Predictions 2022

It's that time of year again: Predictions!

Where'd we get it right and (mostly) wrong in 2021? And what are the bold guesses we're making for 2022 for the world of work? Like always, Chad & Cheese have enlisted the help of longtime vet and good friend Tim "Sackadomus" Sackett to give his two cents on what the crystal ball says for next year.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

Oh yeah, you want it? You love it. It's the yearly prediction show. What's up everybody. I'm your cohost Joel "COVID house" Cheeseman.

Chad (34s):

And I'm Chad "did I say that?" Sowash.

Joel (38s):

And you're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast and as always, please welcome Tim Sackadamus!

Tim (47s):

Yes. I thought maybe you throw in there. Tim "how many colonoscopies did he have in 2021?" Sackadamus.

Joel (54s):

Well, I was going to ask you how your year went since I'd been basking in your right, your correct predictions, I assume.

Tim (1m 3s):

Yeah. I don't even remember what they were, so I guess, well, yeah, we go, we get to go through those, which will be awesome. But yeah. You know, like everybody else, you know, it's just been a wonderful 2021.

Joel (1m 13s):

You got to see us in the fall so that had the highlight of your year.

Tim (1m 19s):

Right? That's great. That was, it was one of the highlights of the year, by the way. So since we haven't been out to see anybody.

Chad (1m 27s):

Yeah, thanks to Symphony Talent for that one. Right. We ran riding around in the big pink bus.

Joel (1m 32s):

Hell, yeah. Wait, did you say pink? Oh God. All right. Let's take a break and get to get to the good stuff. We'll be right back. We got to recap all of our great predictions from last year before we get to the show.

Chad (1m 46s):

Yeah. That's always fun.

Joel (1m 47s):

Let me get the buzzer ready. Let me get this sound bite. Okay. It's working. All right. It's working.

Chad (1m 54s):

Well, one thing, Steven, Rothberg had a prediction and that was late 2021. The vaccine obviously was close in 2020, but Stephen didn't think that we would be back to full conferencing until, you know, Q4 of 2021. Well, I don't think we even did that. Did we?

Joel (2m 13s):


Tim (2m 14s):

Well, you know, we do get what HR Tech, Sherm annual went. So there's a little bit of full conferences.

Joel (2m 22s):


Chad (2m 22s):

A little bit of that. A little bit of that,

Joel (2m 26s):

Rothberg's enjoying the sunshine in Phoenix right now. So I say we just, we just buzz his ass.

Tim (2m 30s):

Yeah. By the way, I was in Utah this year and I ran into a guy at a restaurant standing outside that he was from California. He's like, well, the sun kills COVID that's why he was in Utah. I'm like, you're from California.

Chad (2m 44s):

You're a fucking idiot. Anyway. All right, let's get some of these Tim's and we're just going to rapid fire through Tim's first. So Tim's first a was SAP acquires a core talent platform ATS like Greenhouse, Smart Recruiters, Jobvites yeah. That's big no, but it's still needed. You can always hope.

Joel (3m 6s):

Predictions are never wrong. They just haven't happened yet.

Chad (3m 12s):

It's a hope and prayer. Organizations provide vaccines by performance.

Tim (3m 18s):

Great one.

Chad (3m 18s):

That would have been a great one. I'd get, could be happening kind of like under the radar, we just don't know about it.

Joel (3m 25s):


Chad (3m 25s):

But we don't know our books. And last but not least for Tim large enterprise company gives option of salary paid in Bitcoin. So.

Tim (3m 36s):


Joel (3m 37s):

Are we going to give him that one?

Chad (3m 44s):

If Aaron Rogers is NFL the standard?

Joel (3m 47s):

These are billion dollar businesses. It's a public company.

Chad (3m 49s):

We did so bad. Let's give at least one of us one.

Tim (3m 53s):

Get A half.

Chad (3m 54s):

I'm going to have cheer. Yeah. Then we'll go ahead and wrap it through my pieces of shit here. So first off Glassdoor takes a dirt nap. That did not happen.

Joel (4m 8s):

Ambitious prediction.

Chad (4m 10s):