LinkedIn Crushes Monster

Remember when you thought Microsoft had lost their collective mind when they dropped $26.2 billion for LinkedIn? HA!

Well, it looks like Microsoft is going to have the last laugh because LinkedIn is crushing it. And who’s not

crushing it?

How about Monster? Shocker, right?

Of course, there’s more WFH and COVID insanity that the boys cover. How about some MadMen, 2021-style? Got that too. Oh, and Walmart does some good (suck it, Amazon!)

Give it up for our friends at Sovren, JobAdX, and Jobvite!


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast. .

Joel (35s):

Oh yeah. Yeah. Two guys who will never put their mental health ahead of this show. We're live in Detroit rock city for this one. What's up boys and girls. It's the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your co-host Joel "eight mile" Cheeseman.

Chad (50s):

And this is Chad "speak for your own damn self" Sowash.

Joel (53s):

On this week's, show LinkedIn crushes it, the boss wants you back in the office, like now, and calls JG Wentworth 877-cash-now, 877-cash-now! When did we last do a face-to-face show?

Chad (1m 13s):

I can't remember.

Joel (1m 14s):


Chad (1m 15s):

I can't remember. It's been a while.

Joel (1m 17s):

A long time man.

Chad (1m 18s):

When we pulled the mics out, we sat down and I mean, we've done them in bars. We've done them in lobbies and he's always fun. Doesn't matter.

Joel (1m 25s):

That's the morning after.

Chad (1m 26s):

Warning after is generally in the morning, after which much drinking.

Joel (1m 30s):

Rubbing the sleep out of our eyes.

Chad (1m 31s):

And that being said, we're now in downtown Detroit, in the Western, thanks to Symphony Talent. They brought us up and we enjoyed some time in Lansing. Got to go and surprise Tim Sackett.

Joel (1m 46s):

Beautiful Lansing.

Chad (1m 47s):

And give him some beer. And that was a good time. Debbie, Gina, Aya, Gabby, and the rest of the Symphony Talent crew, we did, there was a lot of work that we did in pulling together content for Transform.

Joel (2m 4s):


Chad (2m 5s):

If you haven't registered for Transform yet, go to, find Transform, register. You're going to love it. They are doing so much amazing fun work. Good to see Tim. Good to see obviously,

Joel (2m 22s):

You know, easy JZ makes a special appearance.

Chad (2m 26s):

Josj Zywien, Julie and Torrin, obviously they came up, they came up with us. So it's been a good time.

Joel (2m 33s):

And thanks to the city of Detroit. Thanks. We're seeing the Renaissance firsthand. The city is pulling itself out of the rust belt brand. It's quite a nice setting. Now, if you come here, it needs to be in July, August. Oh gosh. February. Wouldn't be quite as delightful, but this has been a great time.

Chad (2m 52s):

Talking about what else isn't delightful. This Olympics is still holding strong as my number three worst Olympics ever, whether it's COVID, whether it's, you know, people pulling out, the marijuana fiasco and this is just turning out to be that Olympics that will have not just an asterisk, but like multiple asterisks.

Joel (3m 15s):

No, one's watching this Olympics. Really? The ratings are horrible, man. Not no surprise.

Chad (3m 22s):

Fire alarm. This is the kind of stuff that happens on the live Chad and Cheese.

Joel (3m 29s):

Do you wanna take a break and edit this out?

Chad (3m 31s):

We'll take a break. Yeah.

Joel (3m 33s):

Or keep going? And so my first shout out in relation to your Olympics comment, I talked about the 1936 Olympics last time, and I listened to a podcast called This Week in History by the History Channel. And if you, if you want more information on the 1936 Olympics, this one coincided with our discussion, they talk about the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Nazi Germany. They talk about Jesse Owens and Mack Robinson, who is Jackie Robinson's older brother. Yeah. That is awesome. Yeah. They both in the race, they ran both broke the world record Jesse one by then two tenths of a second.

Joel (4m 13s):

And just the aftermath of the Olympics coming back to a country that was segregated and the challenges there. So yeah, if that's something that's interesting, it's this week in This Week in History by the History Channel, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Chad (4m 28s):

Yeah and that being said on the same line, there's a new movie that came out like two, three years ago or something like that called Race. And that is an amazing story about Jesse Owens. And there's a little Ohio state love there, obviously, but it was a great as a great movie.

Joel (4m 46s):

There's a great statue of Jesse Owens in Cleveland, which I think is where he grew up. And yeah, Hitler would not pose for a picture with Jesse Owens. No surprise there.

Chad (4m 55s):

Go figure.

Joel (4m 56s):

But the Olympic committee told Hitler, apparently either you take pictures with everyone or you take pictures with no one and he took pictures with no one.

Chad (5m 3s):


Joel (5m 3s):