Indeed and Glassdoor Go Down

This week was full of boycotts, layoffs and another million jobless claims, the boys discuss them all... PLUS!

Difference > Equality

Men and women have different brains. That's the case author Kate Lanz, author of "All the Brains in the Business: The Engendered Brain.

3 Clicks, 2 Apps, 1 Hire

Chad & Cheese press discussion w/ KJ, CEO of Joveo, around programmatic use for diversity hiring and programmatic success stories.

Google Launches Jobs App

This week's episode has it all. Throw in Google launching job search app and at-work porn, and you've basically got Christmas in August.

Brand Facelift w/ Circa CEO

Vendors are fighting tooth-and-nail to be the solution of choice for employers far-and-wide.

Google vs LinkedIn

New unemployment claims in the U.S. fell below one million for the first time since March, so let the good times roll, right? Not so fast...

It Ain't Rocket Science

What is this programmatic magic you speak of? Data point + volume = accuracy Focus on the 80/20, not the 20/80.

Indeed Zaps Back!

This week HR's Most Dangerous Podcast welcomes TApod cohost Lauren Sharp to the mic and kicks Cheesman to the couch for another nap.

Jobcase + Workday

In light of some recent news surrounding the funding of Jobcase, the boys thought it'd be a good time to bring CEO Fred Goff on the podcast

FeatuRama: Jobvite's Zach Linder

This Chad and Cheese FeatuRama episode features Jobvite's Zach Linder, VP of Analytics and Machine Learning.

Disability Solutions

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