Modern Hire Acquires Son-Who?

The U.S. economy just posted its worst quarterly economic output on record so it's all rainbows and unicorns this week as the boys cover

Risk vs. Reward

Joveo's founder and CEO Kshitij Jain (aka KJ) jobs turns the question asking tables on Chad & Cheese. 


OMG is it over yet!?!?!? Another million+ Americans filed for unemployment and some of them probably came from our industry.

Glassdoor, Dead Brand Walking

The Chad & Cheese Podcast have received a variety of emails / announcements referring to the a "partnership" between Indeed and Glassdoor.

AT&T Jail Break w/ Jenn Terry

After 20+ years of ascending the AT&T ladder, Jenn Terry Tharp is known by everyone in staffing, recruiting, and the rec tech space.

New Grad Hiring

Lead question: How are employers protecting their brands and talent pipelines by adapting their new grad hiring programs?

Not So Monstrous Anymore

It amazing how much the pandemic serves as an accelerant. It feels like we're fast-forwarding 10 years and our predictions are moving at lig

Indeed Suffocates Glassdoor?

Either Glassdoor is starting to take a page out of Indeed's playbook or Indeed is just running all of Glassdoor's plays. I'm betting on the

SmartRecruiters CEO, Jerome Ternynck

SmartRecruiters founder and CEO Jerome Ternynck is a true industry veteran, who's forgotten more about the business than most of you will ev

Slack Targets LinkedIn

On this week's show, COVID-be-damned, HRwins reports big dollars are still coming into the employment space.

Don't F%$k Up the Culture

What is "culture"? Most companies talk about culture even before they understand what culture actually means, let alone their own flavor of

Clicks Versus Hires

The Chad & Cheese #GotQuestions and we're hoping Kshitij Jain (aka KJ) Founder and CEO of programmatic jobs platform Joveo has answers...

How Are You Adapting to Remote?

Lead question: How should large employers adapt their hiring of students and grads if those employees cannot work remotely?

Black Hiring Matters

On this week's episode 62% of employees want to know your company's #BLM stance Silicon Valley plays lip service to diverse hiring

Vervoe Revisited

Can you name the first startup to face The Chad & Cheese Firing Squad?

Disability Solutions

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