Indeed Zaps Back!

This week HR's Most Dangerous Podcast welcomes TApod cohost Lauren Sharp to the mic and kicks Cheesman to the couch for another nap. Obviously, this means the show is going to have somewhat of an Aussie flare. This week Chad and Lauren talk about...

- Indeed doubles down on shitty UX and Zaps back!

- Careerbuilder playing the role of drunken college kid

- Google, Facebook, and Tiktok get governmentally screwed

- Victoria's 2.0 hotel sex COVID lockdown 

and plays the menstrual cycle angle? Huh...?? 

Don't be a few stubbies short of a six-pack mate, listen! This Dog's breakfast is brought to your by our mates at Sovren, Jovite, and JobAdX.. G'day!


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Intro (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HRS most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad (27s):

Welcome to the Chad and cheese podcast. I'm Chad. So OSH accompanied by my guest host

Lauren (33s):

Lauren Sharp. Hello everybody,

Chad (36s):

Which means this is going to have an Aussie flair to it kids, but let's not get ahead of ourselves because we're talking today about the evil empire. AKA Indeed, who's doubling down on shitty user experience, CareerBuilder playing the drunken college kid and Google Facebook and Tik Tok are getting governmentally screwed from all angles. We're a few stubby short of a six pack. So wrap your laughing gear around that. And I have no clue what the fuck any of that means.

Chad (1m 9s):

You're welcome. Australia. Stay tuned.

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Chad (1m 44s):

Okay. So I have no clue, Lauren, what any of that actually means, few stubby short of a six pack. I'm a thinking, it means that I'm stupid. Does that right?

Lauren (2m 1s):

Pretty much you got it right.

Chad (1m 44s):

And wrap your laughing gear around that. What does that mean?

Lauren (2m 11s):

That usually means ate something. Okay. <inaudible> Well, or something like that to wrap your laughing gear around that.

Chad (2m 18s):

Ah, gotcha. Okay. So what are, what are some of your favorite Australian saying slang that we don't really get here in the U S

Lauren (2m 27s):

Actually one of my favorite terms, I use it quite a lot is "wanker" it's more British than anything, but then again, Australia is very British in a lot of respects and being part of the empire. But yeah, you're a wanker pretty much. That's my favorite sums everything up. You just look at someone and you get that eye roll. You sort of get that little bit of a sneer and go, you're such a Wanker.

Chad (2m 49s):

Yes. So do you guys, do you guys use douchebag? Because I think that's very similar,

Lauren (2m 52s):

Yeah but no that's very American.

Chad (2m 54s):

Okay. So Lauren Sharp, for those of you who have been in the corner in the fetal position for, for, for a year or so, who are you? Who's Lauren Sharp. What is this TaPod thing we keep hearing about?

Lauren (3m 11s):

Part of Talent Acquisition pod is the brainchild of Craig and myself. Australia had no local content when it came to talent acquisition. There were a few podcasts around about HR and agency recruitment, but nothing really catering for in house that was specific. So we are listening to a lot of stuff out of Europe and the U S. Mostly you guys out of the U S.

Chad (-):


Chad (3m 33s):

You've got a following down here, believe me. And yes, we started it up a year ago this month. Well, happy anniversary.

Lauren (3m 43s):

Thank you. Thank you.

Chad (3m 46s):

So for those who don't know, we're actually doing a, a radical crossover. What that means is we were lucky enough to get Lauren on to Chad and Cheese, and we were even more lucky to get Joel's ass outta here for a minute. And he is joining Craig on TaPod. When, when is your podcast actually gonna drop?

Lauren (4m 6s):

Do you know, Next Monday we drop it every Monday morning, Australian time, which will be Sunday evening your time. So that'd be dropped Monday morning and yeah, so basically we've done the podcast version of keys in the vault.

Chad (4m 23s):

Okay. Let's go ahead and let's jump into shout out guests first. Who's your, who's your shout out to?

Lauren (4m 28s):

My pod husband. We're in lockdown. So I won't see him now for at least six weeks.

Chad (4m 33s):


Lauren (4m 34s):

Yeah, it was Australia. We're in Victoria. So we've gone down to a stage for lockdown when we can't leave our houses without basically having a little permission slip,

Chad (4m 44s):

Which is where we should have been a long time ago.

Lauren (4m 46s):

Yeah. You guys are screwed. Really screwed, but we'll talk about that a bit later. I'm so yeah, my shout out is to my pod husband, who I will miss for the next six weeks.

Chad (4m 58s):

Well, excellent. Well, I'm going to start out with Laura Rendle, who is Clorox's newest CEO, that's 38 CEOs kids in the fortune 500. I'm giving her a big applause, but we're, we're going to give the, the fortune 500 a, a big one of these "boo" less than 10%, less than 10% of fortune 500 CEOs are female Lauren.

Chad (5m 29s):

Why the fuck is that the case? It makes no sense to me.

Lauren (5m 32s):

Well, we certainly have a lot of qualified women out there to do the roles. That's not an issue. We just need to get them to apply for the roles. I think some of it is that mummy shoe that has been discussed over and over again about when we take time off work, it is getting better, but it's still not where it needs to be. We have a lack of parity on wages. That's another one where why would we put our hand up for that role if we're going to get less? Just because we're female.

Chad (5m 56s):


Lauren (5m 57s):

Why go through that stress?

Chad (5m 59s):

Yes, I mean, just the, the parity overall, right? And I think that's, that's something that we talk about a lot here on the podcast. I also talked to shout out to Rena Gupta, who is the CEO of Mom Relaunch. I had a great discussion with her this week and hopefully we'll get her on the podcast for interview, but she has an organization that is focused specifically on like you, you were talking about the mommy tracking when you go off to have a kid. Again, we don't, we don't live to work.

Chad (6m 29s):

Right? Do we have lives? Right? So her a company, Mom Relaunch focuses on again. He rejected those females back into corporate life. So looking forward to connecting hopefully with her sometime soon.

Lauren (6m 46s):

That sounds like a good one. I might have to listen to that one.

Chad (6m 48s):

I hope you listen to all of them. What are you kidding? Big shout out to Roy Etnyre or this guy's a masochist guys. He's celebrating his 15th year at Monster. Can you believe that 15 years? Great time. 15 years now, get your ass back out there and sell something last. Last for me, Kylie Frank from Milwaukee and Peter Shelley over at Glassdoor in London. Thanks for listening guys.

Chad (7m 19s):

Really appreciate it. You also wanted to talk about what does that, that Hung Lee thing that was happening.

Lauren (7m 27s):

I did. I wanted to mention Hung. He sent out his schedule for August last night, lying in bed, reading a book ping. And it comes as usual along with your hundred million messages. And the 21st of August, he's doing a Comcast of the Beauty Bias Hiring in the Era of Video. And I think with all the bias and everything that we've got going on already, do we need to add this? I, yeah, obviously it's going to evolve. How are we going to eliminate this bias as well?

Lauren (7m 57s):

I'm always talking about diversity and inclusion.

Chad (7m 60s):

So why is this coming up now? Because just because we're seeing people on video, we've interviewed people face to face for years. I'm glad it is coming up, but, but why is this something that's coming up now? Is it, do you think that video makes this just a bigger perspective issue?