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The Race for Recruiting Chatbot Glory Heats Up & Facebook’s Offensive on Recruitment Marches On

What’s up, party people? On this week’s podcast, the plot between HiQ and LinkedIn thickens, the race to recruiting chatbot glory continues and maybe Microsoft’s ATS sucks more than we thought.

“… imagine if a company that you’ve never heard of used automated bots to download your public profile (viewable via search engines such as Google), analyzed it to identify behavioral signals that you’re job shopping and warned your employer.” The boys discuss the state of web scrapers as various industries sound-off on hiQ vs. LinkedIn.

Facebook quietly launches Workplace for Mac and PC chat apps, as well as integrating screenshare. It’s a nice product, but what the hell is Facebook actually doing in regards to employment. Are they a job board or a Slack assassin? Let’s dive in. The we move onto chatbots with Breezy HR’s new feature and iCIMS disses Microsoft and releases a very cool survey on job seeker habits. Hint: Employee anonymous reviews are really important.

As always, visit our sponsors. They are kickass AF … Sovren, America’s Job Exchange and Ratedly. Boomshakalaka!

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