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Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Dice, & Styx

It's a world full of good news ... and a growing amount of bad news.

No surprise, the world of work is no different. And Chad & Cheese are here to talk about it. If you're Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Dice, like Styx sang, these are the best of times. If you're Amazon, a pregnant woman, most CEOs or someone with a disability, it might be the worst of times. It's good for Aliro, A.Team, and Mathison, who just raised money. Lastly, for Carmen Electra, the jury's still out, but for OnlyFans, it's always a party. It's a downer of an episode until it's not. Enjoy ... but not too much.

INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (22s):

Oh yeah. An outbreak of monkey pox is ravaging Europe the week after Chad became a Portuguese homeowner. Coincidence? I think not. Hey boys and girls, you're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your co-host Joel, "baby formula shortage" Cheeseman,

Chad (41s):

Chad "blame Mercury" Sowash.

Joel (44s):

And on this week show does Amazon hate pregnant women? Is the best or worst of times ahead of us? And what gen X sexpot just joined OnlyFans? You got questions. We got answers. Let's do this. Chad, my five-year-old graduated from preschool yesterday. Apparently everybody gets trophies and everybody graduates from everything that they do. It was very cute, but very troubling at the same time. He won the Math Whiz Award. I mean like he's five years old. What is 10 plus two?

Joel (1m 26s):

He gets right. He's a math whiz. I just it's, I don't know.

Chad (1m 30s):

I love it!

Joel (1m 31s):

The decline of Western civ.

Chad (1m 33s):

It's something that we're also seeing in our industry, correct?

Joel (1m 36s):

Oh, yes. At which could lead me to my first shout-out if you'd like to start that. All right, let's get you a Lighthouse Research and Advisory.

Chad (1m 46s):


Joel (1m 46s):

Chad, we love a good list, but this is ridiculous. This week, a slew of press releases started coming out from vendors about winning an award from Lighthouse. So I had to investigate. Holy cow, Chad, the list of non winners may be shorter than the list of actual winners. You get an award, you get an award, you get an award. Here's a taste of the winners, in just the talent acquisition category. Seek Out, Talroo, Lever, HireEZ, Eightfold, BrightHire. There were 27 winners in all just from the talent acquisition category. With about eight or 10 different categories.

Chad (2m 25s):

It sounds like a participation trophy there. Okay.

Joel (2m 28s):

We did not win an award, but next year when they throw blogs and podcasts in, we're definitely gonna win an award.

Chad (2m 35s):

Yeah. Blogs. They still exist? My first shout out goes to women's soccer kids! After years of litigation and horrible PR for the US soccer team, pretty much the US Federation of Soccer, the Women's US National Team are now finally finding pay equity with the men's team. As a dad, to a couple of young ladies, I this as a great victory and fairness and equity doing the same job should garner the same money and the U S ladies have fought for years to see this through. But we have to remember, this is not the finish line. They could fight for equity because the money in professional sports is transparent, which is something that corporate landscapes and corporate leaders are fighting against on a daily basis.

Chad (3m 27s):

Transparency and perseverance made this happen. So we have to understand that this isn't the finish line, rather it's a recipe for equal pay. Taking the momentum from this victory into the corporate sector is a must! Pay transparency is a must. So congratulations to the women's team for setting the example and creating a recipe for equal pay. Now we've just got to follow it.

sfx (3m 53s):

Hell yeah!

Joel (3m 53s):

And from one A team, Chad to another, A team, and I'm not talking about BA Barocas, there's a New York based members, only network for creating workplace teams called you guessed it, Ateam, I don't know you Chad you figure that one out. They raised $55 million in Series A funding this week. Tiger Global and Jay-Z's Roc Nation are investors. And an interesting side note, CEO and founder Raphael Ozon is married to Hired Score's Athena Karp does the couple that HR techs together stay together. I guess we're going to find out, shout out to Ateam.

