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Giving Thanks and Roasting the Recruiting Industry's Top Turkeys

On this Thanksgiving edition of The Chad & Cheese Podcast, the boys have some mad shoutouts, especially for tweeting fans and feisty Indeed employees.

Big fun.

Then, like a finely balanced plate of meat and potatoes, the guys go through their Top 5 lists of things for which they're thankful in the recruiting industry and wash it all down the exposing the biggest turkeys in employment.


Enjoy, you jive turkeys, and be sure to checkout our sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren and Ratedly. All guaranteed to not give you heartburn this holiday.


Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: Gobble, gobble, you jive turkeys out there. Welcome to Chad and Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad : And I'm the tryptophan-free Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's Thanksgiving episode, we go over five things for which we are thankful, we highlight a few of our favorite turkeys and, holy shit, we have hash taggers on Twitter.

Chad : What?!?!

Joel: Get excited. Get out of your tryptophan coma and stay tuned.

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Chad : So, did you just literally wake up from your nap?

Joel: Dude, Thanksgiving is rough.

Chad : Dude, I have to say, I actually went without the turkey this year. First year I did

vegetarian all the way through.

Joel: So you feel fine.

Chad : Yeah, I feel great, dude. I feel great.

Joel: Well, you'll get to carry this show, then, which, let's be honest, is usually the case, anyway.

Chad : Whatever.

Joel: You remember "Trading Places", right?

Chad : Oh, yeah.

Joel: The jive turkey thing, when Eddie Murphy's in jail, and he's like, "It ain't cool bein' no jive turkey so close to Thanksgivin." That's one of my favorite lines.

Chad : Oh, well anyway ...

Joel: That's when Murphy was funny.

Chad : Back in the day.

Joel: Well let's get this show over with so I and the rest of our listeners can go back to bed, watch football or whatever it is that they're doing. By the way, we have a lot of international listeners who don't have Thanksgiving, so they're like, screw off. Get with the show. Get with the program.

Chad : Well, you can enjoy a day like today with a turkey sandwich, which I sure you can find anywhere in Europe or wherever we're getting our listeners. I think they're mainly Europe.

Joel: Or if you're a vegetarian like Chad, you can get your tofurkey sandwich on today.

Chad : Yeah. You don't even need that. Just veggie up.

Joel: We got a lot of shout-outs today, which, you know, in the season of being thankful, shout outs and highlighting the people that make it all happen are certainly important. So, we'll start out first with our listeners. Shout out to our listeners this year.

Chad : Yeah. Yeah, big shout out. So, Dan [inaudible 00:03:27] I believe is how you say it, Sapir from Restoration Media, he's one of those guys who feels ... he's a little bit happier reaching out via LinkedIn. Thanks, Dan, we appreciate the connection and we appreciate you listening. So make sure friends, family, all that stuff, make sure you share it with them and get everybody listening to the old Chad and Cheese..

Joel: And maybe our favorite listener, the job board doctor. From day one, super tweeter, every show we go to, he's in the front row. Yeah. We love the doctor. And our biggest fan, her name is escaping me because I'm still sleeping. Do you know who I'm talking about?

Chad : Is it Christy or is it Tracy?

Joel: Christy.

Chad : There it is.

Joel: Shout out to her. Sorry Christy, I forgot your name there for a second. I'd be lucky to name all my kids at this point.

Chad : That is freaking classic. That's awesome. So, did we get anything on Twitter this week? I hate to go back to Twitter and see nothing. But I think we actually saw some action out there didn't we?

Joel: So a little context. We have been trying like a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest to get people to engage with us on Twitter with hashtag ChadCheese.

Chad : And that's hard.

Joel: And we've never had success. But we're starting to finally get a little bit of action on Twitter. So, ZWD, which I'm assuming is a company and not the initials of someone because they have a logo. So I was wondering if there will ever be a Chad Cheese episode that doesn't mention Google, Indeed, Facebook or Microsoft? Probably not. How about predictions on which small TA tech startups have a chance to cross the chasm? Uh, New Year is a good time to make predictions. Yes, it will.

