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Valentine's Day is close and love is in the air. What kind of love are we covering this week?

Yup, hooking up, video dating, and slapping around some startups, all on this love-filled episode of your favorite podcast, sponsored as always by Sovren, JobAdx, and Jobvite.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

Oh yeah. Valentine's day is here, which means nothing but love and respect on this week's podcast. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese show everybody. I'm your cohost, Joe "Margaritaville" Cheesman.

Chad (37s):

Chad "Walgreens" Sowash. Okay.

Joel (39s):

On this week's show Paradox goes visual, Paychecks goes where no payroll service should ever go. And we have some thoughts on the Superbowl ads. Hey, is that Drake from State Farm?

SOVREN (52s):

You already know that Sovren makes the world's best resume CV parser, but did you know that Sovren also makes the world's best AI matching engine? Only Sovren's AI matching engine goes beyond the buzzwords. With Sovren you control how the engine thinks with every match the Sovren engine tells you what matched and exactly how each matching document was scored. And if you don't agree with the way it's scored the matches, you can simply move some sliders to tell it, to score the matches your way. No other engine on earth gives you that combination of insight and control. With Sovren, matching isn't some frustrating "black box, trust us, it's magic, one shot deal" like all the others. No, with Sovren, matching is completely understandable, completely controllable, and actually kind of fun. Sovren ~ software so human you'll want to take it to dinner.

Chad (1m 51s):

About matching the match up between Casey in Tampa Bay was for shit.

Joel (1m 59s):

I have one comment on that game. Unless you're like me and took a flyer on nine-to-one for the Bucks to win it all about six weeks ago. Other than that, it was a pretty shitty game.

Chad (2m 12s):

It was horrible to watch. I mean, it was horrible to watch. Although, although for you, I'm not going to cry because you're going to be in fucking Key West some time soon. Are you going to like dress up in a hazmat suit to get your ass down there? Cause I mean, you're not a young buck. We got to make sure. Make sure you're good.

Joel (2m 32s):

You're wondering why my middle name was "Margaritaville" this week. First shout out for me goes to my sister, my wonderful loving sister, Holly who's on marriage number two, tying the knot in Key West marrying some dude named Mike. I'm kidding. I know who he is. And it's a pretty small ceremony. I'm flying down Saturday, staying through Tuesday. Scared about my 81 year old father and 78 year old step-mother are attending.

Chad (3m 4s):

He better being a bubble.

Joel (3m 7s):

Yeah. Yeah. That's you know, but he's Texas. He's from Texas. He lives in Texas and he watches Fox religiously. So as far as he's concerned, there is no virus. He'll be fine. I'm glad that the double mask initiative is in play now. So I'm gonna definitely double mask it up. I've promised my wife that if I, if I stop at Shake Shack, I will eat in a janitorial closet somewhere near the bathroom. But yeah, I'm going to be as safe as possible. I'm not hating the fact that I'm leaving the house for the first time in a year. Yeah. A trip to New York Xity would probably be safer than one to Key West. So pray for Joel. Pray for Joel, everybody.

Chad (3m 47s):

Yes. We need Joel in a bubble for the next, just the long weekend. So you won't be gone that long.

Joel (3m 54s):

Bubble of linen pants because I'll be on a beach time. And you know, watching my sister tie the knot,

Chad (4m 1s):

Congrats to your sister, no matter what numbers she's on. That doesn't matter. Congrats to her. I love how you like to, to number these things. It's like, look at this it's number two. The first failure is already over.

Joel (4m 14s):

Cheeseman's tend to stop it two. So I feel pretty good. I feel pretty good about this one.

Chad (4m 21s):

Christine will kill you before that happens. And she has the forensics background to make sure that nobody knows that she did it.

Joel (4m 30s):

Come on, man. Valentine's day is coming and she's, it's all about this (background music plays love songs) in our house, man.

Chad (4m 35s):

I'll tell you who I show some love to not just, I mean, obviously I definitely want to show some love too to Julie, but Walgreens. They, they named Roz Brewer or Rosalynn Brewer, Chief Operating Officer from Starbucks as their new CEO. That means Roz Brewer actually the only black female as a CEO in the Fortune 500. So that's a good start. Let's get more of that shit rolling. Now also, can we get some shots in our arms? Walgreens. Roz, can you make that happen please?

Joel (5m 17s):

This shows a big shout out for women. I think. So I'm going to give a shout out quickly to Bumble talk. Speaking of second marriages, Bumble went IPO today and the, the founder they're female 31 years old. She's the youngest CEO female ever to take a company public. Yeah. Congrats to her. That's fantastic. Bumble Biz is sort of relevant. Although I guess no one gives a shit. It's all about dating.

Chad (5m 44s):

Not really relevant. And so continuing the female talk here, shout out to Zoe Xu, Jonathan Xu's daughter for hooking me up with some friendship bracelets that she made herself. She sold them and used the money to help local families in need over the holidays. Now that is bringing your kids up. Right? Good job. Xu family.

Joel (6m 9s):

I'm glad you finally have a friend. And friends of the show real quickly, Josh, when right of boom of Poon Tang, I mean, sorry, pontoon and Victoria, Conley of ADP. They modeled some sexy, sexy t-shirts this, this week, their sportin' Chad and Cheese again, sexy love theme of the week.

Chad (6m 35s):

Valentine's I mean that's to Philly t-shirt shout outs in the last two weeks, logos all over Philly. And by the way, if you're not using texts to recruit welcome to 2021 kids and visit

Joel (6m 52s):

No doubt. No doubt, well, shout out to Dennis Tupper. We talked about him yesterday, but he got his beer last night. And boy is he excited? Dennis don't drink it all, we're going to have a little zoom tasting soon. At least save a couple cans for the call buddy.

Chad (7m 7s):

I had one last night with James Dean, and this is all brought to you by kids, don't forget, AdZuna. Doug Monroe actually has an interview out there we did the last week, I believe, or we talk about Google Jobs antitrust. So go listen to Doug. Then go to and register for a t-shirt, beerdrop, and we also have this whiskey thing that we're going to continue to do, right?

Joel (7m 37s):

Yeah. Yeah. We got the Chad's choice and the Cheese's choice of whiskey. We're bringing back the Blockbuster tradition and Sovren is sponsoring this because they hate everyone's liver apparently. Every month we're going to pick a winner. They're going to get two bottles of your favorite whiskey as well as one of my favorite whiskeys. I don't know how you beat that deal again. Sign up at to enter for a chance to win some brown water. It's awesome.

Chad (8m 5s):

It's two bottles of fucking whiskey for God's sakes. Good for you. I've got a rant. Are you done with your shout outs? Because I've got to take a little time. It's time for catharsis and counseling right now.

Joel (8m 17s):

If you feel a little punchy. I'm ready, baby.

Chad (8m 20s):

No. Okay. So the Kroger story from last week where they closed two locations in Southern California. Where they, they wouldn't pay the additional $4 per hour for the essential employees that they have. They're essential workers while I did just some quick research, cause I was still kind of pissed about it and saw that Kroger's CEO makes over $14 million a year. So I screenshot that and I tweeted it at Kroger and just pretty much said, Kroger won't pay added $4 per hour for essential employees, yet they will pay their CEO $14 million a year. Kroger replied, and of course they didn't address the CEOs $14 million salary because they don't want to talk about that shit.

Chad (9m 7s):

They talked more about profitability. So Kroger's talking about profits yet, pay a single person more than 3000 times that of an essential worker. Why do we call them essential workers? If they don't do what they do, does anything get done? But this old white dude sits in a fucking chair and yet he makes 14 million dollars. Anyway, people stocking the shelves, doing