Joel (4m 34s):

No BA Baracus, Hannibal, or Faceman required.

Chad (4m 38s):

Damn well. I'm going to give a shout out to another A team and that's our listeners because we have the best listeners ever. First one, Scott Nelson, right out there in front for everybody on social media, he says he's pretty picky and doesn't endorse many podcasts, but the Chad and Cheese gets his endorsement. Thanks, Scott. Then

Joel (4m 60s):

That's a full Nelson right there, baby.

Chad (5m 5s):

Then Nick Bradford posts a picture in his Chad and Cheese t-shirt holding a bottle of Maker's 46 and Peerless bourbon. Great picnic. And I got to say that Maker's 46 is the standard, but more than likely, you've never had Peerless before. Ah, man, that's a treat. Enjoy that. And then last but not least and not to be out done, a big shout out to Sepideh Nayeri who made the best whiskey video ever. The video starts with a beautiful spread of pistachios and cheese in the center and then she pans to the right and pours a glass of Bib and Tucker bourbon on a big fat rock and then pans left and pours a glass of Bulleit rye on another big fat rock.

Chad (5m 57s):

All while careless whisper is playing in the background, big applause to Sepideh you win the internet, you win the internet with that one.

Joel (6m 10s):

And additionally, she chose my whiskey over yours, which you failed to mention, but I will go ahead and amend for our show.

Chad (6m 17s):

Sweet over spicy and that's okay. Rye has the spice to it. I'm spicier. She likes a little bit of sweet.

Joel (6m 23s):

Bib And Tucker Chad. She likes a good, a good Bib and Tucker shout out for me to our friend, Anoop Gupta of SeekOut and a Prem Kumar of Humanly, both friends of the show, both were winners at the Geek Wire Awards, Pacific Northwest, unlike the Lighthouse Research and Advisory, these look like real awards. Both were winners at the award ceremony Anoop was CEO of the year. Holy shit. That sounds impressive. And Humanly one for best UX design of the year. Crelate was also a nominee for that category. Shout out to Anoop and Prem.

Chad (7m 5s):

And just so listeners, remember that Anoop won Death Match and Prem got double applause on Firing Squad. Again, good things happen when you listen to the Chad and Cheese.

Joel (7m 20s):

And everything that touches us turns to gold. Absolutely.

Chad (7m 23s):

Oh, big shout out to Mercury retrograde. Have you heard of this?

Joel (7m 29s):

No, but it sounds, sounds really stupid. It sounds really stupid.

Chad (7m 31s):

So I was on Twitter and it was trending on Twitter this week. I saw people mentioning it in tweets, mainly around blaming their moods bad days and anything bad happening on Mercury being in retrograde. So I was like, what the actual fuck does Mercury in retrograde have to do with anything? So I Googled it, like any gen X-er and Mercury retrograde. It's a simple phenomenon quote "Since Mercury does a lap around the sun, faster than the earth, it can appear in retrograde, which means moving backwards about four times this year, we're going to see that.

Chad (8m 13s):

And we're in one of those windows right now. Well, right below the explanation on Google was an article, a link to an article entitled quote, "how to survive Mercury retrograde" keyword survive. So I dug in a little for an answer it's it's astrology, baby. I keep forgetting that that some people treat astrology like a religion, checking their horoscopes on a daily basis and that kind of shit to blame the moon stars and apparently Mercury for their lives being shit. Humans are a weird fucking species.

sfx (8m 47s):

Doesn't anyone notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Joel (8m 48s):

Well, let's get to something to make sense. Free shit from Chad and Cheese.

Chad (8m 52s):


Joel (8m 52s):

Guys, if you have, if you haven't signed up yet and there are a lot of you out there that haven't, I know it. I feel it out there. You to go to, click the free link, put in your information. We're talking about free tees and not some crappy Haynes beefy tee. We're talking about tri-blend tees from Emissary. We're talking beer from our friends at Pillar and outstanding whiskey. You get a Chat pick, and you get a Cheese pick. You get two bottles kids. If you like whiskey. Yeah, you got to sign up. What the hell are you waiting for? It's all good. And we have some birthdays that we want to celebrate. Bill Conich is still alive as far as I know, and he celebrates a birthday.

