Text Recruiting Wars!

It's all about technology, partnerships, shortages and MONEY in this week's episode of Chad and Cheese Podcast! What to expect?

- Text Recruiting WAR!!! (okay maybe not war)

- Jobvite meets Canvas maybe shades of iCims and TextRecruit?

- TextRecruit launches TextTalent

- Google handles IT labor

- American Airlines create a cadet academy

and acquisitions by Ultimate Software and Slack, and, of course, what episode would be complete without CareerBuilder's continuous fall into the abyss.

Enjoy, and visit our sponsors America's Job Exchange, Sovren and JobAdX.


Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark, buckle up, boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Hiddie-ho, boys and girls. Welcome to another episode of the Chad and

Cheese Podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: Is it football season yet?

Joel: 52 days, Chad.

Joel: On this week's show, the text recruiter wars are warming up.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: There's a whole new batch of acquisitions and Chad wants to talk about shortage. I can only wonder what that's all about. It's another show full of NSFW goodness, but first a word from JobAdX.

Chad: You're going to find out.

JobAdX: How many times has someone said to you, "We're the Uber of ..." or, "It's the PayPal of ..." Maybe they're the Facebook of. In many, many cases, these comparisons fall short of being close to reality or even a useful illustration of what organizations actually do. In the case of JobAdX, our example is so accurate, so spot on that it's synonymous with our work. JobAdX is Google Ad Sense for jobs. That means we're an efficient, consistent and smarter ad unit for job related advertising. As the best ad tool in the industry, JobAdX offers recruitment marketing agencies, RPOs, and staffing firms real time dynamic bidding and delivery for client postings through the industry's first truly responsive tool. All this is done with the flexibility of JobAdX's cost per impression, click, or application, we offer unique budget conservation options to effectively eliminate spending waste. We're not set in regret.

JobAdX: For direct clients, JobAdX delivers superior candidates with the best of programmatic efficiency and premium page ad positioning. We also provide publishers and job boards, higher rev shed than other partners through our smarter programmatic platform. In many cases, 30%-40% greater and more for our scalable model.

JobAdX: To partner with us, you can visit or search JobAdX.com or email us at joinus@jobadx.com to get estimates or begin working together.

JobAdX: JobAdX, the best ad tool providing smarter programmatic for your needs.

JobAdX: Oh, and you've been wondering why the British accent? JobAdX is just launched in the UK too.

Joel: Is baseball season not doing it for you, Chad?

Chad: It never does. It's boring as shit. My god.

Joel: The problem is we don't get any games on any regular basis in Indianapolis. Like when I lived in Cleveland, all the games were on. You were into it. You could go to games. It was like, "Oh, the Yankees are in town. The Sox are in town." But there's none of that here. I totally understand why no one cares about baseball in this town.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah. So football season, come on, baby. It's about time. I need to watch some Buckeyes.

Joel: The Talking Heads are predicting Browns to be most improved team, which is pretty much going to be the death mail and guarantees their second 0-6 season.

Chad: Dude, how are they going to get any worse? I mean, seriously. I don't know

that they can go any deeper into the well.

Joel: You know we're talking about Cleveland, right?

Chad: God. It's ridiculous.

Joel: So JobAdX, our first shout out, for me anyway. I'm headed down to Job Gate this coming week in Nashville. If you're there, say hi. But I know for sure JobAdX will be there. So I think they're actually presenting on the startup stage or something. So be sure to say hi to them and then write them a check while you're down there if you're attending.

Chad: Big fat check. I won't be in Nashville. I'm going to be up in Indianapolis watching Foo Fighters. So I'll be getting my music on.

Chad: First shout out goes to Nancy from Philly who broke radio silence.

Joel: Yes, Nancy's back.

Chad: Stuck here head out on Twitter to say hi. Also to Steven Rothburg who right now is probably trolling Allyo on Twitter. He heard the firing squad that we had with Alio and he had a ton of questions. So he's probably out there trolling right now.

Joel: I heard Steve was on a corner somewhere arguing about the validity of Paired and Snag's new job seeker on demand platform for restaurants. We'll see about that.

Joel: I'm going to shout out to Vote Chad and Cheese. If you haven't gone and voted for your favorite vendors, podcasters, bloggers, etc., go to ChadCheese.com, click on the link, and give your boys some love, give us a vote.

Chad: Love the love. I'm going to give a big shout out to Talroo. I don't think that you've actually gotten the gear yet, have you?

Joel: I have. I have.

Chad: Oh, you did. Okay.

Joel: Yeah. News to you. As usual, the t-shirts too small for me. I need to lose some l's I guess. But the glass I can use and in addition to the Talroo logo, I got a big cheese and the back. I'm sure yours said Chad, right?

Chad: Yup. Yup. It looks like the laser etching on the glass or whatever kind of etching. But on one side as the Talroo logo, other side has Chad. This is going to be perfect to drink beer. So thanks to Sam and the team over there Talroo for some pretty cool swag.

Joel: Rumor has it that Thad himself, the CEO, does the insignia on every glass that customers get. So that's above and beyond for any CEO. Way to go, Thad.

Joel: I'm going to give a shout out to Joe Shaker Junior who we just finished up an interview with today on the agency business. Great interview. We've been trying to get Joe on for a long time. He finally acquiesced and we got him on. So, Joe, thanks for the time, buddy. We'll be publishing that soon, and we enjoyed it.

Chad: Yep. Should be next Wednesday and it will be a next exclusive, huh? Saw what I did there.

Chad: Shout out to Broadbean. So on last week's pod, we talked about Broadbean moving to the ghetto. Remember?

Joel: Rumors.

Chad: Yeah, rumors that Broadbean was moving to the ghetto. Well, luckily, we actually received confirmation. Broadbean is moving out of their current lush office in Newport Beach. Yeah. So their new digs might not be as great of a location but it has a gym, deli, putting green. I mean, I took a look at this place online. I mean, come on, guys. Broadbean, come on. Is this really the ghetto?

Joel: Maybe it's just ghetto by Newport Beach standards, but by everyone else, it's like moving on up George Jefferson style.