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Drinkin' the LinkedIn Kool-Aid while Furniture Companies Buy Employment Sites

What a week. LinkedIn’s annual event took place in Nashville, Tennessee and it was an opportunity for them to drop a big ol’ poop sandwich in the lunch boxes of job boards and ATSs everywhere. Listen to learn why. And speaking of ATSs, Chad thinks they’re all being royally stupid for playing nice with a certain professional network owned by Microsoft.

At least Entelo is doing it right, and the boys discuss how this company is embracing A.I. to help put sourcers out of business. Agree or disagree? We don’t really care. Moving on. Slack – and is there ever a show where we don’t talk about Slack – has partnered up with Oracle, the granddaddy of softwares and it could be an omen of things to come for the messenger app valued at $5.whatever billion. By the way, Oracle and Salesforce are arch enemies, so that probably lessens the chance they’ll be in the market to buy Slack.

The boys close the show with one of the oddest news items ever in the employment space. Furniture store IKEA has purchased TaskRabbit, which sort of reminds us of Best Buy buying Geek Squad back in the day. Someone’s got to put that furniture together!

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