Joel: Well, we made firing squad for the specific purpose of highlighting these small TA tech companies. So ZWD, get on firing squad and check out at least the three or so shows we've done with startups in this space.

Chad : Yeah. If you go to, on the front page, maybe not today, but they're usually there. You can get a firing squad. Or, you can go to the tatechlogo. If you click on the tatech logo, it'll take you to the TA tech partnership podcast. And we have a ton of firing squads in there. So flash recruit, which was a killer podcast, and Vervo. So we've done a handful so far and they've been received really well. So you need to listen to more Chad and Cheese. That's what I'm hearing.

Joel: clearly more in your diet is Chad and myself.

Chad : More cheese.

Joel: More cheese, yeah. More cheese. Mason Long hashtags hey, the November 19th show sounded great. No cross talk. And thank you, Mason. We are a guerrilla amateur podcast, so yes, we do have problems from time to time. So we appreciate the positive feedback. And Mason I know has been a long time fan, so shout out to him as well.

Chad : Thanks for listening.

Joel: Yep. And Matt Burney @sussexmatt, excuse me @sussexmatt, which I assume is in England.

Chad : I would assume.

Joel: He says listening to another great show, Chad and Cheese. And Matt is a insight strategist at Indeed. So it's funny that he doesn't want to hear about Indeed. He wants to hear about companies that aren't named Indeed.

Chad : What? Actually somebody over at indeed who ... they're probably a few of them over there that like listening to us.

Joel: But know one guy who doesn't. Did you see the LinkedIn post? He was snarky. He may like to listen, but he certainly ... he felt like we landed on our nose with Indeed's recent queue, whatever, earnings report from their parent company. Like 1005 growth or something. I'm forgetting exactly the numbers.

Chad : Yeah.

Joel: But, yeah. You and I are old enough to remember when Monster was real cocky too.

Chad : Yeah. It's really funny because as we talk about strategy. And you and I aren't just looking at the ground as we walk, we're looking out in front of us. We know that the earnings report today doesn't mean a damn thing for tomorrow. And remember when Monster was dethroned by a little fledgling startup called Indeed. Remember that?

Joel: I do.

Chad : Because they got cocky. They got stupid and they didn't focus. They were looking down at their earnings reports of today and they weren't looking for tomorrow. Hers the big problem for Indeed. Is that when Monster got taken down by this fledgling start up, that was a little different fro today, when Indeed is looking the Goliath of Microsoft, Google and Facebook in the face. So the amount of time that it actually took for Indeed to take down a Monster, which it took a little while. Which I thought, it's an awesome story. But the thing that they have to understand is history.

Chad : They really have to understand history. Stop looking down, look up, see what's in front of you and you can be snarky all you want but you're going to get you ass handed to you if you continue.

Joel: It's much easier to laugh off some little start up with a few million in funding than it is to laugh off companies with a lot of money, a lot of resources, a ton of brand recognition. This is like when Amazon gets into the grocery store business, people muddy their pants, right? Because holy cow, this is a real player that people know and trust that's getting in the game. So to me, Monster laughing off Indeed 10,12 years ago, that was understandable.

Joel: For Indeed to have this hubris like, "Oh. Things are good and they are going to keep being good," is really sort of stupid. So, Mr. Gamble, enjoy your moment in the sun because it may not last.

Chad : Put on your brown pants because time's coming.

Joel: Your big boy, brown pants. Yeah, yeah. And final shout out from me, our sponsors. Guys, if you like the` show, like listening, it's because we have sponsors. Without them, without Nexxt, without AJE, without Sovren and the like, we would not be doing the show. So, go out and visit them. Give them your money. We've got tons of specials usually from their services. Big shout out to our sponsors. The show wouldn't happen without them.