Joel (9m 33s):

Yeah. Jeanette Leads, friend of the show, Tom Becker from the Judge Group, Matthew, Matthew Bringham and Jacqueline Adair all celebrate birthdays.

Chad (9m 45s):


Joel (9m 45s):

Happy Birthday. And I know two podcasters that are going to be celebrating a birthday soon, but we'll get to that next week.

Chad (9m 51s):

We'll get to that. Thank you. Yeah. I appreciate that. Yeah. Event. So let's, let's talk about Unleash next week now. Here's something that's funny, dude. I got to say that everyone seriously, everyone that I've spoken with this week about Unleashed. Cause I'm asking everybody you're going to Unleash next week? They're either incredibly excited because yes we're going or they have a serious, I mean serious case of FOMO because they are hearing it at least, you know, like what we did a couple of weeks ago in Belgium that people are actually showing up. They're having a good time. It's great content there. We're getting back together and people are having FOMO like a motherfucker. So I got to say, don't allow the FOMO to get the best of you.

Chad (10m 32s):

It might be a little late for you to get to Unleash. Maybe not? Check it out, but don't miss the next one. We have Rekfast coming up. We have Unleash. We have a bunch of other shit coming up in a click on events in the upper right corner. Grab some tickets and meet us for a beer. Don't let the FOMO get ya.

Joel (10m 57s):

See ya in Vegas baby.

Chad (10m 58s):


Joel (10m 58s):

Let's talk economy. Chad, we'll put the listeners right to sleep with our first topic. All right. The economy is in a good news, bad news situation at the moment. First to the good news! ZipRecruiter's Q1 revenues increased 81% as the job board raised financial projections for the year, citing a strong hiring environment despite some macroeconomic choppiness. Once a more Indeed and Glassdoor on a triple figure growth path with quarterly revenue increasing 103% adjusted EBITDA also soared 339%.

Joel (11m 38s):

I just said 339% growth, people. Even Dice shares continue to outperform in light of crummy stock market earnings. That's the good news. Here's the bad. Workday stock declined after BMO capital markets downgraded the company and lowered their price target on the stock from $295, a share to $249. Two other analysts downgraded the stock as well. The conference board measure of CEO confidence declined for the fourth consecutive quarter in Q2. The measure now stands at 42 down from 57 in Q1, 60% of executives anticipate the economy will worsen over the next six months.

Joel (12m 21s):

Lloyd Blankfein, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, warned of a quote, "Very, very high risk of recession" and TechCrunch is now tracking layoffs because, well, there are a lot of layoffs. Okay. Chad, is the party over or is it still going strong?

Chad (12m 38s):

I think it tells you something. If Monster and Dice can actually do well. Give me a fucking break people. I mean, Jesus, we, this is something that should be expected right now. Now the back office side of the house with Workday, that's entirely different. But in this market, you can't be surprised that big brands like ZipRecruiter are doing well. I mean, we've reported on, like I said, dinosaurs, like Monster actually beating expectations. So I understand, you know, why we're reporting this, but there's not really a cause for big applause. The question is that will these companies have enough in the war chest if the market declines as expected and as you've you've outlined, I believe a company with a solid foundation, like Zip will be fine.

Chad (13m 22s):

Although I do not believe that many of the unicorns that have extraordinary burn rates will make it. I believe we're seeing the first indicators, with tech layoffs that are happening over the past few weeks from notable unicorns, like Cameo, Robinhood and Ondeck. And, oh, don't worry about those companies like Netflix and Carvana for God's sakes who have also experienced layoffs. I would also like to say that startups who have taken a shit ton of cash, unicorns and DECAcorns might be in a good position if they are prepping a war chest and their curb curbing burn rate. The big key here kids is winter is coming.

