Indeed? Where we're going, we don't need Indeed.

Tiger King is back on Netflix, which makes the fact there's even an episode this week pretty amazing, but as much as we're junkies for Joe Exotic, we're more committed to opening HR's lizard brain on a weekly basis.

So, here we go: This week, the boys cover news out of Indeed and Glassdoor, as well as funding rounds for Rippling and Workato. Then it's on to The Great Resignation, covering news and commentary around Amazon fines, trucker shortage myths, a-hole CEOs and working for multiple employers, compliments of WFH. We even throw in a Britney reference, 'cause she's free now and all that.


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Hide your kids lock the doors. You're listening to HR is most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right? Where hers complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark buckle up boys and girls.

Joel (20s):

Oh yeah. Taylor is back, Brittany is free, Paris is hitched and Adele has a new album. I'm as happy as a little girl. I kids at your favorite Cowboys. You're listening to the Chad and cheese podcast. This is your co-host Joel "Oops. I did it again" Cheeseman.

Chad (38s):

And this is Chad "king of all media" Sowash.

Joel (41s):

On this week's show is Indeed killing the resume? Is the truck driver shortage a big lie and dating app bundle swipes right on the Metaverse. Oh yeah. And Tiger King is back kids. Woohoo!

Chad (56s):

Oh God, what's up Chad? Well, I just like to say that it feels good being the king of all media.

Joel (1m 2s):

Which leads you into your first shout out, I assume.

Chad (1m 6s):

Yeah. So, okay. Listeners, we received a really cool message from an industry leader this week and the subject was I've converted. And it goes a little, something like this, I've been a long time, Howard Stern listener, as long as I can remember, my car rides were filled with Stern. I'm going back to the office now a few days a week. And for the last month, I can say the only quote unquote "talk component of my drive has been your show. I think that means I've officially converted away from the king of all media to the Chad and Cheese show. Keep up the great work." Well, we appreciate it.

Chad (1m 47s):

Big ... where's our big applause at?

Joel (1m 50s):

I kept going into the lake. I kind of faded into Casey Kasemland there for a second. I remember the letter. So he used to write from listeners. This one comes from a listener out in Toledo, Ohio, Casey. When I first started dating Melissa anyway. Yeah. Shout out for that. That's great. King of all media. Shout out for me for, to Ben Herman, former founder of Canvas, the, I don't know, the three week stint of like drama on our show of what the hell happened at Canvas. Yeah. Well, he's been gone for a while now. He is now the founding partner at Ken Ventures. So any startups out there need some money, give Ben a call. He's apparently got some money to venture.

Chad (2m 32s):

Big shout out to Phillip Martino over at Factory Fix. I've never heard of this. It's a manufacturing employment platform. So we've got to check that out, Factory Fix. And Jared Donner over at sponsor and friend of the show, Jobvite. Just keep listening, get your peers, listening, your family, listening, everyone, you know, listening. And they can find us wherever they listen to podcasts.

Joel (2m 60s):

I've had a few Factory Fixed folks connect with me on LinkedIn. So it sounds like we have a new batch of fans there at Factory Fix. So shout out to the entire company!

Chad (3m 9s):

Dig it!

Joel (3m 9s):

Shout out for me to Troy Polamalu. I'm sneaking in some NFL shout outs.

Chad (3m 15s):

He's got great hair.

Joel (3m 16s):

He does have great hair and he apparently did a little deal with Fiverr last week, if you were going to Fiverr and maybe some of you were, he was out there doing some gigs, he was doing tattoos on himself. He was doing voiceovers, all kinds of good stuff. So, you know, the sports athlete endorsement remains strong and in our industry, shout out to Troy Polamalu, football strong safety, Hall of Famer, Troy.

Chad (3m 41s):

Oh, nice. Very nice. Well, I've been busy lately and I'd like to shout out to Prez Berendt and the crew over at Talent Alpha for having me join them on their human cloud webinar discussion today, it was pretty awesome. We had Barry Matthews who's the CEO of Open Assembly. He was over in London, Prez in Krakow, and here I was in good old Columbus, Indiana talking about a more open definition for work in systems and how we're actually going to make something like that happen. So if you want to check it out, it was an awesome discussion. You can check it out at

Joel (4m 19s):

We're going to need a whole new section for your webinar appearances, seems to be a weekly thing. Shout out to Brian Chaney. I know we give a Indeed a lot of grief on the show, but they have some good people working there. Brian is one of the more well-known he is leaving the company after six years of being in their global employment brand guy. No word on his next steps. Although he did say in a LinkedIn post that he will still be trying to get people jobs, just not with Brian, good luck to you and shout out.