Chad : And a big partner, TA Tech. TA tech is really helping the show out, getting us in front of more listeners, and getting us out in front of more companies. So, big shout out to TA tech as well. Peter, Pete, Repeat and Pete.

Joel: Yep.

Chad : Really appreciate it guys.

Joel: And if you're going to be in Dublin in March for Saint Patrick's Day, and you need something to temper down the alcohol, come by the TATech show. Chad and I will be doing our thing live from the conference.

Chad : Joel will be eating a turkey sandwich.

Joel: Turkey sandwich. All right. You ready to get to our top five things we're thankful for?

Chad : Not yet because we still gotta talk about this cool ass infographic that Nexxt provided. Remember that?

Joel: Yeah, the Thanksgiving infographic. We can't forget that.

Chad : Dude. It is funny as shit. So, our peeps over at Nexxt, right? They are awesome and they're always doing surveys. And we agreed to partner with them to be able to, not just do surveys, but to have some fun with these surveys. So it's not just boring ass metrics.

Joel: Yep.

Chad : So if you go to, there's an infographic button that you can click. And it's actually an infographic called skip the turkey. I have to work. So, Joel, what did you think about this thing?

Joel: Well, I love Thanksgiving. Always have.

Chad : There's food.

Joel: Food, after 21 alcohol, football and I kind of like my family. So, spending time with them isn't a big deal. But apparently, a lot of people aren't real excited about Thanksgiving. And this infographic broke down generational opinions and attitudes about Thanksgiving. And shocking to me, generation Z, which unfortunately we're talking about now, up to Baby Boomers, progressively going the other way, don't like to spend time. And what the infographic showed was that almost 50% of the Z's, don't like to be around on Thanksgiving and they will use work as an excuse to not eat, drink and be merry. So, shocking to me but whatever.

Chad : Yeah. They'll use that as an excuse and if they could work ... and it was funny because you took a look at they also did ... I think this was a two question survey. The second question had to do with would you work on Thanksgiving? And, 44% either 9% was working, 35% said I'd like to work. 35% of people said yeah. I'm not working but I'd really like to work.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad : So here's the big question and this is going to roll over into the Nexxt piece. Why in the hell do people not like Thanksgiving like you were saying. I love football. Uncle Joe on the recliner fast asleep in a tryptophan coma, drooling on the leather recliner isn't always fun, right? But it's tradition and it's fun. But, the question is, why don't these people like turkey day? Right? So, what we're doing and what we've agreed to do with Nexxt because this was such a fun infographic, is we're putting out another survey that asks that question. So, if you're listening to the podcast, go to You can click on a button that says infographic, you can check out the current infographic, but definitely hit the survey button. And then, you can go through and say, "Yeah. Hey. I love being with my family or no, this really sucks because family talks about politics, any of that fun stuff and tell us why you don't like to go to turkey day. And guess what? It's not glass door, so this is going to be anonymous, okay. So you don't have to worry about your answers getting out.

Joel: Ouch. Yeah. That was the last podcast. Anyway, if you want to know what Chad is talking about, listen to the past weeks podcast.

Chad : Last week.

Joel: Yeah. Dude, infographics are great. And Nexxt is rocking the fun topics. Like these aren't your average boring infographics that we're cranking out. So, awesome.

Chad : They're allowing us to kind of collaborate and take webinars to the kind of fun, Nexxt level, infographics. This is what people really want. So big applause for Nexxt.

Joel: And it's Nexxt with two exes by the way if you're visiting online.

Chad : Not three.

Joel: All right. Are we ready for our top five? All right.

Chad : Let's do this.

Joel: We'll run through this quickly I assume, maybe not. Here are my five things that I am thankful for. Number one is 26.2 billion dollars. Now what do I mean by that? Microsoft buying LinkedIn for 26.2 billion dollars started a chain reaction amongst big ass companies to say, "Maybe this whole work thing is worth exploring and getting into," because once LinkedIn spent that money, Google, Facebook, these big companies said, "Oh. We want a piece of that." And the reason that we're able to talk and write about stuff, usually about Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, is because they're actually active in this space.