Joel (14m 2s):

Chad, there are no unicorns on this week show, but fuck it I'm playing the soundbite anyway.

sfx (14m 9s):

pink fluffy unicorns soundtrack.

Joel (14m 10s):

I am solidly on team, bad news. Enjoy the profits and the investment dollars while you can kids because it's getting cloudy outside. Indeed is chocking up record numbers, but life on our industry is not fun when recessions hit and that's coming from someone who's lived through crash and the mortgage meltdown. However, when this happens, certain segments are strong. No matter what happens. Think healthcare, think trucking, think cyber security. I want to bring a quick soundbite from our friend, professor Scott Galloway. I say friend is if he's our friend, he doesn't know it yet, but we're really tight. If you haven't checked out, Pivot his podcast with Kara Swisher, you might want to check that out.

Joel (14m 53s):

Anyway, he had something to say about the current of the economy and what was going to happen with employment. Check it out.

Pivot Podcast (15m 1s):

"Let's have different impacts. Some recessions are bad for blue collar workers. Some recessions are bad for white collar workers. This recession is going to be really bad, not only for white collar workers, but white, white Patagonia vested workers. And that is the information age workers, all of the people who are used to bringing their dog to their living room, to work all the information age, guys, all of the techie unit, the unicorn, the unicorn stable is about to get so ugly and foul and this generation has never seen it."

Joel (15m 37s):

Ugly unicorn stables. Chad, you called it.

Chad (15m 39s):


Joel (15m 39s):

My, my big question I guess, is I've talked a lot about RAD over the past couple of years, that being remote automation and diversity being, I guess the golden goose of our industry, which ones of those, if any, get taken to the woodshed? It'll be really interesting to find out. My money is on automation, winning big, if we do go into recession and come out of it on the other side. I think diversity will probably take the biggest hit. I think we'll talk about that as we go into the show, remote will continue to stay pretty stable. So if I had a winner, a buy, a hold, and a sell, it'd be buy automation, hold remote and sell diversity.

Chad (16m 23s):


Joel (16m 23s):

Ouch. Oh, things are so fun, when we go into recession in our industry.

Chad (16m 28s):

We're not there yet.

Joel (16m 31s):

All right, let's go to, we're not there yet. Let's go to some fundraising news. Aliro the company announced a Series A around, but did not disclose the amount. Well, that's weird. But Crunchbase has the company at 4.1 million raised in a previous venture round back in February. The Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania based company that was founded in 2015, says it says it's on a mission to help talent acquisition and sourcing teams tap into hidden networks and cultivate robust talent communities via referral networks and internal mobility. Chad, you say there are some angles on this one. What you got?

Chad (17m 11s):

This organization has evolved dramatically from its start in 2015. So this is not a young organization where it was a platform specifically for military veterans. I remember having a discussion well before COVID with founder and CEO, Robert Archibald about how Aliro's focus on vets would win the hearts, but not wallet share, right? It's unfortunate, but it's true. Companies pander to veterans, but they aren't spending money to build a real sustainable systems. Robert made the change. They have Aliro vets to continue that focus, but they broadened up for a much better total addressable market, that's number one. Recently they've hired friend of the show, Tina Lyons as their CMO you'll remember her, she was over at Alexander Mann solutions.

Chad (17m 59s):

They are also announcing a new CRO and new CTO. I'm not privy to actually tell you who that is yet, but I know who they are and they're pretty damned impressive. One thing I can tell you, and I think this one's going to blow your socks off, you know, a guy by the name of Tom Kenny, right?

Joel (18m 17s):

I do.

Chad (18m 18s):

He is board chair and investor.

Joel (18m 18s):

And that's not on the news. That's just that Tom's a sexy man. I had to throw that out.