Chad (4m 55s):

No reflection on Brian, but how often have we heard that in the last like five plus years of individuals who are like inside the Trump administration? Yeah. Oh yeah, he's in, but he's a good guy. It's you know, it's kind of like the evil empire that's, I don't get it. Anyway shout out to Madeline Laurano for inviting me to the high volume hiring webinar discussion yesterday. That's right the hits just keep on rolling kids. Thanks to the Fountain team for pulling it all together. The world of work is changing at speed systems, processes, regulations. I mean, all that shit hopefully will follow quickly because the great awakening is happening and we'll be talking about it on the pod today.

Chad (5m 41s):

If you want to check out the recording, go to Okay.

Joel (5m 47s):

And speaking of Lightspeed, Chad, our buddies at Paradox this week were named the fastest growing company in HR tech 2021, Deloitte technology, fast 500. And they're also the fastest growing company in the great state of Arizona. So to all of our friends out at Paradox, congratulations and shout out to you. In addition to that, Chad, we got some free shit.

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You know how we do, we do shirts by Emissary. And by the way, I went to our buddies at Emissary and I said, guys, we're a little bit short of shirts. It's the holiday season. Can we do another batch of Chad and Cheese t-shirts and they gladly said yes. So shout out to Euan and the Emissary crowd, I'll be sending out shirts during the holidays. And we got some free time next week, which I think we'll talk about in a second. But yeah, some free shirts are going back out, but if you, if you don't have your free shirts, you need to go to We have our beer drop winner this past month sponsored by Pillar that's Jeanette Leads.

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A lot of listeners will know her from an interview, I think we did at HR tech a few years ago and we do whiskey sponsored by Sovren and Chad you remember the free Pappy sponsorship promo that we did last year with Sovren. Everyone remembers that.

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Yeah, I remember it because I didn't get a fucking bottle. That's what I remember.

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Yeah, we got Jack shit. But this year I'm going to give you a little hint as to who our sponsor is and what we're giving away.

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Welcome to all things Scottish, our slogan is if it's no Scottish it's crap.

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That's right. Our friends at Candidate ID, Adam Gordon, he's getting a little sick of so much bourbon talk and this American shit, when his brown water is the original, the OG. It's been around longer than we've been a country. So he's like, guys, let's do some scotch this holiday season. And we are obliging him, coming soon, free scotch. We'll share it via email, everyone of our listers, but we're real excited to have some Peated good, good stuff this year in the form of scotch that big, thanks to Candidate ID, Adam and family for sponsoring that giveaway.

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Again, kids, for a lot of our free shit.

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Three winners this year. And I want Europe to know you guys are in this. Get in the free, get all in the free. There's there's a good opportunity here. Do we have birthdays? That's the question.

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We do have birthdays. We've got some heavy hitting birthdays.

sfx (8m 38s):

Happy Birthday!

Chad (8m 38s):

Wait. All right.

Joel (8m 40s):

Let's start with Quincy Valencia, super friend of the show. She celebrates a birthday coming up. Jen Levine Riley, Katrina Polanski, Tracey Harmon and Jennifer Sheridan, fans of the show and industry icons, Tony Lee, Matt Charney, and Kevin Wheeler all celebrate birthdays this week! Guys and gals, another trip around the sun. Happy Birthday to those folks.

Chad (9m 7s):

And just for all of you out there who remember Licensed to Ill by the Beastie boys actually dropped turns 35, November 15th.

Joel (9m 22s):

And your favorite song from that album is?

Chad (9m 26s):

Paul Revere.

Joel (9m 27s):

Okay. Okay. I'm going to go Brass Monkey on that.

Chad (9m 31s):

Funky monkey.

Joel (9m 32s):

I might've said Girls, but I might get canceled if I say two at a time. I want girls with new wave hairdos. I want girls. We also have a fantasy football update Chad. We can't leave the week without that. And yeah, this is the highlight for you. All right. Here's our fantasy football leaderboard sponsored by and the number one spot to the end. We have number one, Jason Mamoa Putnam. Number one, there we got Q dog Quincy Valencia making her second second mentioned in the show. Number three is your boy Cheese.

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That's the guy talking leaderboard right now. Benjamin Button Kuntz, Christy Crescent Moon, Chris Hemsworth Russell, Michael Jordan Cox, Pete Townsend Suchi, Bill and Ted Fanning. And last but not least, Chad.

