If you love a heavier Chad & Cheese - and we're not talking about Joel's midsection - then this one's for you.

On this week's episode:

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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Next up for 2020, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters is attacking New York. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese Podcast, everybody. I'm your cohost Joel Egon Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad, Black Lives Matter, Sowash.

Joel: On this week's episode, employee unrest at, well, a bunch of companies. IBM saves face. And in our okay boomer segment, TikTok, grab your proton packs, It's about to get paranormal up in here.

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Joel: Say, "Proton packs and paranormal," really fast three times and see how you do.

Chad: You wrote it.

Joel: My weekend last weekend, camping with the family, which includes a three year old, that's probably all I need to say.

Chad: Genius.

Joel: I'll throw in mid to high 80's, in the Midwest, which means muggy and humid. The quesadillas were really good though, that we fixed on the grill. That was nice. How about your weekend? You definitely won that battle, my friend.

Chad: We stayed in the backyard on the patio for a good amount of time. And then we went up to Indianapolis for the Black Lives Matter sit-in and then march, and then enjoyed ourselves on Sunday as well. So yeah, getting out there, enjoying the weather, social distancing. The really cool thing about the Black Lives Matter march was everybody had a mask. It's like, you go out to Kroger today and maybe half the people have a mask on, right?

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Everybody, there was extremely considerate. I mean, there was free water given out, snacks, it was like, look, we want to keep you guys healthy, hydrated and safe. And I thought that was really cool. The Black Lives Matter organizers, they did a damn good job.

Joel: How do these things get organized? Is it Twitter? How did you guys know about it and know to go at a certain time and a certain place?

Chad: When you have organizations that are as well organized as Black Lives Matter, they have several channels. We found out through Facebook and that popped up in our feed and we also saw it on some of the news channels and whatnot. So it was several channels that we were hit with it by. And that's pretty much how everybody gets their news today, right?

Joel: Got you. So pretty much if you follow Black Lives Matter and it's an actual organization apparently, right? So they organize all these events around the country.

Chad: Right. Yeah. And they'll do sponsored ads on Facebook, right? So if you're in the area, one of those ads might pop up.

Joel: I'm obviously not being targeted by these ads. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing. And apparently your wife is making moonshine now. What's going on with that? She's making gin flavors and things, this seems news to me.

Chad: So last year when we were in London, she really enjoyed rhubarb gin and we can't get it here in the States, or at least it's not readily available around where we are. A friend gave us a fairly easy recipe. And within 28 days you have regular gin, which metamorphizes into rhubarb gin. And the two of us took that thing out in the weekend. So it was that good.

Joel: Just one of the many things we can thank the British for, flavored gin, how nice. Let's get to some shout outs, shall we?

Chad: Yes, let's start it out with Lowe's. Everybody knows Lowe's, they've funded $25,000,000 in grants to help minority business reopen. And one of the reasons why I want to focus on Lowe's is because Marvin Ellison is one of only four black CEOs in the Fortune 500. I think we need to focus on the leadership that is happening because such a small amount of the Fortune 500 is represented by black America.

Joel: Yup. Merck is another and the company that makes Kate Spade bags, I'm zoning on the ... You know I'm a Kate Spade bag guy.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: I'm zoning on the name of the company. And I forget the fourth one, but yeah, I talked about voting and spending money where it needs to be appropriated. And if you want to vote with your dollars, choose those companies to spend because it makes the difference.

Chad: Amen.

Joel: Shout out to Amman Brar, a friend of show.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Trash talker galore this week on LinkedIn also, but we don't have to get into that. He had a great post on the George Floyd murder. It almost read like a poem. It was really thoughtful, if you haven't read it, go out and search him on, Brar, follow him, try to connect if you're not already and check out that post. It was really powerful stuff.

Chad: It was powerful. I read it at least a half a dozen times. As a white dude in America, we just don't fucking get it. And when we say that we do, that means, pretty much identifies the people who don't. So being able to actually listen to, or read some of these writings or the Baldwins of the world, listening to them debate, is something that we need to do to really better understand what's happening, because we just don't get it.

Joel: Yup.

Chad: And that being said, this is also LGBTQ month. This is Pride Month people. Pride occurs in the U.S to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June of 1969. And this is my big shout out to Lady G, aka Lindsey Graham. I think he's about ready to come out of the closet and here at Chad and Cheese Podcast, we support all of those of you who are closeted or uncloseted. You're welcome here.

SFX: Hell yeah.

Joel: So little context, Chad and I talked before the show and we make notes and figure out what we're going to talk about on the show. And he said, "I need a shout out to Lady G." And I was like, "Is that Lady Gaga? Are you hanging out with rock stars now?" And he's like, "No." He's like, "Let me just say it and then you can react to the show." So this is the Lindsay Graham whistleblower, I guess we could call him or her.

Chad: Yeah. That was his code name for the group of male prostitutes who used to service or still do, I don't know, Lady G and in this case, Lindsey Graham.

Joel: Shocked at this news.

Chad: I'm not. Waiting for Mike Pence to come out.

Joel: Yeah. Oh, come on now. Don't tease me. Nike, shout out for partnering with Jumpman, the Michael Jordan logo and apologies to Adam Gordon, who doesn't know any athlete outside of the UK, Scotland, Ireland area. Michael Jordan is a famous basketball player in case you don't know. Nike's dedicating 100,000,000 to diversity causes, to education, a whole mess of things. You can look it up on Google, but I thought $100,000,000 even for Nike and Jordan was a decent statement, especially when we're talking about 10,000,000 and 25,000,000 for some bigger companies. So shout out to Nike. By the way, Nike has an all white C-suite. I know that we jock them a lot, but they could go a long way into making a statement, into putting some diversity of color in their C-suite.

Chad: That's exactly right. Big shout out to our outro voiceover artist, Chester, who is a six year old

SFX: Hell yeah.

Chad: ... son of adamant listener and CEO of Get Optimal, Daniel Fellows. Daniel actually WhatsApped me this week and he's like, "Listen, Chester's getting back to school and he's a little anxiety. Can you give him a boost?" And this is the boost Chester. We know you're getting back into school, man. That's awesome. Get the heck out of the house, go meet some new mates, enjoy yourself and tell them that Chad and Cheese sent you.

Joel: Did you say meet some new mates?

Chad: That's right. Oh, I've got to speak the speech.

Joel: Did you write that or was that greatness. Shout out to Ron Bauer. Ron is an old friend from my Cleveland days. He runs a company called Interview Path, I love it when people just reach out and say, "Hey, we haven't talked in like, I don't know, a decade, why don't we get on a Zoom call and just see how things are going." So I talked to Ron for an hour. I know you do this quite a lot. I don't normally like to talk to people, so I don't do this as often, but it was fun to talk to Ron. So shout out to him. I know I've made him a newly minted fan of the show.

Chad: Excellent. Shout out to Jonathan Reynolds. Remember the center point of the Douche Marketing Podcast we did a couple of weeks ago?

Joel: Yeah.