Chad (18m 24s):

Yeah, yeah, exactly. He is very sexy. If you're not familiar with Tom, he was the guy who took over as the CEO of SmashFly and got them acquired by Symphony Talent. If you check out his LinkedIn profile, I'm almost certain, you won't find a guy in the industry with his chops. Now I'm friends with Tom and I'm biased, but again, the firepower that they are adding to leadership is damned impressive. Plus Tom, I believe has four or five successful exits. This to me is a start-up to watch.

Joel (18m 59s):

Well, you do have angles on this story. That's insider scoop people. You only get that shit on Chad and Cheese. Yeah. My comments that I jotted down, don't have a lot of relevance based on the great insight that you have there. My only question is why wouldn't they reveal the amount that they raised? And do you have the inside knowledge of what they raised or why wouldn't they mention that?

Chad (19m 20s):

Yeah, they'd been in an ultra stealth mode really since Tom came aboard because they really wanted to get everything tightened up. As a matter of fact, they just launched a new brand. They've got a new website that's out, that is like an ultra light mode. I'm they have a lot of things that are happening behind the scenes. So it gives you kind of like an idea of where the organization is going. So there's going to be a lot more robust content, tech, all that, all that other fun stuff. But again, I really think this is a startup

Joel (19m 50s):

And interesting. So they got the 4.1 million back in February, which was not that long ago, kids.

Chad (19m 54s):


Joel (19m 55s):

So I'm going to guess they did another eight to 10 in a Series A? That's just me just guessing I don't have any information maybe you do, but yeah, this is definitely one to watch. And we don't get a lot of success stories out of BrynMar, Pennsylvania very often so soak that in while you can. I do want to say the history of referral businesses and, you know, accessing or farming existing databases isn't great. Hello, Crowded and H Three, which we're going way back in time on some of that. So maybe Aliro can change some of that history and turn the tide for referral networks and existing databases.

Joel (20m 37s):

That will be fun to watch.

Chad (20m 39s):

We'll be here.

Joel (20m 43s):

Let's take a quick break and pay some bills and go from Aliro to Mathison. Interesting names.

Chad (20m 50s):


Joel (20m 50s):


Chad (20m 51s):

If you're looking to name a company, I mean, did they like flip open a book to like 80 year old men?

Joel (20m 56s):

If you listen to Firing Squad and I'm sure a lot of our listeners do you know that the name is typically the first question that I ask? I would have a lot of fun asking about Mathison.

Chad (21m 10s):

It's like a my three sons kind of vibe, right?

Joel (21m 14s):

Yeah. Like Math-i-son, it's a tech. I don't know. So anyway, Mathison, a tech platform that helps employers incorporate diversity equity and inclusion operating systems into their business has closed on a $25 million Series A funding round. Funds will be used to build out the company's data and analytics capabilities, scale its go to market team and improve relationships with employers. The company says it has found over 50,000 underrepresented candidates for employers. Chad are you ready to take Mathison to lunch? Are you ready to kick it to the curb?

Chad (21m 56s):

Dude, I get the attraction to DEI. There are $9 billion spent on DEI training every year and platforms want to draw some of that cash their way while adding dollars from the tech sector that is spent on attracting, hiring and managing their talent every year. Here's the rub. Most not all. Most companies are either pandering to pump up their brands or don't understand they do not have the right expertise in house to actually move the needle. Here's some great examples. Google and Facebook made a commitment to diversity equity inclusion and yet these huge organizations barely moved the needle in workforce composition.

Chad (22m 37s):

If Google and Facebook had Mathison, would this have changed the story? No, wouldn't change it a bit. And here's why it's like giving a formula one race car to you, let's say and asking you to win the Monaco Grand Prix. You wouldn't have a chance. The people using the tool are not equipped to win the race for DEI. Another example, Pepsi understanding they aren't experts in DEI, hiring and retention, hired Disability Solutions who are experts in this space to build a comprehensive system, which is more than just tech and training. And just a tool.