Joel: And it's a lot more interesting to talk about them doing this than it is about Monster doing whatever, or CareerBuilder parting with whatever newspaper, like this to me is a lot more interesting. So I'm very thankful for the 26 billion dollars that Microsoft spent. Number two on my list is decision trees. Decision trees, as many of you know from high school science class, is essentially taking a response and then moving the tree to different things that occur based on those responses. As you and I have been talking about chat box extensively on this show. We know that these "AI solutions" are really decision trees. But because we've rediscovered decision trees, wrapped them into an AI wrapper, we're able to talk about automation, "AI" on a regular basis and really talk about employment in a really different way.

Joel: I think it takes sourcing, the future of recruiting to a different place. That I'm very, very thankful for. Because again, we're not talking about new job boards in Toledo, Ohio, we're talking about real technology and things that are going on in that aspect.

Chad : Amen.

Joel: Number three on my list is Charles Darwin. Evolution and survival of the fittest. Look, without that, again, we'd be talking about newspapers launching job sites. We'd be talking about the latest vertical search engine for jobs. Because Darwin and Evolution happens in every industry, including recruitment, we're able to talk about new technologies, new solutions. Things like Crowded. Things that we're excited about. I'm very happy that we're not in some stale, boring industry. And most people when they think of HR, they think of really not that much exciting stuff.

Joel: And historically, they've been right. So I'm really happy that evolution happens in our industry and we're able to talk about that on the show.

Chad : Okay. So, Darwin. Are you familiar with a Darwin awards, right?

Joel: I am. I am.

Chad : Which may bring us [crosstalk 00:18:23]

Joel: Turkeys later in the show.

Chad : Exactly. I'm thinking that we should possibly do like an end of the year Darwin awards.

Joel: Well, yeah. January 1st, hey. If you've got an idea for our final show of the year and predictions, hash tag chadcheese, let us know what we should talk about and make predictions on. But I certainly agree, the Darwin awards would be an interesting addition to the show. Number four on my list. Man, we're cranking through these. Number four on my list is the rule of law. And I highlight this because I, like you, are incredibly interested and excited about the HighQ versus LinkedIn court case.

Chad : It's big, man.

Joel: It's huge. And people outside of our industry will be affected by this. People outside of our industry are watching this closely. How bots can interact with websites and your personal data on websites and sites like LinkedIn. This is a very interesting case. So, the fact that this isn't happening in countries that don't have rule of law, like the fact that HighQ is actually going to get their day in court probably and state their case and there will be a judge make a verdict based on precedents and all the other crap that happens in the justice system. I'm happy that we live in a world and I live in a country where that's going to happen and that the little David can take on Goliath and this issue will be played out in court and we'll be able to talk about it. I'm very excited about that.

Chad : Yep. Agree.

Joel: Number five. A little switch up from my ERE post. Those of you that don't know, I write for ERE quite frequently. I'm thankful for them. Just head onto for all of my weekly posts. I know Chad reads religiously.

Chad : Yes.

Joel: Bringing back the dead. I'm going to throw that in as my number five

because I think we're going to heat of the nature later.

Chad : Yeah. Yeah.

Joel: For years, certainly me and I know you as well, have thought or talked about the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, million in some cases of data and contacts and employers ATS's and whatever they have, that are just dead. Like this whole black hole of resumes has been an issue forever.

Chad : Right.

Joel: And the fact that companies are being launched ... we talked about Crowded and did a firing squad with them. But Lever, we're going to see more companies like this that are doing unique things to re-engage candidates, think of them more as customers, think of them more as long term relationships than they are. Oh, we got a resume, we're not interested, throw it in the heaping pile of garbage that is our database. So I'm very thankful that we're finally sort of addressing this issue. There are start ups that are solving the problem and I'm excited to see the waves in the future and new startups that try to re-engage with candidates that have applied to your company. Convey IQ I also mentioned formally take the interview. We talked about them on one show. They are doing engagement in a similar way when you apply and so it's just cool stuff to take technology and build a higher level of touch in recruitment and I'm thankful for that. And that is my five things I'm thankful for this holiday season.

