Rick Rolled w/ Rick Carsley

The guest so nice, we had to have him on twice. Listeners will remember a red-hot interview Chad & Cheese did in 2020 with IKEA's Rick Carsley, and luckily for everyone, he's back on the podcast. Now with Freedom Mortgage, Rick heads up TA and, as usual, he doesn't pull any punches on recruiting tech he likes and doesn't like. It's a must-listen for anyone shopping around for the latest industry tools.

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INTRO (1m 1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (1m 20s):

Oh yeah. What's up everybody? This is your favorite podcast. I am Joel Cheeseman joined as always by my co-host Chad Sowash.

Chad (1m 29s):

What's up?

Joel (1m 29s):

And Holy crap, you guys, we have Rick Astley on the show today. Can you fucking believe it? Rick Astley!

Chad (1m 36s):

No Rick Astley turned us down. We actually got Rick. Rick Carsley. Yeah. Remember Rick from Ikea.

Joel (1m 45s):

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. The meatballs, Hey Rick!

Chad (1m 50s):

No, Ma the meatloaf Rick, Rick actually is now Talent Acquisition at Freedom Mortgage. Rick dude. Welcome to the show. Give us a little intro. We were just at Ikea. When did you make this move? W

Joel (2m 5s):

What's been going on in the last year that we, that we spoke? Did anything happen in the world? What's going on?

Chad (2m 10s):

How's Philly? That's what I want to know. Is Philly still there?

Joel (2m 14s):

We're so here, we're definitely still here. We got hit with Midwest style snow over the last three days. I was talking to my mom just about shoveling four or five times. And she's like, you're too old for that. You need to get a snowblower. I'm like I'm 40. I think 40 is still shoveling age?

Chad (2m 35s):

Yes, I agree.

Joel (2m 37s):

But yeah, I left Ikea in June for various reasons. Some of the stuff I talked to y'all about last time, you know, visitation in retail had always kind of been an issue in March when the government cracked down on what was essential versus non-essential business.

Rick (2m 57s):

I think if you looked in the dictionary for non-essential, like Ikea's emblem, it is right there. You know? So initially like they furloughed essentially everybody, almost everyone that worked at the store is outside of management. And that occurred like April. And so we went from being a recruiting organization to essentially like a furlough organization. Because when you think about that process, you're creating letters, you're, you know, setting up agreements and then we started to call all those people back.

Joel (3m 27s):

That sounds fun.

Rick (3m 28s):

Oh, it was a blast.

Chad (3m 29s):

That sounds like just fucking horrible. But my question is how, how are those meatballs not essential? I mean, I don't get it. Can I get those delivered to my door for God's sakes? Can Ikea do that? Did Ikea actually use Task Rabbit to start delivery services?

Joel (3m 46s):

Pretty sure they shut, they shut down all the cafeterias didn't they? Jesus. No more food at Ikea dude.

Rick (3m 53s):

Yeah. I don't know if they have opened those back up just yet. I assume, I assume they have not. One of the benefits to working at Ikea when, you guys all visited, it was $2 to eat lunch. That lunch was basically featured a whole lot of sodium again, weight gain. But I think that is the one thing we don't talk enough about quarantine is the quality of my lunches has just increased by about a hundred percent.

Chad (4m 21s):

As in quantity. Are you talking about, what do you mean actual quality?

Joel (4m 26s):

Are you dissin' the Ikea food?

Chad (4m 28s):

What are you getting the Wiz on the, on the Philly cheese steak now? I mean, I don't understand. Tell me,

Rick (4m 33s):

I just mean like cooking from home, firing up the grill, throwing some chicken kebabs on for lunch rather than like eating taco bell in your car. You know?

Chad (4m 46s):

Joel's eating salads nowadays.

Joel (4m 48s):

What's wrong with Taco Bell? Jesus.

Rick (4m 52s):

I think everything is wrong with Taco Bell. I think it's consumerism at its worst.

Chad (4m 57s):

Oh, so now you're at Freedom Mortgage, which I would assume is an entirely different set of obstacles. Even when Ikea was up and running and they were hiring, this has gotta be in an incredibly difficult.

Joel (5m 9s):

There's a lot of refinancing going on. I'm guessing the mortgage business is pretty busy these days.

Rick (5m 14s):

It's absolutely insane. You know, I grew up in the mortgage industry. That's how I learned like what recruiting was, which was just completely random. I don't know if I ever told this story right after undergrad, I was a loan officer, like dial for dollars call center. And there was a flyer, it was bright orange and it said $500 referral for any loan officers that we hire. And so I went out, I joined my alumni association. I would go to like happy hours around Chicago and brag about how much money I made as a loan officer. Cause you're clueless at that age. And like in 45 days I hired about 18 loan officers.

Rick (5m 57s):

And that caught the eye of another company who hired me to run their like huge, huge branch that they were building. And the way I got into this show that we call recruiting was the owner was like, Hey, you don't just how your loan officers here, you have to hire all the other jobs. And my only question was I'm like, so those jobs have base salaries, right? He's like, well, yeah. And I'm like, well that's easy. Yeah. I can do that.

Chad (6m 24s):

No, that's like cheating. Right. You're starting with a leg up already.

Rick (6m 30s):