Giving Thanks and Roasting the Recruiting Industry's Top Turkeys

On this Thanksgiving edition of The Chad & Cheese Podcast, the boys have some mad shoutouts, especially for tweeting fans and feisty Indeed employees.

Big fun.

Then, like a finely balanced plate of meat and potatoes, the guys go through their Top 5 lists of things for which they're thankful in the recruiting industry and wash it all down the exposing the biggest turkeys in employment.


Enjoy, you jive turkeys, and be sure to checkout our sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren and Ratedly. All guaranteed to not give you heartburn this holiday.


Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: Gobble, gobble, you jive turkeys out there. Welcome to Chad and Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad : And I'm the tryptophan-free Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's Thanksgiving episode, we go over five things for which we are thankful, we highlight a few of our favorite turkeys and, holy shit, we have hash taggers on Twitter.

Chad : What?!?!

Joel: Get excited. Get out of your tryptophan coma and stay tuned.

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Chad : So, did you just literally wake up from your nap?

Joel: Dude, Thanksgiving is rough.

Chad : Dude, I have to say, I actually went without the turkey this year. First year I did

vegetarian all the way through.

Joel: So you feel fine.

Chad : Yeah, I feel great, dude. I feel great.

Joel: Well, you'll get to carry this show, then, which, let's be honest, is usually the case, anyway.

Chad : Whatever.

Joel: You remember "Trading Places", right?

Chad : Oh, yeah.

Joel: The jive turkey thing, when Eddie Murphy's in jail, and he's like, "It ain't cool bein' no jive turkey so close to Thanksgivin." That's one of my favorite lines.

Chad : Oh, well anyway ...

Joel: That's when Murphy was funny.

Chad : Back in the day.

Joel: Well let's get this show over with so I and the rest of our listeners can go back to bed, watch football or whatever it is that they're doing. By the way, we have a lot of international listeners who don't have Thanksgiving, so they're like, screw off. Get with the show. Get with the program.

Chad : Well, you can enjoy a day like today with a turkey sandwich, which I sure you can find anywhere in Europe or wherever we're getting our listeners. I think they're mainly Europe.

Joel: Or if you're a vegetarian like Chad, you can get your tofurkey sandwich on today.

Chad : Yeah. You don't even need that. Just veggie up.

Joel: We got a lot of shout-outs today, which, you know, in the season of being thankful, shout outs and highlighting the people that make it all happen are certainly important. So, we'll start out first with our listeners. Shout out to our listeners this year.

Chad : Yeah. Yeah, big shout out. So, Dan [inaudible 00:03:27] I believe is how you say it, Sapir from Restoration Media, he's one of those guys who feels ... he's a little bit happier reaching out via LinkedIn. Thanks, Dan, we appreciate the connection and we appreciate you listening. So make sure friends, family, all that stuff, make sure you share it with them and get everybody listening to the old Chad and Cheese..

Joel: And maybe our favorite listener, the job board doctor. From day one, super tweeter, every show we go to, he's in the front row. Yeah. We love the doctor. And our biggest fan, her name is escaping me because I'm still sleeping. Do you know who I'm talking about?

Chad : Is it Christy or is it Tracy?

Joel: Christy.

Chad : There it is.

Joel: Shout out to her. Sorry Christy, I forgot your name there for a second. I'd be lucky to name all my kids at this point.

Chad : That is freaking classic. That's awesome. So, did we get anything on Twitter this week? I hate to go back to Twitter and see nothing. But I think we actually saw some action out there didn't we?

Joel: So a little context. We have been trying like a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest to get people to engage with us on Twitter with hashtag ChadCheese.

Chad : And that's hard.

Joel: And we've never had success. But we're starting to finally get a little bit of action on Twitter. So, ZWD, which I'm assuming is a company and not the initials of someone because they have a logo. So I was wondering if there will ever be a Chad Cheese episode that doesn't mention Google, Indeed, Facebook or Microsoft? Probably not. How about predictions on which small TA tech startups have a chance to cross the chasm? Uh, New Year is a good time to make predictions. Yes, it will.

Joel: Well, we made firing squad for the specific purpose of highlighting these small TA tech companies. So ZWD, get on firing squad and check out at least the three or so shows we've done with startups in this space.

Chad : Yeah. If you go to, on the front page, maybe not today, but they're usually there. You can get a firing squad. Or, you can go to the tatechlogo. If you click on the tatech logo, it'll take you to the TA tech partnership podcast. And we have a ton of firing squads in there. So flash recruit, which was a killer podcast, and Vervo. So we've done a handful so far and they've been received really well. So you need to listen to more Chad and Cheese. That's what I'm hearing.

Joel: clearly more in your diet is Chad and myself.

Chad : More cheese.

Joel: More cheese, yeah. More cheese. Mason Long hashtags hey, the November 19th show sounded great. No cross talk. And thank you, Mason. We are a guerrilla amateur podcast, so yes, we do have problems from time to time. So we appreciate the positive feedback. And Mason I know has been a long time fan, so shout out to him as well.

Chad : Thanks for listening.

Joel: Yep. And Matt Burney @sussexmatt, excuse me @sussexmatt, which I assume is in England.

Chad : I would assume.

Joel: He says listening to another great show, Chad and Cheese. And Matt is a insight strategist at Indeed. So it's funny that he doesn't want to hear about Indeed. He wants to hear about companies that aren't named Indeed.

Chad : What? Actually somebody over at indeed who ... they're probably a few of them over there that like listening to us.

Joel: But know one guy who doesn't. Did you see the LinkedIn post? He was snarky. He may like to listen, but he certainly .