Chad : Wonderful. Very nice top five. So, we're going to hear a little bit from one of our favorite sponsors before we head into mine.

Joel: Yes. Unless you have comments about mine, we will go into our Sovren highlight ad, who we love. But if you have nothing to add, which again is normal, we can go to the advertisement.

Chad : I'm going to have five which are going to add to yours. That's just what I do. You know that. Colored commentary.

Joel: We'll be right back.

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Joel: All right.

Chad : Silky smooth. So my top five, and this is where all the backtalk should happen. There's no question. Number one, 26.2 billion. You see that as the impetus for Google and Microsoft and Facebook. And my top five are really going to be focused on I think more podcast types of things than anything else. Not just the industry. Because whenever we talk about Google, Microsoft, Facebook and we talk about these new technologies and LinkedIn and whatnot, our listenership, I mean we get so many listens and so much interaction from those. And what we're trying to do is obviously give the people what they want. So I am so thankful that the tsunami of Facebook, Microsoft and Google products and services, whether they're good or we think they stink, it doesn't matter. I'm just glad that they're happening because we're getting a hell of a lot of interaction and feedback and opinions.

Chad : And that's exactly what this podcast is for. Joel and I are never 100% right, I wish. But we do have opinions and we want to hear yours too. So, that's definitely one I want to piggyback on, Joel's 26.2 billion. That's a big thing.

Joel: Yeah. And to Twitter ZWD, why do you guys keep talking about these companies? The fact is, people want to hear about our opinions on these companies because it is making such huge waves in the industry.

Chad : Yeah. It is a good question, especially if you are a start up. It's like, "Why aren't they talking about more startups?" Well we do talk about a shit ton of startups guys. About companies getting funding, right? And not to mention we have an entire podcast once a month called Firing Squad, that's dedicated to startups. So definitely love it. And the only reason we have those is because our listeners told us that's what they wanted. Number two, decision tree/AI. Mine's more on the AI side because it's the glitter, the glam, the sparkly, shiny thing that everybody's looking at right now.

Chad : And, it's another one of those cool factors that's breathing life into old products and creating new ones. So, you're starting to see companies pivot and they're pivoting more toward machine learning AI. And this is incredibly interesting. And whether we believe it's true AI, it's sentient, or any of that shit, it doesn't matter at this point okay? Yeah, I don't like the mislabeling of things. But what I do like, what I love about this industry is being able to be innovative and to be able to pivot off of these new ideas. So I love that we talk about AI, we talk about robots, and the only reason we do is because it's out there. And, it might not be as prevalent as maybe a Google's machine learning or as well put together as a Google's machine learning or Sovren's. But guess what? It means it's in the conversation and it's getting there, which means we're pushing more towards innovation. So I'm very excited about that.

Joel: Yep.

Chad : Mobile. This is the big one guys. So, for all of you who don't know, Joel and I actually did a podcast about 10 years ago. And the only way you could hear this stuff ... it was pretty pathetic. But, the only way that you could hear this stuff was if you were behind your computer, on a desktop, in a browser. And because of mobile, it's so much easier to stay engaged with podcasts. So that's why I'm so thankful for mobile. So, today, I can listen to podcasts on flights, in my car and even my weekly or twice or two or three times a week depending on the rain, mowing the lawn. I love it. I can get out there and I can listen to podcasts and hopefully you guys are doing the same.

Chad : Obviously listen to us, but your out there and you're hearing all these new views and opinions. So I'm very, very thankful about mobile because it's taken podcasting to an entirely different level.

Joel: And it's only going to get better for this medium. I think that the real mobile device ... ha ha the car, right?

Chad : Yes.

