The Big Slack-quisition

Did someone order a weekly podcast with extra Slack? This week, the boys dive headfirst into...

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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

Oh shit. No, we are not getting a pardon from the president so that damned underage drinking conviction will stand forever. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast, boys and girls. I'm your cohost Joel "already in line for the vaccine" Cheesman.

Chad (38s):

Yeah. I'm Chad "flying to the UK so I can get it first" Sowash.

Joel (42s):

And on this week's show, Salesforce throws a haymaker at Microsoft, giggers gone be a rich bitch, and you want some cheese with those wine jobs. Everyone needs more cheese in their diet, Chad, which is why only podcast with a side of cheese whiz.

Sovren (59s):

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Chad (1m 58s):

We actually had a curve ball thrown at us from a Colin over at Crelate. We thought that we both received the same whiskey. We didn't.

Joel (2m 8s):

Oh no, no. He mixed it up on us.

Chad (2m 11s):

He mixed it up.

Joel (2m 12s):

Now yours was from the Northwest too, right?

Chad (2m 15s):

Yeah. Well, I got the Sherrywood Westland, which when you said it was biscotti and earthy, then I tried mine. I'm like, what does that motherfucker drink it? Cause this is not biscotti and/or earthy at all. So now, now I know. Thanks Colin!

Joel (2m 33s):

So what, what was, what was the profile of yours? Did it smell like angst and Nirvana?

Chad (2m 38s):

I wish. No, it, it was, it actually tasted like a very immature scotch before it got that peated shit. Right. And you know, one of the reasons why I don't like scotch is because of that peat ground taste. I don't like that. And this in this was absent of that. So it was very immature. So it was, it was actually pretty good.

Joel (3m 2s):

Alright. Alright. Shout outs.

Chad (3m 5s):

Okay. So rest in peace to Tony Shay, the Zappos CEO, he died at 46 and I'm like, dude, what did this dude die of? Well, he was in Connecticut and he died from his injuries that he sustained during a house fire.

Joel (3m 22s):


Chad (3m 23s):

You don't hear that often anymore. It must've been a big fucking house.

Joel (3m 28s):

No, that's pretty fucked up. You know, his legacy is pretty awesome. I actually toured the Zappos headquarters I dunno, 10, some years ago before, before Amazon acquired them. And you talk about like culture. These folks bled Zappos, and I mean, from the cubicles, it was sort of like the ideal nineties dream of what a workplace look like. Yeah. They gave tours of this place and the people really believed in what they were doing. I mean, Amazon came in and kind of fucked it up and they're not quite what they used to be. But Tony then took his, took his fortune and looked to rebuild Las Vegas, the downtown area, which has been revitalized, so, you know, I never met the guy, but everyone that knew him spoke really highly of him.

Joel (4m 21s):

So to be 46, at that age, and to be that sort of generous and visionary, we've really lost someone special. And yeah, you don't hear about house fire deaths very often. That's really a shame.

Chad (4m 35s):

Not at all. And, and you talk about somebody who's passionate about what they do. We actually just interviewed Tony, the Sherwin Williams guy who got fired for his big Tik Tok, believe that, 1.5 million followers. So we've got that interview coming up and it was, it was a great conversation. I'm really happy that he had his choice, to be quite Frank of where he could go in the paint industry.

Joel (5m 5s):

This TikTok is way bigger than mine. Not that that's saying a whole lot. Shout out to, to England, England. Thanks for, thanks for being the Guinea pigs for the vaccine. I guess we're gonna find out if this, this ends up in mass extinction first with the kids on the Island there in the Atlantic. So England, this is to you man. Take that shot and let us know how it goes. Yeah.

Chad (5m 28s):

Do you have anything to declare? Yeah, don't go to fucking England. So we've got a shout out to Tom Brown, he's the director of talent acquisition for VM ware in Singapore. Thanks for listening, Tom and recommending the show throughout all of your zoom journeys in Asia. Hopefully this time next year, we will be back at events and sharing the Chad and Cheese face to face.

Joel (5m 56s):

Speaking of Singapore Chad, you know, who's huge in Singapore?

Chad (5m 60s):

Is that a trick question?

Joel (6m 1s):

It's not citizen Dick from the movie Singles. It is Monster.

Chad (6m 7s):


Joel (6m 7s):

So a kin to the Dice press release about how awesome instant messaging was gonna was going to innovate your ass off. Monster had a press release this week about how huge they were in Singapore and that they were the number one job destination for, I believe roughly America's 20th largest trading partner. So Monster well on the way back, keep releasing those press releases, eventually you and Dice will convince all of us that you guys mean anything in the industry anymore.

Chad (6m 44s):

Lucky bastards, a shout out to LinkedIn for not policing its platform, again. At first we're talking about catfishing, then we're getting just nailed, left and right with a connections from salespeople, and then right after that, you get messaging. Now it's financial advisors. So I mean, we're getting an onslaught. I did a post on LinkedIn asking if everybody else was getting bombarded, like I was and the post blew up and people are apparently pissed. And, and this is because LinkedIn, somehow, I don't know how, but somehow they're tapping into maybe the sales leads or something.

