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Things are getting a tad heavy, huh? Maybe you just need some Chad & Cheese to make it all better?

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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Oh yeah.

Chad: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Joel: How about some good news? The NBA is coming back and Vegas casinos are opening back up for business. Yeah. Sorry. That's the best I got. Welcome to The Chad and Cheese Podcast, I'm your co-host, Joel, Lordy I need a haircut, Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad, what the fuck is going on? Sowash.

Joel: Yeah, I don't know. On this week show, SmashFly goes X-rated, Facebook says, "Lower pay for you," and who gives a crap. Time to exhale as we take a quick break and pay some bills.

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Joel: 2020 feels longer than that ad.

Chad: Yeah. What the fuck is going on, man? I know that people probably listen because they want to kind of escape what's going on out there right now. And I didn't know that 2020 could get worse and I don't want to see it get any worse than it is right now. but jeez, man, this is fucking crazy.

Joel: Yeah. Obviously, the George Floyd incident, which all of our listeners, at least in America, I assume the world will know about. The shootings in Louisville. Other places, we had the runner

Chad: Ahmaud.

Joel: ... Who, some people took the law in their own hands and killed an African-American guy, just running through a neighborhood.

Chad: Running while black.

Joel: Running while black. I think you and I kind of struggled with today's show and what we were going to talk about, and I think came to the conclusion that, two white guys weren't exactly the ones that people needed to hear from. But I will add this little bit of tidbit, as two guys that are nearing 50, we have some context around this. And it's happened before, and the sad thing is that it will probably happen again. And no amount of protesting, violence, any of that is going to make a difference when compared to actually voting, actually running for elected office, writing checks to candidates that you believe in, and volunteering for those candidates that you believe in. So I will just add that, as my two cents on the current state of America.

Chad: Yeah. I think I've been on several social arguments around the Black Lives Matter where individuals ask, "Well, don't all lives matter?" Well, of course, all lives fucking matter. But when it comes to the United States, for centuries, they haven't mattered as much, black lives have not mattered as much as white lives, right? From our standpoint, we need to realize that, we need to identify that's a problem, and then we don't have hopefully, the George Floyd's. And that is what sparked the protests and sparked the looting and et cetera, et cetera. So we have to identify where the problem is, and the problem lies in our ability to know what the fuck we need to do different. And equity is the big key here. We talk about it a lot on this show. It's the inequities of what we do, not just pay inequities, just every day equity in what we're looking for. And it's something we'll talk a little bit about today, but as a couple of white guys, again, Torin Ellis, who is very big in D&I, diversity, is actually on a show with my wife called Crazy and the King Podcast, check it out. We asked him, "What should a couple of white guys do?" He said, "Get on your fucking platform and scream because we need you guys as much as we need the protesters on the street." And I don't agree that voting will change it all because we've been voting for fucking years. We need people on the streets. We need these protests. And after I get done producing this today, I will have a sign and I will be protesting as well.

Joel: Yeah. We'll disagree on this. We won't be able to gauge this, but track the number of people who are in the streets this week, and how many of them won't vote, and you'd probably be surprised at the percentage that don't.

Chad: We'll see.

Joel: Less than half of our citizenry that can vote, does vote. So when you say we have been voting for years, not enough people have been voting. Trump is in office because a lot of people didn't vote that should have.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And that's the case going forward. Look, we are a country of contradictions. We have a document that we live by that says, everyone's equal, and we were built on slave labor and committed genocide against an entire people that were living here before the white guys showed up. But one thing that has rung true in the last hundred years, is everyone over 18, and isn't a felon can vote in elections, and not enough do. And that is something that can change the system. Politicians hope that you don't vote. Companies hope that the masses don't vote, but you can vote and you should. And that is the one thing that is constant in making things change around the country. We did elect a black president two terms in a row because of voting, and we can change the system now through voting as well.

Chad: So that being said, let's move on.

Joel: Headspace change. Here we go. Shout outs.

Chad: Yeah. So first shout out, Pete Suchy over at CVS Health, thanks for the props on our segment during SmashFly's Transform. That was an interesting virtual event that we had to go through yesterday. It was interesting because most of the State of Indiana, about 30 minutes before Joel and I went live, Comcast went down, the whole fucking internet went down. It was crazy. So, yeah, Pete glad I could actually get on, but only through all those wonderful people at Transform and the people throwing the show could they actually get me on voice only.

Joel: So for those who don't know, Chad gives me shit on a daily basis about my internet connectivity and speed. And the poetic justice and the irony that would have gone down had Chad not been able to join the Transform call would have been really amusing to me. He was able to get on the call, if you missed it. So he did join, but Chad, you have to admit, it would have been quite ironic had you not been able to join and I could.

Chad: You were tethering, weren't you?

Joel: I was tethered to my phone. Yeah.

Chad: Okay. So that's not even the same.

Joel: Thanks Verizon. Not the same. Shout out to virtual DJs.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: So we're on transform. I didn't know these things existed, right? We have intermissions to sessions and there's a literal like DJ dude in the corner of the screen mixing sounds that are just suitable enough for middle aged people, Spandau Ballet, Taylor Swift, whatever it was. But, virtual DJ, shout out. I had no idea.

Chad: Yeah. I think Elise might've stole this from Banff. When you go to the gathering of cult brands in Banff, there's a DJ on the stage and she was rocking some tunes between sessions. But I got to say this was taking it to the next level. So Elise, and team over at SmashFly and Symphony Talent, that's a big applause right there.

Joel: Yeah. I'm not a big fan of virtual events in general, but if you throw some DJs in there and some mixologists, I might get on board with this idea.

Chad: Big shout out to Joanna Tuchoska, a new listener over in the UK. She's a Matt Alder fan, so she definitely needed the Chad and Cheese balance.

Joel: Yeah. That's some balance for you, for sure. Shout out to Bonusly, a company got 9 million this past week, so they do just kind of what you would think, they ... Referral, employee rewards, gift cards, all kinds of good stuff. I met these guys back, I think two or three years ago, they were in the startup pavilion at HR tech. And when I met him, I thought, eh, I think they're going to be all right. And sure enough, years later, they're getting millions of bucks and growing the company. So, shout out to Bonusly.

Chad: Nice. Big shout out to [Bill Barthel 00:10:14.08], listening from a meat processing plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Just kidding. At least, I don't think he's in meat processing plant, but we've heard so much of that lately from Iowa, I thought, why not?

Joel: Shout out to Chris Kneeland, again, sort of the Transform theme here. Chris, some of you know, we've talked to him on the show, he is the co-founder of a bunch of businesses, Communo, Gathering, cult brands or Cult ... Shit, what is it?

Chad: Collective.

Joel: Cult Collective. He was a real spot, a great line, when the cameras weren't rolling was. When we were working on internet issues, we said, "Don't worry, Chris, you're all good." And he goes, "No. The biggest mistake I've ever made was agreeing to be on a show with you two clowns." As for Chris, a little bit of insight there in the background, that was some good comic relief in a stressful time.

Chad: Very nice. Big shout out to Sean Paulseth, over at He says the whole company listens. So here's a shout out to the entire company over at Ideal. So at, thanks for listening. I think it's amazing the amount of companies that have either Chad Cheese listening clubs, they use our podcast for training material. I can't thank our listeners enough.

Joel: I don't know what it says about us being the educational resource for most companies, but there you have it, that's it. I don't think we've given a shout out to Transform yet, have we? SmashFly, Elise

Chad: Yeah.