Joel: And I think that podcasts will continue to infiltrate the cars and how people ... the growth of podcasts will happen, but they will be podcasting in more places, which is part of the reason why we wanted to do a podcast because we saw the future growth in the medium. But, yeah. I think that's a great one. The growth of podcasting through mobile devices is only going to get better. That's definitely something we're thankful for.

Chad : Yes. And you haven't seen Julie's new car yet. But she's got a cute little two-door Civic SI. And the operating system that is in that thing is amazing. It's got Android and also Iphone. So I can say, I can say ...

Joel: Oh, it does have iPhone. I'm looking it up.

Chad : Yes it does, jackass. But I can say listen to chadcheese podcast. Or "Hey Google. Listen to The Chad and cheese podcast." And it'll actually start up and run right through the system. It is fricken awesome. So you're 100% right. I think auto is big. So, number four. Big shout out, big thankfulness to our listeners. We receive messages every single week. And appreciate everyone for their continued listening. Every time ... it seems like every time we get a message, Joel tears up just a little bit. But we do our best to try to, again, listen to your comments and to try to change the show up here and there.

Chad : At first, the show was really long and then we started to condense it a little bit because of listener feedback. And that's what we want to continue to get from you guys. So please keep listening and more importantly, please give us your feedback. And share, right? And last, but not least, get ready Joel. I'm going to give you the feels. I'm thankful for Joel Cheesman. You complete me. You had me at hello.

Joel: Stop.

Chad : Help me help you. That's all I got. Okay, that's all I got. But seriously, thanks for getting off the damn couch after I badgered you for over a damn year to start the podcast. Seriously guys, I was on him all the time. We would go out for beers and I'm like, "Can we start the podcast again? Jesus." But, it's been awesome, it's been fun and it's only going to get better so I'm definitely thankful for my partner in crime, Joel Cheesman.

Joel: Aww. I will second that. And yes, I finally said to Chad, I said, "Okay Chad. If we can get I think 100 people to sign up to listen and we can get one sponsor, we'll do it." Or I'll do it. I'll commit to a year and we did. We got 100 people to say like yeah, I'll listen or I'm into this. And we got at least one sponsor, maybe two, when we started out. And now, yeah. I'm amazed and it's literally a three hour commitment a week between recording and talking about it and prepping and so, yeah. I'm thankful for you for pushing me to the point that I acquiesced and did the show because it's been incredibly rewarding and something I think you and I will be doing for a long time regardless where else life and professional life takes us because people like the show and we'll continue to do it as long as people listen.

Chad : That's right. And one of the things that I love about our sponsors ... back to our sponsors, is they realize that we're going to talk no bullshit. If they're doing something stupid, we're going to say something about it. But they like that we are straight and to the point. And when we started, that was really the key. We said, "Hey, look. We're not going to be another gloss over program." So that being said, we're ... Joel has some turkeys that he'd like to give away. What is this turkey thing?

Joel: I do have some turkeys. I mean look, we can't get all warm and fuzzy without a little bit of battling. And ripping some people up. So, I've created ... I could make more, but I said, "I'll just do three." I have three turkeys for the year that I want to highlight. Number one, This was actually the first company we threw on the heaping pile of hot trash. Although that might have been That might have been the first one.

Joel: But anyway, purple squirrel was early on a company that we just hated. The idea is basically ... okay. I want to be a marketing person at Facebook. So, I go to their site and I say, "I want to be a marketing person at Facebook." And then, they have someone at Facebook who's a marketing person, and they will talk to me about getting a job at Facebook as a marketing person. Now, on it's surface, that's fine. Where it really gets weird is, the person at Facebook gets paid to talk to me about working at Facebook. So, there's sort of this underlying scammy feel about like, "Oh. Well if you join purple squirrel, you'll get an insider's take on how to get a job at such and such company," which means it's a slam dunk that you'll get a job at Apple or Facebook or wherever.