Chad (23m 17s):

Pepsi has hired thousands of individuals with disabilities, 20% of those being disabled veterans and their retention rate on those individuals are twice that of anyone outside of those cohorts. Pepsi understood that you can't just buy a car in this case, Mathison and win the race. You have to get a driver, an expert who knows what the hell they're doing. Tools are wonderful, but if you don't have the right people to use them, they're fucking worthless. To me, I would sell this every single day. And I can't say it enough to get this through tech vendors heads. The tools are not the problem here, right? It's the experts using the tools.

Joel (23m 58s):

I feel a little disrespected for my driving abilities, Chad. I'm a rather safe driver and I've never driven a race car though. I have pumped it up to at least 78 miles an hour on the freeway. My minivan, which is a hella hella ride. So if I'm Mathison, here's the good news. Last year, Deloitte revealed 69% of executives say diversity is now their top priority, but 93% of employers don't have a reliable diversity hiring solution. And 76% have not yet set diversity goals. Nearly half of those who have set goals are not confident they will achieve them.

Joel (24m 39s):

That at least means there's a huge opportunity for a company like Mathison. But let's talk about the bad news. You've outlined a lot of that with the tools being well, a tool, but let's get back to the impending recession for a second. Historically minorities don't fare very well in a downturn. If more and more companies are fighting to stay alive. DEI turns into D I E. You like what I did there? Because more companies stopped caring about who they're hiring because there's a lot less hiring. At best DEI initiatives will suffer in a recession. At worst the whole movement may be forgotten.

Joel (25m 25s):

Mathison could be a Canary in the coal mine if their business falls or fails. That's a bad sign that I will be watching and I'm sure you will too. Matheson

Chad (25m 33s):


Joel (25m 33s):

So from one stinker to another, let's talk about your favorite company, Amazon.

Chad (25m 43s):

Just when you thought you couldn't hate them anymore.

Joel (25m 47s):

You listen to the Chad & Cheese podcast and you realize you can.

sfx (25m 53s):

Doesn't anyone notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Joel (25m 53s):

A lot more. All right, a New York state agency has accused Amazon in a complaint of discriminating against pregnant and disabled workers at its work sites. Pregnant women and disabled workers.

Chad (26m 9s):


Joel (26m 10s):

Okay. The complainant described how Amazon allegedly forced one pregnant worker to continue lifting packages over 25 pounds and put her on indefinite, unpaid leave after she was injured. It also said Amazon reversed recommendations to let two disabled workers modify their work schedules after their managers resisted the changes. The Amazon complaint seeks unspecified, civil fines and penalties, improved training and new policies for reviewing of requests for reasonable accommodations. Amazon said it works diligently to support all employees, but noted that with more than 1.6 million of them, quote, "we don't always get it right"

Joel (26m 53s):

end quote. In case you missed it, Amazon is the second largest private employer in the US and made $33.4 billion in profit last year. Chad, your favorite, I assume you have something to say about this.

Chad (27m 6s):

Yeah. While all this is happening, Jeff Bezos is on his fucking super yacht paying for a little town in, I believe it was the Netherlands to actually remove a bridge so that he could get the fucker out and then they would have to build a new one back. That's the kind of idiocracy that we're actually dealing with here, right? So here's a quote from, from Reuters. Quote "violations can result in penalties of up to" listen to this, "50,000 or a hundred thousand dollars for willful conduct". As you'd said, Amazon's profit was $33.4 billion in 2021.

Chad (27m 48s):

Not revenues kids! Profit $33.4 billion. The state of New York is basically lashing Amazon with a limp noodle. How can we expect companies to change their behavior with this weak ass fine structure. Fine a hundred million instead of a hundred thousand per instance, and then start cracking down on their hiring processes to ensure Amazon continues to hire women and individuals with disabilities at appropriate rates. I don't think a hundred million is enough, but still, that's a nice bump from a hundred thousand on the high side. Our government is truly a sham when it comes to enforcement, when wielding these types of fines, we are really focused heavily on whatever the corporation wants to do.

