 43s):

And then, and then just comparing that. So $36,735 against a white female, which is $46,513. So a white female almost makes $10,000 more a year. And they are severely below the white dude as well. So I think we need to have more than a day to be able to focus on this topic. But yes, today is Black Women's Equal Pay Day.