Joel: So, I hope this company dies early. I hope they don't last. They are a clear turkey this year. So number one turkey goes to purple squirrel. Number two turkey ... yeah, I don't know if we have a sound for ... there you go. There's our turkey. We don't have a gobble, gobble sound effect. Number two is [inaudible 00:33:33] Oh my God, right? This is such a bad ... just the name is so bad. How many apostrefied URLs or brands do you know are successful online? Not very many, right?

Joel: O'Charlies, maybe restaurant. O'Reilly, the car company. Anyway, it just doesn't happen. And if they do, they are O'Reilly or whatever. These guys have o hyphen hire. So even if you put in ohire, the name is ... the URL is for sale. Okay, so the name sucks. That's enough to get a turkey. But, their business is video resumes that are up to two minutes in length. How many recruiters do you know would sit through two minute long resumes if they had to? Right? Like, no. They go through resumes within seconds and decide whether or not they want to move on.

Joel: So this is a bad idea. It's a bad name. O'Hire gets a turkey.

Chad : Not to mention we're talking about frigging sourcing, machine learning sourcing that goes well beyond that and it's all texture in the first place. So, you're talking about something that isn't even going to exist anymore.

Joel: Yeah. Let's build layers of intricacy and more time commitment.

Chad : It makes no sense.

Joel: In a product. So you agree with me, O'Hire is a definite turkey, right?

Chad : Easy.

Joel: Okay. Number three turkey, and this one is the king of turkeys, goes to David Kent, who may be in the pokey listening. Probably not. He's probably got other things to do. But, David Kent, you got to go to the post to ... like the show to ... whatever. I'll try to condense this quickly, but this dude started an Energy job board in around 2001'ish. Dice bought the company for fifty something million dollars in 2007 when Energy was at it's peak price and stuff was going on. So this guy sells this company for fifty million, he stays at Dice, who owns Rig Zone and still does. Stays at dice for a year, which was probably his contract. He leaves and he creates a competitor, essentially, to Rig Zone called Energy People or some stupid shit.

Chad : Yeah.

Joel: And then ... so, he's got someone on the inside of Dice, that pulls the database of Rig Zone, 700 thousand record or something.

Chad : Yeah.

Joel: And then they put that data into his new site. Okay. Now, the crime is bad enough. But now, he creates a competitor, he steals their data, and then he tries to sell back ...

Chad : To the same company.

Joel: He tries to sell that company to Dice, or DHI, and Oh my God, he gets caught, right? Like somebody did some due diligence and said, "Gee. The fact that we both have 700,000 data points is sort of ironic." So that can't be. So anyway, the dude did a really dumb thing. He got 50 million dollars. He should have retired to Fiji and lived happily every after.

Chad : Yes.

Joel: But no, he's in jail. He's got no future. And that's why he's a turkey big time on my turkey list.

Chad : Yes. So, that being said, I have one. We can close out with. And off of that is my don't be a greedy/turkey. And that being said, to the Chris Gamble National Sales Director at Indeed, keep your eyes on the horizon, not your feet. Your [inaudible 00:37:26] today doesn't mean a god damned thing for 12 months, 18 months, 24 months from now. And again, we like having fun with Indeed. We like having fun with CareerBuilder, and even the smaller startups. But what it comes down to is, we're not going to bullshit you. And if you continue to look at your feet as you walk, you're going to crash into something buddy.

Joel: That's sounds really military wise from our resident Sergeant. Yes, thank you. Chris, I'm sure you're a great guy. It's all in fun. But, yeah dude, risk kills companies. Indeed is on top right now, but times change. So keep on keeping on and at 40 minutes almost, I think we're done with our show. Go Ohio State, the big game this weekend.

Chad : Yes. Knock on wood, baby.

Joel: In the big house. There's still playoff hopes. We're holding out. Go Bucks and enjoy your week everybody. We out.

Outro: This has been the Chad and Cheese podcast. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single show. And check out our sponsors because they make it all possible. For more, visit Oh, and you're welcome.

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