Chad (7m 26s):

And next thing you know, we, the users get bombarded with shit.

Joel (7m 30s):

Yeah. So these are, these are automated tools. Now they are shotgun to the extreme, right? Like if you're going to connect with someone at least get in the contextual like universe of what you do to get financial people or just random marketing folks, or just because they're in the local area, they want to connect with me is not really targeted. And there should be some sort of algorithm where, Hey, if I send out a thousand, you know, req or connection request, and none of them get fulfilled that may be maybe something is going on and we should maybe put them in linked LinkedIn police for awhile, which isn't happening apparently.

Joel (8m 14s):


Chad (8m 14s):

Yes. The police, LinkedIn police.

Joel (8m 18s):

Big government, big LinkedIn, shout out to Mason Wong, big fan of the podcast. Big fan of everything that we do. We interviewed him a year or so ago. Around this time he turned 50 this week. I think so, man, you old son of a bitch. Keep on listening and shout out to you. Mason Wong.

Chad (8m 39s):

The big five 0 (50)

Joel (8m 41s):

The big five oh. We're Oh, we're knocking on the door. My friend,

Chad (8m 44s):

If you want to listen again. Mason Wong, incredibly smart, dude. Over at Lyft, just search on the new Chad and Cheese website for you've Wonged. That's his interview. Shout out to and Jasper Spanjaart for picking up what I was putting down in our last week's episode called Adecco Ménage à trois podcast. He quoting my stance on AI and automation in the article, which was titled AI under scrutiny, new law bill serves as quote "a call to all algorithms"

Chad (9m 28s):

end quote. So yeah, they were listening to pretty closely when we're talking about Hirevue and how they're fucking it up for everybody.

Joel (9m 36s):

Yeah. Nice shout out to Dr. Christine Zapata, going back to the Northwest. So a Dr. Zapata every Friday, they're in the Seattle area will go to a local business and leave a hundred dollars to credit the customers that come in after her to buy them their coffee sandwich, whatever. And I thought this was a really cool thing to shout out that people are doing little things to give back, to pay it forward, to do, to just be nice in 2020, because we're all in this shit show. And if you can give back, please do so.

Chad (10m 12s):

Amen. Amen. Shout out to your favorite Joel, Steven Rothberg. He shared a new way to market the Chad and Cheese in your pocket. He, he actually used Borats Rudy Giuliani scene, where he had his hands down, his pants. Yeah, classy, Steven, really classy.

Joel (10m 31s):

By the way, speaking of in your pocket, this is an opportune time to let the listeners know they gonna have Chad and Cheese in their pocket. All they need to do is text the letter, C and C to (833) 799-0321. That's Chad and Cheese in your pocket text CC to (833) 799-0321. Sorry. My dyslexia came through there, for a second. Shout out to Elon Musk. Your buddy who recently passed Bill Gates as the number two richest son of a bitch on the planet. So Elan baby, you crazy son of a gun, keep making that money, baby.

Chad (11m 12s):

Nothing like overpriced stock, right?

Joel (11m 16s):

He's coming for Bezos, baby. He's coming. He's coming for you.

Chad (11m 20s):

Big props to Gareth Peterson and David Roddy over at Caroo for creating the comma recruiter, a video series of positions that are designed to teach you how to be an attentive, sensual and giving recruiter.

Joel (11m 40s):

Yeah. I want you to try to visualize this for listeners.

Chad (11m 43s):

Oh my God. It's fucking hilarious. So think of it like seventies porn with the Kama Sutra as they wear latex, it was fucking hilarious as it was not something that you should show during any, you know, like all hands meeting or anything like that, but it was incredibly smart and funny. Great job guys over at Caroo.

Joel (12m 7s):

And that's If you want to check out these videos. So I needed to take about an hour long shower after I watched the video. And then I looked at some of the other videos. So they do a really creative job of a video. So there's one where Adidas is apparently a client and they go to the Adidas office and someone is actually working out with an Adidas rep for a video. And it's funny, right? Like he bench presses two pounds. He's on a treadmill looking at the cafeteria saying when's lunch? And so these guys are pretty funny and they, they utilize that in a really cool way. So for small companies that are trying to break through and get, get brand recognition, like you could do worse than what these idiots are doing with a video camera.

Chad (12m 53s):

Exactly, exactly.

Joel (12m 55s):

Shout out to Katrina Collier.

Chad (12m 60s):

Oh, yeah.

Joel (12m 60s):

Your buddy in the UK, who is, is this official now?

Chad (13m 4s):

Yeah, it's official.

Joel (13m 4s):

She's officially the first buyer of Chad and Cheese swag. She picked up a female cut t-shirt in blue. I believe

Chad (13m 15s):

Yeah, the powder blue.