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Dude, Michael Cox tried losing last week. He tried, he had Chubb in, Chubb was out because of COVID. Right? So I mean, it was like, it should have been mine, but this, for some reason, this Chad and Cheese football season, I've been kicked in the nuts so many times. Yeah. Thanks Michael. Thanks for kicking the nuts, man.

Joel (10m 50s):

Yeah. Yeah. Matt Stafford's decide to have the worst game of the year in my matchup with Ben Coons that a deep six, me and my chances of beating him. But anyway, I'm having fun playing some fantasy football. And if you didn't, if you haven't listened yet, make sure you check out Mr. ATS this week on the podcast. And speaking of sad, trombone sounds we got news out of Europe today. Chad, no Euro trip for you or at least no conference gangsta. COVID our trip to Europe or at least mine has been canceled.

Joel (11m 29s):

You are still going and you might, there's some silver lining to yours. You'll be in Paris instead of Belgium. But anyway, for those that were excited to see us in Europe, for those who were going to the conference, it is going to be rescheduled. We don't have that date yet, but needless to say, I will be in the great USA celebrating one of our great holidays, Thanksgiving. Eating, watching football and napping while you're in Paris.

Chad (11m 56s):

You're going to be in hog heaven let's just put it that way. You're going to be in a recliner, watching NFL football, eating a drumstick turkey, drumsticks turkey leg. You're going to be fine. You're gonna be fine.

Joel (12m 15s):

And I'm going to get a refund on my ticket, I think.

Chad (12m 20s):


Joel (12m 20s):

All right. It was a busy week this week. So close to Thanksgiving. All right, let's talk earnings from recruit holdings. One of the world's largest staffing firms reported revenue rose 23.2% and this fiscal second quarter ending September 30th revenue and it's quote HR technology and quote segment, which includes our buddies at Indeed and Glassdoor rose a whopping 107.3% year over year in the second quarter. As measured in us dollars, the increase was 100.1%. The company said, quote, "the limited supply of job seekers, looking for work combined with significant hiring demand, continued to increase competition for talent on Indeed and Glassdoor.

Joel (13m 5s):

And that competition was a significant driver of growth in Q2. Stop me if you've heard this one before, also out of recruit holdings, they say it's a time to ditch the resume. Recruit Holdings says it has a solution to the labor shortage. Get rid of the damn resumes CEO, Hisayuki Idekoba said, quote, "the hiring process is still resumes. Sending resumes, checking resumes" end quote. He added this as a great opportunity for us to move forward from old school and commit resume profile culture to asking what can you do? And instead recruit, suggest posing questions and assessment tests to job seekers, to see if they know how to navigate the specific tasks the job will require."

Joel (13m 51s):

And added, there are a huge amount of people who can't write resumes or don't have the skills to fill one out. Chad Recruit gave us a lot to talk about this week. What were your takeaways?

Chad (14m 5s):

I wonder how much revenue they would've pulled in if they hadn't started suffocating Glassdoor, what about a year or two ago? Right? If they actually had products to sell over at Glassdoor. I mean, they could have actually pushed more revenue, I believe. When it comes to this killing the resume thing. Yeah. There's no question, we need to get to a skills based type of a system. You know, he actually said quote, "hiring processes need to adapt to the times." Yeah, no kidding. But you took a search engine and regressed it back into a 1990s job board.

sfx (14m 47s):

Oh hell no.

Joel (14m 48s):

Yeah. He's back to the future to job boardland talking about ditching the resume.

Chad (14m 54s):

Well then he goes into state the obvious a degree for a job in restaurants. No shit. Job descriptions for restaurants that haven't been updated for 20 years yet. No shit. I mean, is that the best you got? We all know this, but what this all came down to for him really was it seemed like a paid ad to be able to talk about the new Indeed elixir, you know, pose questions in our interview system. Chat-based hiring process for drivers. Seriously, this dude is nothing more than an overpaid carnival barker.

Joel (15m 34s):

Dude, killing the resume has gotten headlines for 15 years. So yeah, it's just a recycling recycling a classic. So yeah, the company has a printing machine that just prints money. Baby. Life is good there and it's going to be good for the foreseeable future 10 years from now. Probably not so much, but Hey, for the next 12 months, it's boats and hoes baby. Secondly, like I said, the resume is dead narrative has been around for a long time. You and I remember Visual CV. Do you remember those guys ever going to kill the resume back in 2006 or so?

Chad (16m 7s):