Chad (28m 32s):

They should be able to do. That has to stop if we care about our people.

Joel (28m 37s):

Well, $33 billion, not only buys a lot of penis rockets. Chad, it buys a lot of lobbyists which may have a lot to do with our government's weak, limp noodle, is that what you said and your comments? Limp noodle? I think that's the first time on this show that that's been uttered and I fear that it could get worse. It's bad to be a retailer right now. I don't know if you saw, but Target was down 20% this week on shitty earnings and Walmart and your friend at Amazon are feeling a lot of the pain too. Point is layoffs are coming and guess who's getting cut first. Anyone, the company deems a legal risk. People that Amazon considers fringe are screwed in this environment.

Joel (29m 18s):

Stay tuned for more lawsuits right here on the Chad and Cheese podcast. The big question for me though, is when the economy does improve, will people get hired back or will the robots be ready for prime time? Grab your popcorn. It's going to be fun.

Chad (29m 32s):

Robots are coming.

Joel (29m 33s):

Quick break and we'll get back to OnlyFans. Thank God we're talking about that again. Chad, I'm so happy that we're talking about porn, OnlyFans and strippers again.

Chad (29m 45s):

I know you are.

Joel (29m 46s):

Don't even recall what we talked about last week. So I'm not sure if this is peak OnlyFans, or the moment things really start to ramp up. Gen X poster girl, Carmen Electra has joined OnlyFans. The 50 year old Baywatch alum said the move was made to quote, "be her own boss and use her own creative vision" end quote, in her work without someone telling her, 'don't do this', 'don't do that' 'cover up this'. Carmen's OnlyFans will include things like beauty tutorials, as well as lingerie photos and more quote, "intimate content". No shit.

Joel (30m 29s):

Carmen's not the first celebrity to join OnlyFans, but she's certainly one of the oldest. For now, at least it's free to subscribe to her page and her posts with captions. Like "woopsy, my bathrobe seemed to have slipped. I hope this isn't too much for you to handle" and captions like "let's have a pajama party" are commanding hundreds of likes in contrast, 18 year old, Bad Baby who charges roughly $24 a month has thousands of likes on most of her posts, Chad historic moment for OnlyFans or not so much? Gen Xers want to know.

Chad (31m 6s):

Well, we had a, I think a week or two hiatus from OnlyFans and this shit's back. I think it's hilarious that she says she thinks that, you know, throwing beauty tips out there is doing anything. Not that she's not a beautiful woman, but that's not your core audience and she knows that. Obviously from some of those posts that you just, you know, you just talked about. Personally, this is for, from the standpoint of anyone who has an image, has an opportunity for them to be able to make more money. To cash in. And for those gen X-ers, those men that are out there who will loved Carmen Electra and who did Baywatch or wherever she was at, this gives them an opportunity to kind of rekindle that whole idea of, you know, Carmen Electra.

Chad (31m 56s):

So yeah, she gets an opportunity really to control, make money off of her image, what she deserves. And I think we're going to continue to see this form grow, this. I don't think this is a jumping the shark moment at all.

Joel (32m 10s):

I'm ready for a pajama party, Chad and most interestingly am or more importantly, I want to know what

Chad (32m 16s):


Joel (32m 16s):

Dennis Rodman think about all this. Somebody called Dennis, look, there's a fetish for everyone, man. Everyone likes something different. As long as it's legal, I say have at it. Now, if someone would just call Cindy Crawford, Bo Derek, Elle MacPherson, Christy Brinkley, and Kathy Ireland, I'd be a happy boy.

Chad and Cheese (32m 38s):

We out.

OUTRO (32m 34s):

Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode.

OUTRO (33m 19s):

And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out.


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